Senate Passes Bill That Will Hurt the Internet and Sex Workers


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Putting sex workers' personal safety at heightened risk -- *finally* something both parties can agree on!
A typical sex worker's career can be measured in months, not years, and you won't find a lot of retirees who didn't feel economically coerced, if not outright trafficed.

The Stranger is complicit in the systemic silencing of these women.
I see Craigslist and the Stranger have both already killed their respective personals sites. I can't find LoveLab for the life of me, and the LustLab URL now ironically takes you to some shitty sex-themed online game. (Though I suspect the domain was sold some time ago; that seems awful fast for it to be snapped up already.) One can only guess at how destructive this will be to mainstream dating websites/apps.

Goodbye, sweet sweet hookup sites. I shall remember you fondly, along with the great people I met through you.
@3, "The Stranger is complicit in the systemic silencing of these women."

Could not agree more. It's appalling.