Photos of the Best Signs from the March Over the Weekend


Color is better.
Shooting things black and white is a cheap grab at making events seem historic
Great photos!
Like things are going to change because of some signs.
Some strong signs on show here. (Some could have been laid out better so they're actually readable from distance, but eh, they're kids. They'll have it down by the impeachment marches.) The kid referencing the law change in protecting pets on planes makes arguably the strongest point.

@4: Things change because lawmakers know there's a groundswell of support for something. This is how the public shows their support for it. This, and the ballot.
Nothing will change, all these youngsters will learn earlier than most to become jaded, and then they won't vote (which is a win for Republicans)
@6: I trust that your defeatism will continue to comfort you as it's really all you got.
7 deep down you know I'm right
@8 - No, deep down I know you're wrong. That I know for sure.

I hope you will someday admit to being 'pleasantly surprised'.
Regarding the conversation between Raindrop and Air Rights: I see this kind of like the Women's March of ~a year ago, where the following Monday naysayers said "well, it's been 2 days and nothing's changed," and yet there were a number of women who decided at the march that they were going to run, and got elected in November.

I can't remember who it was or where (East coast somewhere) who decided to run not because she went to the march, but because her representative in Congress tweeted something to the effect that marching was fine as long as the women were home in time to make dinner. She is now his representative in Congress.

I was not optimistic about the Women's March accomplishing anything at first; and at first, it looked like it hadn't. But I'd say give this march some time: there are a lot of high school students who are 18, or will be in November, who are simply not old enough to have voted in any election yet.

(p.s. it feels a little weird to be agreeing with raindrop about something, but life is full of surprises.)

Of all the conservatives that post here on slog you seem the least, how can I put this tactfully, horrible. In fact, I would go so far as to say that you appear to be a kind and compassionate person.
Which leads me to my question.
Why are you a conservative?
Are tax breaks really that important to you?

I have to admit, I'm really curious. You just don't seem like the conservative type , if you know what I mean.
I hear the kids also want mental healthcare providers to start reporting people to the police. THey're full of bad ideas. Liberals love to address anything but the conditions of inequality that create alienation, fear and anger that make people go on rampages. It's not guns and more women getting elected or pocs winning Oscars isn't going to help us.

Also, using children as political props is really, really gross.
Great photos.

@10 Someone noted that the oldest kids of the Sandy Hook survivors are about 17 now.
@19 I see Bub has been resurrected once again. Interesting that the royal 'you' has taken on a female name and foregone the alliteration this time...
Why hello Samantha, and welcome to Slog! As a woman, a gun owner for half of my entire life, and licensed to carry a concealed weapon, my I just say I fully support you exercising your rights as a citizen, both in the street and the voting booth. I remind you that those whom you disparage in your comment enjoy the same rights as you do and will be voting in the fall and in 2020. So while it is indeed an indisputable fact that Mr. Trump is currently the President of the United States, it is also an indisputable fact, that in the due course of time, he will not be.
@20: Do you think it's Bub? I suppose it could be, he does tend towards rapid cycling profiles.
It's so wierd to read comments (here and elsewhere) by "adults" (I guess?) putting down children for being civically engaged, motivated, exercising their freedom of speech, and showing courage to take a stand. Regardless of one's political views, isn't that the dream we have for youth? That'll they'll stand up for themselves, and engage in society? I don't get it.

People who are concerned about gun control: now is the time to start contributing your ideas for solutions to this problem. Insulting kids and teachers, trying to silence the discussion, and simply pointing out what you think can't and won't work is not productive for you or anybody. Exercise your heart and mind.

Unless you're a robot. I can't tell who's got a beating heart anymore.
Didn’t care much for the commie posters. These kids need to make sure and not let this movement be coopted by Identity Politic hacks like Kshama and Oliver. Political hacks are in it for the fight, not the substance. They want you to believe you have no power, except being empowered by victimhood.

Empower yourself by action. This issue MUST stratify all politics and be free of culture warring and Identity warring.

Adults need to step back and be passive supporters. Injecting GenX and Baby Boomer Identity Politics into this will seal its fate.

You kids got this. Don’t let any of these divisive dirtbags on either side take it over or it will lose, period.
@23: He keeps changing profiles because he keeps getting banned (he - "Benjamin" at the time - said he was banned twice over last weekend), and it feeds his persecution complex/gets him off.

@25: Normally I also agree with - and have posted here stating my support of - the notion that kids shouldn't be roped into their parents' political arguments and rallies. They don't understand anyway, so let them be kids. But after Sandy Hook, this topic became an exception.
Our Dear Samantha Jean suffers from the same affliction that bedevils many of her fellow old people, a condition which is as old as time: Disappointment in life, fear of young people, and terrified by change.

