Slog AM: Tacoma Teen Wins $500k In Police Brutality Suit, Seattle Cop Sentenced For Smuggling Pot


why wouldn't trump shut down the government at midnight on Friday? it will take the march for our lives off the front page all weekend, he can go back on it Monday morning, maybe noon.

and fuck those raccoon fatteners.
All that charming, folksy, old-timey, small-town know-how and evangelical American home-schooled religion produced a wonderfully unrepentant murderer! A self-proclaimed psychopath since childhood. Maybe he planned on all that mission work his mommy prepped him for AFTER his mass murder spree when he figures out what he wants to do.

Christianing is hard!

We can be thankful that his home schooling taught him (predictably) nothing and his resulting stupidity got him caught.

Also be thankful that his obviously greatly skilled parents have 3 more of their product ready to loose on the South.

While you are at it, be thankful this is not the south.
@2. You sound like an extremely hateful person. How do you conflate homeschool and Christianity with psychopathy and murder?

Might wanna get that looked at.
@3: @2 is conflating the 2 because they are correlated. religious homeschooling is not coming off well in this story. it doesn't come off well in a lot of stories.

condit was alienated. most rampage killers are alienated. the isolation of homeschooling doesn't often help that situation.

he probably wasn't a "psychopath".
And what kind of deluded freak-ball do you have to be to hope your adult children go do "mission work" somewhere?

Who still believes that forcing deluded xtian religious dogma and bland protestant whiteness down the throats of unwilling peoples around the world is GOOD thing??
That doesn't look like an appropriate way to seat a puppy of that size in an automobile. Why does this person not have a puppy safety seat?
Based on writing style alone, I sometimes confuse Natalie with Charles; but with today's lack of economic critique and the inclusion of puppies I knew it was not Charles.
I'm going to try my hand at language policing: Let's not call damages awarded by a jury "winning". It's compensation.

You realize that there are many motivations for murder, don't you?

Religion has been a motivation for murder throughout human history.
If you don't believe me ask Aung San Suu Kyi, Osama bin Laden or Pope Urban II.

Now remember, that doesn't mean religion is the only motivation for murder.
@3) StinkyMuffy: Does your pride feel better now that you have called another commenter a mean name? Do you think you have shamed and hurt the mean commenter and now you can hipster again? Is that how you like to argue - no facts just hysterical ad hominem attacks when you are unable to articulate a coherent thought?

It is inspiring that someone like you learned to use a computer, but you really need to keep your focus on your education.

See You Next Tuesday, muffy.
@12: But it appears that @12 is a hysterical ad hominem attack. I suggest avoiding boomerangs.
Trash pandas are not pets. They make terrible pets. One word: Baylisascaris. Pets with pets of their own, that eat your brain. Don't do it, people.
@8: come now. you know the difference between correlation and causation. I made no claim to causality.

I've heard of Catch yoU Next Tuesday.

Does See You Next Tuesday mean something too ?

I decided to Google it, and I see they both mean the same thing.


Sorry to bother you.
@14 Here's another word you can drop someday - sesquipedalian.
@2, @5: Exactly! Fucking religion—especially evangelical Christianity—is one of the worst things man has ever created. It's crystal clear that this wacko's mommy planted seeds of 'us vs them'; i.e., We righteous believers vs the dirty secular world. This is the 21st century, we can do better than hateful, ignorant religious voodoo!
Muffy @3: Are you one of the clueless, unfortunate homeschooled?
1. Congrats to the gal that ‘won’ half a mil in the Police Brutality Lotto! Any idea how much that sorta shit cost US taxpayers, Nathalie ? And why doesn’t all that cash come outta the Benevolent Policemen’s Fund? I do believe police might soon start policing themselves, they keep hammering their own selves in the pensions pocketbook.…

2. Geesh! Did they give that poor, then-unlicensed 17-year-old gal a consolation license? (If she’s on fb, she’ll never ever be able to live that down. Probably caught PTSD and will never be able to take another driving test, either.) (would you test her, for fifteen bucks an hour?) She’ll probably have to take an Uber for forever. Sad.

That’s why it’s always good to have Monorails.