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NIMBY nightmare-fuel Spencer Platt / Getty

NRA gave $7.3 million to schools from 2010 to 2016: Washington state schools received $102,000. The funding mostly goes toward programs like competitive rifles teams and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. However, in a time where corporations are severing their ties with the NRA, it seems unlikely schools will follow suit. Even a school in Marysville where a 2014 school shooting left five dead hasn’t distanced itself from the NRA.

Still no Seattle safe-injection sites: Two safe-injection sites were approved by the Seattle King County Health Department. Fourteen months ago. The biggest problem is where to put them. There has been significant backlash from cities like Bellevue, Renton, and Kent where legislation banning the sites was passed. Councilmembers vow that they’re working on it. CM Teresa Mosqueda says she’s working on a timeline currently. The sites will likely end up in the U District, Capitol Hill, or a mobile site.

Tully’s Coffee runs dry: Retail stores are closing temporarily because Tully’s is out of coffee. The chain was bought out of bankruptcy by Michael J. Avenatti, otherwise known as Stormy Daniels’ lawyer. It’s not going too hot for Avenatti on the business side, apparently. Tully’s hopes to reopen stores but did not give information about when that would happen.

Washington legislature narrowly passes change to deadly force laws: Gov. Jay Inslee signed the measure tonight that will make it easier to prosecute police officers who have used deadly force. The existing law mandated that prosecutors had to prove that officers acted with malice. More comprehensive breakdown here.

But no action on enhanced background checks for assault weapons: “It is simply unconscionable that the Legislature failed in its duty to vote on, let alone pass, the School and Community Safety bill,” said Renée Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

Update on possible alien contact: The mysterious boom that startled Washingtonians and the flashes that lit up the cloudy sky were possibly caused by a bolide meteor. Or, that’s just what the government wants us to think. If the meteor landed there's no trace of it.

Record number of King County homeless deaths: Last year, 169 homeless people died. The King County Medical Examiner re-examined death records from the last six years and found the number of homeless deaths was higher than previously thought. Since 2012, there have been 697 deaths of people who were presumed homeless. The majority — 39 percent — of deaths occurred outside.

Durkan attends gun violence town hall: The mayor was just one speaker at the Seattle event last night. She called for neighborhood-based initiatives and an assault-weapons ban, Seattle Times reports. Safe storage was a big topic since 75 percent of gun deaths in Washington are suicides.

Live above the influence: Gorilla at Indonesian zoo did not get the D.A.R.E. training that my generation did, it seems.

Mark Hamill earns his place among the stars: He got his star on the Walk of Fame yesterday. Harrison Ford teared up. Which, of course, means I teared up.

Hot new collab: Brace yourselves. Obama might be partnering with Netflix. The former president is in talks with the streaming service to produce a number high-profile shows. Now, when I first heard that I thought it was going to be like, Obama’s “Breaking Bad.” Like he was going to produce some nitty-gritty tv show he’s been thinking about since he became president and finally has the time to tell. Some serious anti-hero shit, you know? Obama’s “Breaking Bad” (working title) would’ve swept at the Emmys. Instead, the shows will serve as Obama’s direct line of communication with the public. They’ll probably be more meaningful like Obama hosting conversations about highly debated political issues or documentaries highlighting inspiring stories. It will allow him to shape media for once. So, still pretty cool.

Best thing I saw yesterday:

Snapchat lays off 120 engineers: It’s shaping up to be a rough 2018 for Snap Inc., the company once thought to be the future of social media. This is the largest layoff in the company’s history with about 4 percent of its workforce getting cut. The restructuring of the engineering department, the most vital department for a a tech company, comes two weeks after Kylie Jenner declared Snapchat dead after it rolled out its universally disappointing update. Jenner’s tweet caused a $1.3 billion drop in Snap Inc’s value.

Walmart sold a 21-year-old box of cereal: A Colorado man bought a box of cereal from Walmart. It was Quaker 100% Natural Granola. It tasted funny. His wife looked at the box. The cereal had expired on February 22nd. But not February 22nd as in two weeks ago. It expired on Feb. 22, 1997. He apparently kept eating the cereal. Walmart is investigating how they sold such an old box of cereal.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet: It’s like the end of “Sleepless in Seattle.” Finally, our long-distance lovers will meet. They’ll stifle the first meeting jitters to discuss negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear program. It’ll take place by May. A leader-to-leader meeting upended the White House’s plans for negotiations and will pose a difficult challenge for the Trump administration.

Fun fact for your Friday: Here’s an article in case you're skeptical of fake Twitter news.

Looking for weekend plans? Your best Seattle entertainment options include: The opening of A Wrinkle in Time (playing in theaters across town), the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, and the closing of Bowie by Mick Rock.