She probably spends a lot of time at whatever menial job she has complaining about how "the kids these days have no work ethic" because they don't want to do the same thing she has toiled at more or less unsuccessfully for the past thirty years. Her understanding of technology is AOL and Facebook. She voted for Trump because she's not very bright, has very few friends, dislikes other women, and can't afford more than basic cable.

Undoubtedly as unlucky in love as she is in work and friends, she is bitter, spiteful, and suspicious. She's been tricked all her life, and will be tricked until they finally pull the blanket up over her face and send her to some cut-rate crematorium, where her ashes will no doubt remain unclaimed.

We must treat her with therapeutic courtesy, for her posts are really nothing more than a cry for help.

So I say welcome, Samantha Jean. We hear your pain and sympathize with you. But until you learn to let go of all the fear and anger that makes you such an odious person, there's not much we can do for you. After all, isn't the first step in handling a problem admitting that you have a problem?

Bub, explaining like that makes more sense.. rather than just insulting kids. I know you're a smart person (people? The "we" thing always throws me) .. so can't you see why kids are concerned? Even if your statistics are true, I don't know anyone who's been hit by an asteroid. I have a nephew who was present during a school shooting. His friends (the kids of parents I know) were murdered. This happened where I went to HS, just north of Seattle. This isn't a game or math equation to people. This hits home, or way too close to home, for an ever increasing amount of people. If you think these kids have been misguided or misinformed, how do you propose we better educate them? Firing all "liberal" teachers or home schooling every kid in America is not a solution.

BTW, isn't one child murdered at school too many?

Also, a protest is a rhetorical situation in which hyperbole, metaphor, and slogans are acceptable. It's meant to appeal to emotions. Obviously, this is a complex issue that requires more nuanced conversation and analysis... but as no adults seem capable of that these days, maybe we should encourage the kids to develop their rhetorical strategies and analysis as we move beyond mere protests.

I can dig what you're saying. I think the kids did wait for us adults to come up with ideas... but we didn't do anything, so maybe they feel like they need to say something. They're the ones being slaughtered in classrooms. I think they do understand, or are trying to. Anyway, yeah this topic is a unique exception in many ways.
@31: Oh Samantha/Bub/Benjamin/Alleged/PeriodTroll etc, etc, etc....
I know you're thrilled that you got Catalina to put in all that effort addressing your latest persona, (and I have to say your response was kinda solid gold) but you make me so sad.
There's so much sourness and bleakness in how you see the world, and you hate The Stranger so muuuuuuch.....
But you can't quit it. It's like your alternative weekly Brokeback Mountain, not to be too glib about it.
Anyway, I wish you weren't so miserable because then you might not be so invested in being Slog's unflushable turd, and add to the conversation instead.
Hey. Look! Another sock puppet to block.

Good god. How pathetic does someone’s life have to be to continuously create fake sock puppet accounts? Why? So you project the illusion of having friends?

Why feed a troll like that. A loser life like that must be punishment enough.
Fuck yeah, “If People Kill People ["NOT guns!" --nra], Then Y Can’t People Own Nukes?” --young Sharpy, above.

Wanna be truly Safe? Pocket. fucking. Nukes.

Each man (or woman!) a verrrrrrrry well-fucking-armed Militia of ONE. SO cool….

Fucking AWESOME, Stranger! THNX for the Pix!

Slog has really devolved into a dumpster fire and all the comments are nonsense these days
@34: Because I've known them (as much as anyone can know someone) on Slog for 9 years.
@37: Well you're certainly making a valuable contribution with that comment aren't you? :)
“Democracy looked like me voting for Trump in the last election. But maybe a tantrum in the street is all these kids have been taught to expect from Democracy.”

“Tantrum in the street?” If it comes to torches and pitchforks, you’ll see some serious tantrumming. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Women don’t fare as well as men when fascism and anarchy reign supreme.

Tantrums in the streets are what helped end the war on the Viet Nameese people. That and the draft, which secret Agent Five Deferment Cadet Bones Spurs Orange somehow didn’t hafta go to (and him, a three-sport short-fingered athlete in high school! Damn those bone spurs! Think of his Heroics, had only he been Allowed to go. Unarmed, even, had he only been allowed (Damn those spurs! Damn them!) (He shouldda tried the Cavalry)(He couldda rode bareback.)(There’s a sight) (him and Putin.) (Shirtless)(on a Clydesdale)(bareback)(brokeback) (Not that there’s anything Wrong with that) (where were we) he couldda ended that War in weeks, maybe, or a month, but six months, tops) They sure don’t make ‘em like Mein Trumpfy anymore. Thank god. (But, not to worry. The far right'll end the hated Death Tax and Trumpfy's progeny, and theirs, and theirs, ad nauseum will inherit the World and become Rulers of this Planet. Well-Qualified, aren't they?

