Slog AM: Hit-and-Run on I-5 Kills Three, Olympia's Last Day For Gun Control


Is a pub crawl really the best way to celebrate women?
Just thinking of all that drunky, grabby, rapey stuff that happens.

Also, Alex Jones is frivolous.
It’s cute that you think you can relate to a construction worker enough to write from the perspective of one.

You think guys that wear hard hats throw them away and give up when they get laid off? Hard hats cost money. And FYI, theres always a “next job” and construction guys are always gonna go find it. The guy that laid him off would probably be the one to point him towards the next one.

Also, he hates his dad because his dad was an alcoholic, violent, and just a prick in general.
You don't really understand the concept of fiction, do you?
@2: I just have to wonder if this mythical construction worker wandered into this alley from the 1970s or earlier. Stable family life? Father passing down his trade? Wife putting dinner on the table for him after staying home with the kids all day?

That's some serious nostalgia right there.
Maybe it's time for a March down that alley to protest that venomous capitalistic snake that has coiled around the workers of the world.
@3, yeah he has a lot of trouble understand the difference between fantasy and reality.
"the day he could don a construction hard hat"

Don, not dawn.

(Normally I don't give a shit about petty grammar mistakes but given that this was a creative writing piece, I decided to put on my editor's hat)
@7 and the cot-caught phonetic merger strikes again.
I used to work with someone called Dawn. She would get emails addressed to "Don" all the time, from people she'd spoken to on the phone who had to know she was female.
Write what you know. Natalie should stick to writing about people who want to be victims.

Like 6, one of the most privileged, coddled, and free people who ever walked the earth at any time throughout history...but still feels oppressed because it’s easier than taking account of ones actions, owning their consequences, and trying to earn their privilege rather than squander it complaining.
someone feels victimized here alright
@10, case in point.
What an awful way to die. RIP late-night drivers.

Get your weight up. Troll game is weak.
@10: You will note that Nathalie was writing about her alley, not your lawn, so there is no need for you to risk a stroke yelling for her to get off it.
@14 it's funny that you don't see yourself in the behaviors you come here to complain about every day and honestly it's nbd really because you're human and everyone can feel defensive or insulted or want to outsmart people sometimes but it seems like certain folks have been conditioned to believe they're above all that and cannot see how emotionally reactive and needy they can be
No mention of the hit-and-run driver being in possession of a stolen firearm? I know, I know, leftists don't care about enforcing (or even reporting on) existing laws. They just want more laws that will disarm me while giving the criminals a pass.

Delighted to hear Seattle will appeal the judges ruling on impounding illegally parked vehicles. Every once in awhile the Emerald City still amazes.

There is no such thing as male toxicity. Some men are assholes. Some women are bitches. Been that way forever. Gonna be that way forever.
@17: What does the stolen gun have to do with this hit and run other than to add another indication, along with the drunk driving and leaving the scene, that this man is a criminal? Are you somehow under the impression that the staff of the Stranger, or anyone on Slog is in favor of criminals having guns?
You do realize that what you think was a brilliant gotcha moment in defense of your right to bear arms just made you look like an old man yelling at his home health care worker about how pineapple in his fruit cup disproves climate change, right?
As far as toxic masculinity vs men who are asshole goes, it is not an either or situation. Toxic masculinity is indeed a thing and you're an asshole.
@18 - The Stranger has made clear they desire a gun free society. If that was my position I'd be writing about criminals with stolen firearms every time it came up. This would be a way to find common ground with law abiding gun owners who also don't want to see criminals possess guns.

As far as toxicity goes, toxic femininity must also be a thing because you're a bitch. (See how that works... You call me a name, I call you a name and absolutely zero problems have been solved.)
@19: All the LOLs at the idea that you are, or ever have been, interested in finding common ground with gun control advocates. That dog won't hunt.

Again, Dave it's not an either or thing.
The fact that you're an asshole doesn't disprove the existence of societal norms which force men into a narrow, and destructive range of
acceptable emotional responses.

Oh, and in future if you would be so kind as to address me as "Queen Bitch" that would be lovely.

Point to David.
David, apologize to your sister and go to your room.
You too, Lissa.....

The DUI/stolen gun killer has been arrested.
Why has his identity not been released?
I'm tempted to call David in Shoreline "Queen Bitch."
@22: Awwww maaaaan you're no fun
@23: LOL
re: 'Have we been contacted?' - Obviously, none of these dimwits have ever heard of a bolide.
re: I5 hit and run - No license, high/drunk, and maybe an illegal alien as well? Any of those three would make a person leg it.
Speaking of guns, anyone give a f*CK about this:…

And where we at with the rape kit backlog.

It's as if law enforcement is trying to give itself a bad name or something selling weapons of war and not caring about rape.
When law enforcement agencies in Washington and other states sell guns they've confiscated during criminal investigations, they're not just selling pistols and hunting rifles, they're also putting assault weapons, including AR-15s, back on the street.

Sheriff's offices and police departments across Washington state have sold dozens of AR-15s, AK-47s and other assault weapons since 2010, an Associated Press investigation found. More than a dozen of the weapons sold by law enforcement since have been used in new crimes-- and while none was an assault rifle, many fear it's only a matter of time.
@22 The driver's name is Montrell T. Red.
Thank you.