UPDATED: Up Against Deadline, State Legislature Changes Washington's Deadly Force Law


So we change "malice" to "good faith what another officer would do".

Bottom line, the reason most people get shot isn't because of "malice" it is because:

1) they fail to follow police instructions during a stop or arrest in which the officer feels (in good faith) at risk.

2) the perpetrator does something stupid like reaches in the glove box when instructed to show their hands.

3) Or....as in the latest case, the individual advances on officers with knifes after being advised to drop the knifes.
#1 In other words, you totally reject the idea that police shootings are ever a consequence of bad police training policies or situation protocols?

For example, you'd reject the idea that some avoidable shootings are caused simply by the officer panicking due to the instructors who trained her or him teaching the officer to simply ASSUME violent intent on the part of the person who's been stopped?

Or the fact that police in most jurisdictions are given virtually no training in de-escalation techniques and are discouraged by their supervisors from even trying to de-escalate the situation they're in?

It's good that "malice" is gone..."malice" was never provable, and because it wasn't, Washington state is one of the two or three worst states for police accountability.