You voted for Mein Trumpfy? Has all the Winning given you voter’s remorse yet? He’s certainly exceeded all MY expectation.

And thank god there’s still Socialism – for the Rich.
Funny, I don't remember the march taking place in pre-awakening Pleasantville.
Samantha dear, thanks for noticing my hair. It really is rather magnificent, isn't it? And that's the nice thing about being a mannequin. I never need to moisturize.

But I really do wonder about your use of the royal "we": I used to try that on Mother Vel-DuRay ("Mother, we should really clean the basement!") and she would reply "Why are you saying 'We'? Have you got worms?" (Mother Vel-DuRay was from farm folks)
@11 - Thank you for those thoughtful questions Adam. The concept of conservatism these days has become so malleable that the ideology has become almost meaningless.

Given that, it's core principles of an unobtrusive, small (I say as large as it needs to be efficient), government and the elevation of individual rights as paramount - will hopefully resurface after this current administration (which is hardly conservative in many classic senses of the word) is swept into the ash heap of history.

I've definitly gone a few notches to the left in the past few years, as the illusion of trickle down economics faded, and I'm in favor of a single-payer.

I'm still a registered republican but I voted for Mrs. Clinton. I will vote D this fall simply to get the balance of power shifted so that impeachment proceedings can proceed.
Oh, and when the far-alt-rights' policies suck, no one wants them, so what the youngsters are learning re: Democracy from the party whose policies all Sucks (Unless you're wealthy) is voter suppression, gerrymandering, OWNING the very machines on which we vote (Brilliant), and last but not least, is Corps are peeps too my friend -- unless they fuck up. Then they're just soulless figments of lawyers' imaginations, and ya just cain't kill one.

That's what you and yours're teaching them about "democracy." And Capitalism. And they're getting a little Pissed off....
Holy shit this samantha/whoever person is a proto-school shooter themselves.
"Trump was not nearly as clever as Slick Willie when it came to dodging the draft."

No, he surely wasn't. Clever isn't a word I'd use with Mein Trumpfy, either. But the wealthy and the smarties COULD get around the Draft EZ. Way Too Easy. But it's YOUR warmongering Chickenhawk who's calling out Iran and North Korea, letting Kim Jong-un know we're gonna try and execute him. Not Clinton.

Are you doing this work pro bono? Cause I think you could turn Pro, pretty EZ.

Thank you for responding.
It sounds to me that you're a conservative somewhat in the mold of David Brooks (of the NYT).
Although I don't read his column in the NYT, I do see him every week on the PBS NewsHour, and I usually catch the weekly segment he's a part of on NPR. Although I disagree with him often enough, I do wish more conservatives were as reasonable and open to discussion as he seems to be.
He also seems to be very unhappy with the current direction of the Republican Party, and you seem to be as well.
I have to tell you, I don't see the far-right shift ending for the GOP when Trump leaves.

If you're interested in individual rights I think you may want to consider becoming an independent, because the only right that Republicans seem to be interested in now is the right to own a firearm.

Ever since the GOP cozied up to social conservatives individual rights seem to be less than an afterthought, to put it mildly.

If I remember correctly, you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community. (please forgive my failing memory if I am wrong) The GOP certainly doesn't seem to be very interested in individual rights when it comes to matters of human sexuality, and they seem to especially dislike homosexuals. That particular situation has been going on for decades now, and I have to wonder, doesn't that bother you?
Now I understand that we all have to make compromises when making political calculations, but to me that sounds like a bridge too far.
Here's Secret Agent Five Times Draft Dodging Kadet Bone Spurs Orange, atwittering, trying to be 'clever':

“Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case … don’t believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted.”

Like Mexicans, there may be some good ones around? With comments like "... fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer," he's gonna pay hell (borrow it from Putin, hopefully, anyway) to find a semi-decent one. He better hurry. The rats are fleeing Donny's rapidly sinking ship of state, in droves, and Stormy and her much smarter lawyer are a'comin'. And not, for him, anyway, in any sort of Good Way. Great! Popcorn, anyone?
Shoot, almost forgot: "Well-regulated" GUNS.
“Stop Shielding Gun Makers” --from today’s New York Times

“Senator Charles Schumer has proposed three measures to reduce gun violence: expanded background checks, protective orders to disarm individuals at risk of violence or self-harm, and an assault weapons ban. These proposals are critically important. But there is another effective response that has been largely ignored: repeal of a law that prevents suits against the gun industry.”

