What You Need to Know About the Facebook Data "Breach"


And how , other than the fact that it was done by someone you hate, is this any different than the marketing activities done by Billions of other companies?
You are the product and you are the content provider. The hours people spend uploading and interacting is unpaid labor. I don't know why people don't delete after you understand that's the model.
What @1 said. This is standard operating procedure in the marketing world. Facebook is just the big kid on the block is all.

Also, I love how some people refuse to give info to government surveys or whatever because they don't want their personal information used, but they'll willingly post every detail of their life on every crap social media site in existence
@1 this is different because the data was gathered -- or "breached" -- by a firm that violated it's contract with facebook in order to get the information. the data was not to be sold and not to be used commercially.

the is the fault of the people that wanted the data, who went to great lengths to get it and remove themselves from being the immediate point of contact. in addition, the firm likely employed people who were not authorized to work on an election (people who were not US citizens or lacking the proper work credentials), which is a violation of election laws. AND AND AND if you want to go deeper this same firm used this same data for a Russian oil company who requested it in order to promote it's expansion efforts among US voters (hello?), and the oil company of course has ties to the Russian government. this same firm helped promote Brexit with the same data.

facebook is uniquely but also at fault for making it so easy to get access to the data, only relying on trusting the firm to not do anything untoward/illegal with the data, not verifying the data was destroyed, and not reporting the violation earlier.

soooooooooo..................... it is very much a lot different than "the marketing activities done by Billions of other companies." it could actually be a pretty big deal.
It seems pretty messy and round-a-bout.
The Russian oil companies should have learned from the Russian Uranium companies and bypassed the voters and gone straight to Hillary and Bill's bank accounts.....
Shorter @6: "Meet the New Troll, same as the Old Troll..."
You at a product only if you allow yourself to be a product - but whoops
Likely only the tip of the iceberg. I suspect we'll be hearing shady stuff about other tech giants that collect our data.
I'm ready to unsubscribe to Facebook.
@7 COMTE for the win!
"...a 28-year-old former Cambridge Analytica employee..." That would be Chris Wylie, "an employee" who happened to be CA's research director when they acquired and used the Facebook user data. He didn't have any qualms about it at the time. But now he's blowing the whistle -- on himself. Very odd.
Have we really forgotten 2012, where the Obama campaign was bragging about scraping tons of social media data for their benefit, and was roundly praised for being so innovative?

Carol Davidsen flat out admitted that Facebook basically gave them everything they wanted, and they never even deleted it. John Podesta personally thanked Sheryl Sandberg for her "help and support" for the Clinton campaign in early 2016.



In related news, Zuckerbeg is currently dumping millions in Facebook stock.