Washington State Is One (Small) Step Closer to Single-Payer Healthcare


If Washington State Legislature wants to REALLY get progressive issues accomplished, they need to oust ol' double-dipping Thug "no-stunt's-too-low-for-a-free-steak-from-the-fossil-fuel-industry" Ericksen, R--Ferndale, preferably in an industrial sized garbage bag. Thuggie's up for the Senate seat in the grossly misguided 42nd District this midterm election.
If the Washington State Legislature wants to REALLY get progressive, Frank Chopp needs to take a bow. Lived her forever, and if in the current climate, we can't get rid of this DINO, then ... I give up. We live in the most liberal city in the nation and we have CHOPP. Gimme a break.
you fucks still don't have ANY KIND of income tax. You cannot support something as vast as a single-payer healthcare system by adding even more sales taxes, vehicle taxes, and property taxes.
Oregon has an income tax and *everyone pays* and everything is markedly nicer for everyone because of it. Pass a state income tax first. You're fucking full of millionaire assholes gleefully laughing at its absence.
In Oregon they long for a sales tax too. It's never enough.
@4. Ummm, no they don’t. They’ve voted it down and anything that ever smelled like it down every time somebody tries to pass a sales tax in Oregon.
3 all the way. I couldn't believe how complacent Seattlites were to how much they're being taken advantage of by the wealthy living among them
...and i hope that single payer is Beezoos, after we start taxing his fucking income.