"But there is another effective response that has been largely ignored: repeal of a law that prevents suits against the gun industry.” That's a BINGO.

Liability (and these kids, pictured) (AWESOME, Stranger!) is what's gonna end the carnage.

“Gun sellers likewise [gun manufacturers] enjoy broad immunity. They can sell dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition to a single buyer who could resell them on the black market or plan a mass shooting without fear of legal accountability. Federal law requires only a perfunctory background check, and the employee handling the background form may be an untrained clerk. Without the threat of civil liability, gun sellers have no incentive to adopt more rigorous procedures or to provide training to their employees, which could stop a violent tragedy at the point of sale.”…
These students need our support, not our scorn. We also need to make the connections between congressional failure to pass common sense gun measures alongside (a) their failure to pass real and equitable universal heatlh care like every other developed nation (meaning single payer Medicare For All, in the USA, not the fake varieties some groups and politicians are toting) and (b) the presence of weapons of war on our streets (like AR-15s) with the runaway military industrial complex; just like gun violence kills children - bomb violence kills children - such as the children in Yemen; there IS a relationship (c) far more African American and minority and low income children have been killed by gun violence - and this has been going on for some time already; (d) if we want to solve any of these problems, we need stop voting for corporate owned politicians - and sorry, but that includes members of the Democratic Party establishment as well as the GOP. Yes, I'm not going to vote for the NRA's boy or girl toy - but I'm not going to vote for insurance and Big Pharma's boy and girl toy either. And I'm not going to vote for the boy or girl toy of the military industrial complex. Get the money out! Vote corporate free and Medicare For ALL. Believe it or not, we WILL get gun control that way. Can you see why?
More: “The Fearless, Outraged Young Protesters at the March for Our Lives”…

Time to stand up and be counted, America. .

WE own this country. It’s time we started fucking Acting like it.

[thanks, samantha! your an Inspiration!]
Gun violence is down 50% since its peak in 1993 and continues to fall ever downward.

In fact, according to the U.S. Justice Department, gun violence in America is at the lowest levels since the 1950's and still continues to fall.

Why is nobody taking credit for this?

What can only be considered an unimaginable triumph over evil, why is nobody taking credit?

Does it not play into Big Media and Big Government's agenda of fear?

Why has The Stranger never, ever, mentioned that gun crime is down 50% from its peak and is at it's lowest level since the 1950's?

Does it not play into The Stranger's agenda of fear?
Hats off to the protesters. So many sign slogans were spot on.
Change must happen to restore our democracy from the desolate oligarchy it has become.
@53: Where is the source of your information? Mass shootings have only escalated since the Trumpzillan Evil Empire illegally took over the White Trash House!
Reminder to all student protesters: don't forget to register to vote! Governor Jay Inslee signed into Washington State law voting pre-registration for citizens 16 and up. Continue to make your voices heard.
@4 - Tell me again how you keep projecting your own miserable failure of a life onto these kids who, unlike you, have a functioning moral compass.
@53- Thanks for pointing out that the Clinton administration started getting that number turned around after 12 years of the GOP in charge. Very good of you!

What are the stats on school shootings over the same time period since that's core to whats being protested here?
@Catalina - You are a treasure.

@Lissa - Waves and hugs!

@Raindrop - I am going to try to be less of a dick to you. I've been letting my overall frustrations flare up when I should be encouraging your progress instead of crapping on you because of where you've been. I'm sorry.
“Why has The Stranger never, ever, mentioned that gun crime is down 50% from its peak and is at it's lowest level since the 1950's?”

As a child of the Sixties, we never had to concern ourselves with mass shootings at our schools. Or theaters or concerts or EVERYWHERE (it seems, nowdays). (We were too busy ducking and covering under our desks, cause any day now, the Ruskies were gonna be coming. With Nukes.) But that’s the Olden Days.

Thank god this Major group here in the States has decided fuck it, we’re not gonna take this shit anymore. Spineless “representatives,” get the Fuck outta the way!

Planet-wide, these student-led Protests were! YES! Let’s see what Far-alt-Right are gonna do to disenfranchise these very soon-to-be Voters.

This may get Ugly. Uglier.
@48: Yup, I am indeed gay. I was also the infamous 'Gay Dude for Romney' on Slog during the 2012 campaign. Had he won, we wouldn't have had Trump.
I'll always feel that our political dispositions are orthogonal to our sexuality, but your last sentence is most correct in regard to this batch of "republicans" - that's for sure.

