King County Council Votes to Support Student Gun Reform March (Except the Republicans)


School design!

That's a new scapegoat. They must sit around and have these brainstorming sessions. Think of anything to blame, as long as it's not a gun.

Next week: gluten! Oxford commas! Ennui!

Gun owners, these dumb motherfuckers are not protecting your gun rights. Republicans are jacking off when they should be finding a way to stop the shootings. If the shootings don't stop, America is gonna take your guns away. Don't bury your head in the sand. It can happen and it will if you don't do something.
Yes, the goal is to make schools just like prisons so that they no longer have to pipeline students to there, they can just go to school there from the get go.
*pipeline students there

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Stay home, put it all online, then parents can see the propaganda that's being fed to their children everyday.
Yes its the staircase that are the problem...
@1. Has a point. As a gun enthusiast, I agree we must listen and find agreement. There is a gun violence problem in America ( save the symantics about guns don't kill people). States have a constitutional right to restrict or ban assault style weapons, per SCOTUS. Democrats are gaining seats in Olympia and a margin will/may be obtained where they will ban AR rifles. I like my rifles, let's fix the the problem.
This is my rifle, and this is my gun.
I shoot kids with this one,
'cause this one can't cum.

But your personal results may not be widely applicable.

Most "school shooters" are;
wait for it.....

Perhaps the noble marchers could apply themselves to not shooting each other?
@8, if most school shooters are students, maybe we should begin by denying children access to firearms. If every legit gun owner kept their weapons locked up in a gun safe, many gun injuries and deaths could be avoided.