Netflix Releases Trailer for Rachel Dolezal Documentary


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@1, you're pretending to be human, but you're not doing a very good job.
Actually, @1 makes a valid point.
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haha love this, everything about this makes me smile. deolzal is a champ, exposing the bourgie sickness running the concern machine. peace to all beings, peace for all beings! :)
I love Rachel Dolezal. She forces us to ask, “Is race a social construct or is it not?”

This turns out to be a thornier question than it seems.
Three sock puppet accounts held by the same...uhh...person? all in a row. Is that a new record?
Can someone please explain to @1 all of the clear, obvious, scientifically based reasons why people should be allowed to transition gender but not race?
Can you please explain?

No, it isn't clear, obvious or scientifically based that a human without a penis and testes among other male attributes IS a male. Isn't it clear, obvious & scientifically based that Caitlyn Jenner never had a menstrual period or experienced a pregnancy or birth among other female experiences? And, doesn't she still have a penis and testes?

Dolezal has as much of a right to be African-American as Jenner has to be a woman at 66 y/o. Especially considering she (Caitlyn) is a father. I'm for the allowance of both.

@1 has a point.
lol still rocking the fake tan and braids? she is a clown..mercy on her poor kids.
Something that hasn't changed since the 1850s: white people still freak the fuck out if one of them wants to be black.

Because people hate those who actualize the fantasies the rest of us keep in our head.
@12: "A right to be African American?"
It's way past time for The Stranger to either invest in Slog commenting and adopt some sort of moderation scheme, or just turn it off.

Slog could be the vibrant, intelligent local forum it used to be before weaponized trolling.
Far too many Trolls with little knowledge but lots of racial knee Jerk attitude.

Do some research you clowns. Black people and at least one White Lady, have passed or wanted to pass for "The other race" for a long time. This is nothing new.

NPR did an interesting piece (2014) about it, here is an peek: "Hobbs' cousin had been living as white, far away in California, since she'd graduated from high school. This was at the insistence of her mother.

"She was black, but she looked white," Hobbs said. "And her mother decided it was in her best interest to move far away from Chicago, to Los Angeles, and to assume the life of a white woman."

Why people want to pass for "the other race" is as varied as the person making the choice.
Doesn't Bruce also pack Y chromosomes....
We think Rachael should be able to identify as whatever race she likes.
my reaction to Dolezal is usually pity.

she's the product of bugfuck insane parenting (they outed her), and has been attracted to Af-Am culture for decades. she has black kids. she has black adopted siblings (how this all started). she went to a black college in the South. by most accounts, she was a good at running the NAACP in Spokane, and I've not heard that her Af-Am history classes at EWU were suspect.

the key point is that she defrauded people. probably, by omission - not volunteering that she's Caucasian from the Idaho panhandle.

can you be trans-genetic (not trans-racial)? your DNA is specific, and you can't change it like your gender. It comes from Africa (in the recent past, obs) or it doesn't. I think the answer is "whatever, let her wave her freak flag, she's not really hurting anyone".

@6: it's usually "bougie", even though bourgeois has an R. troll accurately.
What if she's actually psychic and say everything that was going to happen in 2017 and was like "fuck being white"?

Who's this "we" of which you speak, troll-boy?
@Max Solomon: your DNA is specific, and you can't change it like your gender

You can't change X chromosomes into Y or vice versa either. You can change your appearance and state of mind, however, which is exactly what Dolezal did.

the key point is that she defrauded people. probably, by omission - not volunteering that she's Caucasian from the Idaho panhandle.

How is this any different than a trans person who doesn't volunteer they were born a different sex? Or do you consider that fraud as well?

Anyway, I'm sure there are sound reasons why lefties are persecuting this woman for making personal decisions that are, on the face of it, none of their fucking business. Anyone want to enumerate them, in case any impressionable young people read this and get the mistaken idea that lefties are basically the same bunch of bigoted, close-minded assholes as the right?
@Banna: Slog could be the vibrant, intelligent local forum it used to be

Agree, I miss the days when Slog had a large community of commenters expressing diverse points of view.
@24 - The good old days, is it? Like when you started commenting? Was there really that much much more diversity a whole year ago?
People seem to forget the reason Dolezal is 'famous' is because she deliberately misrepresented her race to become the head of a chapter of the NAACP. There could very well be people who lead private lives pretending to be a different race but they won't rise to national infamy for being a fraud because they are not exploiting their fakery for personal gain. She is a charlatan and deserves no one's pity.
@26. She lost that job and her stature and livelihood in Spokane. What’s left to hate her for? She’s been thouroughly raked over the coals yet every time she gets trotted back out she’s vilified by the left.

