Dino Rossi Keeps Hiding Facebook Comments He Doesn't Like


Why does Dino Rossi lie about and to his own constituents?

Does he have no sense of shame?
I live in the 8th District and after reading this, I don't want a has-been trump supporter who comes from the school of deception to represent me. He is Reichert 2.0. We've had enough of these relics thinking they own these jobs. They represent us, which means they answer our questions. Don't like the heat--then don't jump in the fire. This district has had a belly full of rubber stamping and deception. We're tired of somebody who is supposed to represent us not showing up in the district for townhalls, avoiding phone calls, DELETING our comments and ignoring our points of view. Why the republican party is giving us this dinosaur is beyond me--they can't come up with anyone who has fresh ideas and isn't bought and paid for by the NRA. We've rejected this guy several times, and still he doesn't get it. You want me to come back to the party, you better offer me something other than this old fart.
It's his prerogative to do so, just like any other Facebook user. No need to pout about it.
Better said as no reason to be outraged over it. It's just not worth the stress.

In these times, a lot of us are choosing our outrage items judiciously.
Thank you to Mr. Rossi for trying to be above the lies, hatred and deception of some of the press. There is nothing he can do to stop those full of hate and lies. Good luck to Mr. Rossi and thank you for taking the high road.
Who cares if he deleted the posts, containing questions he was never going to answer.

Maybe because his constituents deserve to know (as if they didn't already) that Mr. Rossi is not only mendacious, but to the point of being incapable of adhering to rules of protocol he himself has established?

I mean, don't we have a word for people who say one thing and do another? I'm pretty sure we do - it's, um, it's - ah, right on the very tippy-tip of my tongue...
Hey, still haven't heard about Ms Sawant doing this exact same thing to me on Twitter.

#1 - I live in her district
#2 - there was no name calling or abusive language

I was blocked for only asking questions related to constituent issues and not the national advocate issues she usually, strike that, ALWAYS discusses.
Come on...
Kshama is destined for bigger places and bigger things.
She can't be bothered with petty minutia like constituents.......
@5: it wasn't the press that wrote the comments. the comments deleted were not full of hate and lies. wtf are you on about?