King County Sheriff Says She Supports I-940, Would Arrest Protesters Blocking Roadways


Good. Protesters that block the road should be arrested. As should anyone that deliberately blocks a road. It’s a freaking safety issue.
Commercial drivers deliberately block public right-of-way all the time near my office in Pioneer Square. Every single day. And they do it for private financial benefit, not to protest the actions of our government or to bring attention to some political matter. SPD rarely, if ever, take action. Individual is over time on a meter? $47 fine. Unloading that truck in a no-parking-any-time zone? Parked your delivery truck in a passenger load zone? 15 trailers filled with boats parked on the sidewalk? Trailer full of auto-show cars just parked right in the northbound land on 1st Ave? No problem!
Civil disobedience signs you up for civil penalties, that's part of the point, right?
When the police actually join your side, that's a 'velvet revolution'.

@1 - Congratulations that you are so privileged in life to never have had to consider doing something "uncivil" to get heard or have your rights respected. Not everyone is as lucky as you, being respected by default like that. Although, I also can't quite imagine how it must be to walk around with so little empathy and understanding for other people. So, my condolences as well.
The King County Sheriff has the authority to make arrests in Seattle (as does any officer from any other accredited police department in Washington State.) Mitzi, I beg you, please send your officers to arrest these protestors in the future. Your political capital will skyrocket.
@5 Unless they're protesting second amendment rights or high taxes, am I right? I mean, your issue is what's being protested more than how it's being protested, correct? Or if it was something you thought was legitimately worth protesting, you'd also support arrests?