You motherfuckers opened that door with the trans movement, but instead of making it about personal choice you threw biology out the window (made up your own to suit you)and made it a philosophical argument.

Now people want to walk through that door and you won’t let them? Explain how someone transitioning from black to white or vice versa infringes on your rights?

Barring fraud, it doesn’t. And if you were honest you’d admit that benefitting from this kind of fraud would be and is rare to non existent.

What you really want to protect is victim status. It’s precious. Not to be imitated or appropriated. But if gender isn’t real and everything is a social just look like a hypocrite when you say some people can come in from the cold of their inner turmoil, but not others.
@sanguisuga: Like when you started commenting?

No, I'm referring to the period between 2006 (around when Kyle Huff murdered all those ravers) till about 2014.
@blip: she deliberately misrepresented her race to become the head of a chapter of the NAACP

If trans people aren't deliberately misrepresenting their gender, how is she deliberately misrepresenting her race? Your argument is the same one that conservatives have used to outlaw transwomen from using women's bathrooms.
I have no problem with someone pretending to be another race if that makes them happy as long as they aren’t deliberately misrepresenting themselves at the expense of others, though i know there are black people who are deeply personally insulted by her actions - you can read Ijeoma Oulo’s article for the stranger if it interests you at all but it’s not my place to speak for anyone else’s personal feelings on an issue that is not personal to me.

Most trans people experience discrimination and abandonment by their families. It is not something they choose to do for any benefit besides being true to themselves. I disagree that whatever bathroom a person uses is the same as faking an identity for personal gain. I think it is ridiculous to equate where someone shits with where they work. Trans people are just trying to live their lives. No one transitions to take your bathroom access away from you but Dolezal took a high-profile job that should have been held by a black person.
@30. 29 beat me to it. How is misrepresenting your gender and getting a job that should be held by a woman any different than misrepresenting your race and getting a job that should be held by a POC?

I’ll wait.
@blip: This women really, truly believes she is black. She started identifying as black before the NAACP job. She continues to identify as black having lost that job. She is being as true to herself as any transgender person.

What's your rationale for accepting transgender identity as genuine, but rejecting her racial identity as "pretending"?
@32: She sued a Traditionally Black College for racial discrimination based on the fact that she is white and stated in court documents that she has no African ancestry. She doesn't "believe" she's black, she just wishes she was.
I don't care how she identifies or lives her personal life nor do I agree these circumstances are interchangeable. I also believe if if she were up-front about her 'transracial' identity she would not have been given the job, which is the central issue I have with her actions -- she is a fraud. Again, there are plenty of African-Americans who have much more personal beef with her. Feel free to read up on it their opinions you care.

At best the gender-equivalent of Dolezal would be a Bosom Buddies-type situation: cis-men pretending to be women to gain access to a space that is exclusive to women and thus denying some women access to that space. It may have made for a fun sit-com in the 80s but it's not something I have observed IRL, nor is it something I would support. But it's also not transgenderism; it's fraud.
I'm pretty sure there's no NAACP rule that says you have to be black to work there, and if there is, then shame on them, not Dolezal.
If she was doing a good job and was only fired for "misrepresenting" her racial background, then again, shame on the NAACP, not Dolezal.
Who exactly, other than Dolezal herself, was harmed by this media circus?
Y'all should check in to what Dolezal's replacement has been up to in Spokane.
@35 one could easily say that Dolezal should have anticipated or prepared for the shitstrm that would come when she was ID'd as being a liar (or delusional? mentally ill?). any person qualified to be head of an org like the NaaCP should know that the fallout would reflect poorly on them if it came out. i could only make it half-way thru the trailer before i had to stop - i couldnt watch her kid interviewed and placed in the spotlight like that. i guess this is the world we live in - reality tv Trumps all.