Facebook Discloses Hundreds of Ads Aimed at Seattle's Last Election


Eight paragraphs of self-back-patting before describing the content of what Facebook delivered. Closes with the paragraph “I've just begun my look through Facebook's [disclosure].”


Eli keeps furiously fapping this but no one seems to give a flying fuck.

(Has The Stranger/Slog published it's political ad data?)
Who cares?

If you get your "information" for making a decision on a candidate from facebook or ads on facebook....then I suggest you are an idiot.

Its just more "Nanny State Politics" and now the government is trying to regulate a gossip site.

@2 I’m not certain if this disclosure requirement applies to The Stranger or not, and it seems they’re not going to tell us themselves.


To draw this much attention to the law while neglecting to comply would be characteristically hypocritical and foolhardy — but I’m guessing the real answer is that they’re not significant enough an advertiser to matter to the City. If so, that’s got to sting.

(apologies, one more thought)

If my guess is correct and The Stranger is exempt, I suppose the pitch/spin to future political Seattle ad-buyers would be “Any money spent at our paper goes undisclosed!” The obvious, unspoken reason would be “...because it is the advertising equivalent of a tree falling in an empty forest.”

Hypocrisy aside we find it odd they haven't disclosed...