Pharma Bro Gets Sentenced to Seven Years


"... Turing acquired the manufacturing license for Daraprim, a drug that is used to treat toxoplasmosis (the "crazy cat lady" disease) as well as complications of HIV, and raised the price from $13.50 to $750 per pill."
Ain't Capitalism just GRAND?!
And Morality don't EVER hafta enter into it....
Damn shame this beautiful little blue Planet's so damn finite...
As widely reviled as Trump is, I think everyone can agree on how utterly repulsive Shkreli is. The universal agreement on Shrkeli was the one thing that truly united America during 2015, and may yet be the only thing we still agree on, as a nation.
While his being a Royal Asshole might explain it, i also suspect the guy's saddled with Resting Smirk Face.
That does not bode well for his time in stir (c.f. @3).
@3, you are correct it isn't funny. It is, however, well deserved in this case.

I really hope that everyone in that prison recognizes him and I hope that all of the guards have friends and family members who this walking pile of shit has fucked over. 7 years isn't nearly enough. I hope they find his tortured body in pieces and that all of the other pharma company CEO's get a piece in the mail as a warning.

Too much? Good.