AG Bob Ferguson says many tacos were full of LIES.
AG Bob Ferguson says many tacos were full of LIES. andresr/Getty

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson—taking a break from Trump—and the King County Prosecuting Attorney have filed charges against the owner of restaurant chain Tacos Guaymas with theft and illegal use of sales tax suppression software between 2012 and 2016. This software, the AG claims, allowed owner Salvador Sahagun to keep two sets of books, claim financial transactions were cheaper than they actually were, and pocket the difference in sales tax.

According to the Attorney General's complaint, the alleged Tacos Guaymas scheme withheld $5 million in sales tax, and involved restaurants in Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Greenlake, and more.

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The AG additionally claims that this is the biggest sales suppression software case in state history, and maybe the country.

“When businesses pocket sales tax, they are stealing from Washington taxpayers,” Ferguson said in a statement. “That money should be funding our schools and parks, not deceptive businesses.”

Sahagun's arraignment will be held in King County Superior Court on March 21.

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