Majority of King County Democrats Executive Board Calls on Chair to Resign Amid Harassment Allegations


Democraps are horrible people.
@1: You're right. Republicans would never hold a serial harasser and fiscal fraudster accountable. They'd elect him President!
They should put this guy in charge of 4Culture

a) It took a lot more than Republicans to elect our President. Suck it.

b) Americans evidently preferred the groper to the enabler.
Perhaps hypocrisy was the tie-breaker...
@4: Right again! Trump was so "preferred" that he lost by 3 million votes!
Democrats are horrible people
Republicans are horrible people
Libertarians are horrible people
Socialists are horrible people

Yes, many people who define themselves by their political leanings tend to be horrible people and even more horrible as dinner guests.
The R's don't exist around here. The D's were all-powerful, until their standard-bearer and Alpha-Queer Ed Murray was revealed for the abusive creep he is. Now rudderless and leaderless, the D's are floundering. It was soooo much easier following Murray blindly, wasn't it?