Governor of Mississippi Signs Toughest Anti-Abortion Law in the Country


These early bans are a cruel joke -- some prenatal testing can't be done until the 20th week.

That's right -- these legislators are deliberately designing laws to kill women whose WANTED pregnancy turns toxic.
And this is news...?
If you’ve internalized the notion that a fetus is a person, you go down very dark and stupid roads.
@4 one way to look at it - if the fetus is a person, you're forcing a woman to use her body against her will to save a person's life. This can logically be extended to forcing anyone to donate a kidney to save someone's life. Yet most people think the latter is ridiculous, even though kidney donation is safer than pregnancy, and you're ostensibly saving a "more useful" person's life.
@4: No. One can still agree with a woman's right to choose and believe also believe that life begins at the moment of conception and has a soul and is therefore a living person. Disagree as you wish, but it can only morph into a philosophical debate which is really tangential to what should be the legality of abortion.
But once that child is BORN boy howdy don't expect the gubmit to provide that human being with any food, health care, housing, education or anything else it needs to thrive! Us here folks in Mississippi want them fetuses to survive so we can make them suffer and live horrific lives in poverty to ensure they end up serving the capitalist overlords (or die trying).
Bryant has frequently said he wants Mississippi to be the “safest place in America for an unborn child."

But once you're born, all bets are off. To quote the late, great George Carlin: Pre-born, you're fine; pre-school, you're fucked.
@1, but only poor women.

This is really an attack on poor (/dark-skinned) women. Sexually active women of means (or mistresses of men of means), of course, have always had the option to fly to a friendlier state for an abortion whenever they wanted, even pre-Roe. It is only poor women who suffer under these draconian laws.
So because Mississippi children are born into a state with lower lifespan and life-quality society should facilitate their death by abortion?
Should the abortion of members of other demographic groups with shorter lifespans also be a priority?
What about the 17 sitting Democratic senators who sided with Republicans to deregulate the banks?

Wow you sure missed that point.

The point is that the GOP is being completely inconsistent in their laws and statements. They say they care about children in one sentence and then say they don't in another.

You don't give a flying fuck about fetuses or children or the women forced to bear them.
TheMisanthrope dear, what a charming non sequitur. If nothing else, you are consistent.

I am vociferously in favor of abortion. Abort early and abort often. When in doubt, cut it out. Quality over quantity, etc, etc, etc. After all, most of the misery cases we see on the streets are there because their mothers didn't have access to abortion.
@13. Apparently people in Mississippi don’t give a fuck about their kids either. First in infant mortality. First in low birth weight. First in pre term babies.

How is this a state’s fault? These are just horrible people who don’t give a fuck about their kids. You can blame it on healthcare, but that’s bullshit. There’s excellent prenatal care for free for anyone who wants it anywhere in this country. It’s called Medicaid. And if you don’t qualify then you have enough money to pay for that shit yourself.…

If people want to kill their children before they’re born, let em. Just stop telling them a fetus has no nerve endings, or heartbeat, or brain waves, or potential for sentience. Abortion is ending the life of something with all these things.
@14: That last sentence is one hell of an assumption.
The infant mortality rates for African Americans runs twice or more that of whites, in all states.
Mississippi's high state average reflects a high percentage of African American citizens.
(Mississippi's gun violence death rate is also a reflection of the state's racial makeup).

Does Dan think these African Americans across the nation are horrible people?
That isn't very kind.
We suspect they are doing the best they can, given their economic circumstances.

Dan might better reflect on why African American babies in Seattle and Washington;
uber rich uber Leftist uber "enlightened" Seattle;
why African American babies in his back yard are twice as likely to die as white babies.
(the infant mortality rate for Washington State African Americans is the same as the state-wide average in horrible Mississippi...)

Perhaps rich white Washingtonians like Dan could pony up a little spending on healthcare for expectant Seattle African American mothers.
Benjamen dear, that was a rather pathetic attempt at deflection, but you have a tiny shred of a point. Perhaps all of us - as a country - could cut back on the military welfare complex and "pony up a little spending on healthcare" for expectant mothers everywhere - Including a free abortion if they don't want to be a mother. Of course the wealthy should pay more, as they are currently a parasitic element of society, but we could all chip in and finally have a decent healthcare system.
Of course, Leftists will remind us that abortion is cheaper than health care.
And African Americans abort their babies at FIVE times the rate of whites.
At present 3/4 of the babies in Mississippi who are aborted are African American.
Not enough for Dan.
He and the KKK probably see eye to eye.
Mississippi is another place where they only care about children for the first 9 months. A very hypocritical stance. if you want to stop or slow abortion, be pro birth control, pro sex education and pro adoption.
@14 Consider this the internet version of Three Billboards. Dan Squishbrain Savage has been crowing about the need for Third Way Conservative Democrats, but refuses to criticize them when they side with Republicans. Yet, here he is lambasting Republicans for actually following their goddamned platform.

Yes, Dan, Republicans suck and hate’s in their fucking mission statement.

Democrats, on the other hand, are supposed to be the party of the working class...yet they handed out a big green light to the bankers to crash the economy again. If the Democrats stood strong and united, they could have filibustered the shit out of that bill.

And I will not apologize for threadjacking. Neither Dan nor Rich nor Eli have acknowledged the disaster anywhere on their paper or Twitter or anything. Their lack of acknowledgement is fucking infuriating because that shit affects Seattle more than anti-abortion laws in Mississippi.
When will The Stranger/Slog post their political ad data?
Come on, Eli; you know it is the Righteous thing to do...
Whenever the federal government comes to its senses it should offer $4000 to anyone that wants to relocate out of their shitty state then cut all federal funding from these states and see how the "free market" works out for them. I'm sure Microsoft will flock to the state with no University system or infrastructure as long as abortion is outlawed and everyone is walking around with an AR-15.
@ 19 - What you don't seem to realize is that you're a walking, breathing, nonsense-spouting argument in favour of abortion/contraception.
Aaaaand temporary restraining order.…
Benjamen @17 and elsewhere:

While Dan points out the high infant mortality rate in Mississippi, and you point out the high infant mortality rate among black people, you both miss the elephant in the room.

The US has the highest infant mortality rate of any developed country, by a huge margin.

Also, it's the only developed country without a functioning universal healthcare system.

Not, I suspect, a coincidence.
@16: That last sentence is one hell of an assumption.

Actually, it’s not. See the book, “Freakonomics,” for evidence on how the misery caused by state-forced childbirth goes well beyond the immediate victims — the unwilling mother and her unwanted child — and causes great harm across society.

(Also, if you want to criticize another person for making assumptions, you might not want to start with unprovable assumptions about souls and single cells.)
@27: So noted.
@4 schmacky, @7 xina, @14 & @18 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @24 Ricardo: Agreed. Thank you and bless you all for being so consistently spot on.
@21 The Misinformed Troll: Yeah, well, the RepubliKKKan "platform" sucks rabid profiteering dogshit, and is largely why I continue to vote Democrat, whether I agree 100% with Dems all the time or not.