Wife of Internet Troll Files for Divorce


Kid's a chip off the ol' shit-brained asshole.
Take him for all he's got.
I divorced an asshole myself once, in 1992. But if we're having a pissing contest about whose spousal asshole is the assholeiest, I'm cool with letting Vanessa win.

Now waiting for Melania to bring her best game.
Now that his first marriage has crashed and burned, he can rinse and repeat with Mrs. DJTJ #2 and various mistresses, followed in quick succession by Mrs. DJTJ #3 and Mrs. DJTJ #4, along with a new mistresses variety pack.

He's already got five kids, so I'm betting there'll only be three or four more, with different mothers who're not necessarily one of his wives.

Children, white trashing is hard.
He can go have an affair with Stormy Daniels and not have to deny it.
All break ups are tough. Those that get their jollies by "tee tee"ing over Donald Jr. and Vanessa's sadness are crass.
ALL Trump men are shitholes. Take him for all he;s got, Vanessa. Here's hoping Melania follows suit soon. I'd LOVE to see Donald Dickhead cry.
@6 Crass my ass! Do you think a Trump would cry for you?!?
@6 Yep
@7 I would hope no one models their behavior after what they think he'd do.
Taking bets on whether it was a porn star, prostitute, or "Einstein Visa" fashion model.
Speaking of Stormy Weather, I bet Vanessa's got some stories she could tell....
Best be Nice, Junior....
@6: I’m only surprised you’re not excited that he’s single!

You do match on ideology.
Are we sure she's a she--'cause. I mean, northing wrong with that . . . or anything. Everybody should be free to whatever. Just sayin'-- Captain of the LaCrosse team, maybe.
@8 Wouldn't you at least want Donald Dickhead to get what's rightfully coming to him and his cronies?
Oh raindrop, always the caring little soul.
It's those poor five kids one should feel concern for. Let's hope mom gets them far far away from their dad's bogan tribe.
So..she looks absolutely miserable in the picture in the post.

I hope she is able to be less unhappy at some point.
I don't feel bad for Trump Jr, but it's a bad look for the rest of y'all to take happiness in the misery of others. He might be a piece of shit to you, but I was one of those idiots who took "treat others as you would like to be treated" to heart.
Divorce happens all the time and, in general, it's a good thing. Ending a bad marriage is often the right choice and I don't think we should feel bad about it or happy about it. If it's the right decision to keep them happy then they should go ahead with it.

That said, can you imagine the conservative shitstorm if this were a Democratic president? This would be solid proof that they're anti-marriage, anti-Christian, anti American evil shits. But, as we all know, It's OK if you're a Republican.
Consider this, this is a uncontested quick divorce, where assets can be swiftly transferred, on the same day an independent special counsel subpoenas their family business.
The wife clearly didn’t sign up for this but Jr deserves no pity, even if he was raised by a heartless maniac who drove him to alcoholism.
@19 - Alcoholics are alcoholics - not because someone drove them to it - although that's a lovely ubiquitous excuse that they (and I) love to hang their hat on.
Ok, I'm gonna take raindrop's precious little admonition to compassion to heart. I feel like being a martyr today.
I sincerely hope that Don Jr. can find the solace he seeks with liberal applications of booze and pills administered simultaneously, preferably in the company of his alt-right companions.
There. Not so hard.
I suspect they are looking for a way to shelter financial assets when the shit finally rains down on Jr.
Hitler, too had his 'good' side, and while I'm kinda certain Mein Trumpfy, Jr. is no A. Hitler, Jr., his Billion$-in-Debt (to the Ruskies?) daddy freely admits to keeping a signed copy of 'his story' at Mein Furor's bedside.

The PTSD runs downhill.
@16 Sporty: It's hard for me to "turn the other cheek" when it gets routinely bitch-slapped, too by bullies, RepubliKKKans, and their apologist lackeys. Pride usually goeth before a fall, and the Divided Police States of AmeriKKKa is grossly overdue. I'd love to see the rancid Trumpzilla / Pencezilla Evil Empire go down in flames. I can't wait. I'll bring the popcorn.
Next it'll be Eric and Ivanka going for divorce, then we'll know it's a scam. Pity the three of them are so fertile, more trumps to contend with in the future.
@19 you should read about Donald Trump, Sr's dad.
@25 it might be hard, but I think you've got what it takes.
Although I always approve of any divorce that actually occurs, they look as if they absolutely deserve each other.
So basically, if Fred and Maryanne MacCleod Trump had had access to spermicidal condoms in the 1940s and actually used them, the world wouldn't be in such a shithole today.
@28 Sporty: I'm ready to take Trumpzilla and its evil creators down. The bigger their HUUUUUUUUUUGE self-inflicted butt-hurt, the better.
@29 vennominon: I agree.
Fredo deserves whatever he gets (assuming this is not just a scam to shelter assets). I do feel bad for their young kids though. Kind of the way I would feel bad for someone who found out that Ted Bundy fathered him through one of his victims.
I don't look at divorce as a tragedy - if it's a good healthy marriage, there is no divorce. Course, it doesn't feel that way when a person is going through it - it's painful.

I suppose it's even possible that having to go through a painful personal experience will stir a few of the withered bits of humanity that Junior has, to give him a bit of fellow feeling for others. Hey, it could happen.
Agony @ 33 - It could happen, but he's probably happy he can now trade her in for a newer model, just like his dad does.