As an illustrative anecdote, Ronald Reagan helped defeat the Proposition 6 that would have forbid gay teachers in public schools. It was the conservative thing to do, as it was a horrible overreach by government.

@59: Why thank you Pridge. I've been sort of a dick to you as well and will return the grace.

@59: Right back at ya!
LOL, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy seeing everyone getting along!
@53: All violent crime is down since 1993.

I would rather see Mitt Romney in the white house then the loser that's there now, but if I really had a chance to play "switch a Romney", I would switch his father George for tricky Dick.
We might have still had moderate and Liberal Republicans today.
Romney was definitely more liberal as Secretary of HUD then sleepy eyes Ben will ever be.
I have to admit though, I'm more than a little biased about that. George Romney supported the civil rights movement and desegregation, and he introduced state income tax here in Michigan, which did things like helping to fund our schools ( which I directly benefited from as a child).
Maybe Romney will run against Trump in 2020.
I'd love to see someone move the GOP back towards the center, and away from the crazy Hate Machine it's become.

Thank you for reminding me what drew me to Progressive politics in the first place.
It wasn't to get into fights with the opposition, it was to try to make the world a better place.
You've helped me to realize that I've been allowing my anger to eclipse my principles, and I can see that that isn't a very good look for me.

Thank you

A better question is why is Slog so triggered by opinions other than it's own.
Deleting accounts doesn't advance the conversation very much.
@51 As a gun owner and sports shooter, I'm on the fence about this. While I'm not looking forward to more restrictions on my rights, I do think that Florida is on the right track by moving the age of gun ownership up from 18 to 21. Looking at many of the recent shootings, teenagers with firearms just doesn't seem to be a great idea anymore. When I was a kid, the idea of personal responsibility in one's teen years was already going out of fashion. In fact, adolescence is a creation of the 20th Century. Perhaps it's time to take a look at how quickly we hand youths so many responsibilities so quickly in the 21st Century. And I think that the high school students attending these recent rallys and the state of Florida agree with this.

Twenty or thirty years ago, 18 years old was considered to be adulthood. Once out of high school, people were expected to join the workforce and take full responsibility for their lives. But now it's more common to see these students go to college and effectively trade in their mothers' apron strings for institutional ones. The real world is another four or more years off. And that's the sentiment that most of these students are echoing. And statistics bear them out. Most car rental agencies will not rent to anyone under 25. Not because of laws or regulations. Insurance statistics, unpoliticized, bear out this position. And then there's alcohol. We generally don't allow drinking until 21. So we have already set a precedent for 18 not being the absolute gateway to adulthood. And unbiased statistics are showing us a new number.

We need to step back and examine the burden of responsibility we have placed upon young people. And ask if we might be too hasty in handing it over too quickly. Firearms being the most newsworthy issue here. But think of the traffic deaths in this demographic. Perhaps 25 is the correct year to start issuing licenses as well. Even where the consequences aren't as horrific as violent death, it might be a good idea to look at other areas or responsibility. As these demonstrations show, kids' major concern is safety. And whether that is provided by their family, school or college, we need to consider the political implications of people who will be voting for security instead of the liberty that they might enjoy later on in life. So perhaps the voting age should be moved up to 25 as well. As we shouldn't expect major sacrifices to be made by those without a political voice, the minimum age of military service should be moved up as well.

Now that this subject has been opened up for discussion (albeit in a terrible manner) I think it's time to step back, look at the big picture and get ready to make some broad changes.

Obama > Romney.
You have a good point about young people and driving.
Eleven teens are killed everyday by accidents caused by texting while driving.
plus the innocent folk also killed in those accidents.

The comments from that account contribute nothing of value.

Oh no, the grumpy Free Speech Police are out in force.......
@65: Oh now you're going to make me blush. :)
It's reeeeeeeeally easy to fight on the internet, and a lot harder not to, (Dear God don't I know it) but I'm so pleased if I have been a help to you.
Well done.
There are too few points of light these days....
@72: LOL, you, Mr. Been On Slog For A Hot Minute, may not know the history behind our long and storied relationship with Samantha/Bub/Benjamin/Alleged/Period Troll. Trust me, they'll be fine. The ritual game of WackATroll that's been going on between them and the Stranger mods for the last at least nine years has not even slowed them down in the free expression of their often quite awful opinions.
Good idea Holmes! In fact, why not wait till these Teenyboppers're 30, or 40, or later (if they're womenfolk). Hell, most Republicans'd prefer no one under 50 or so voted -- long as they had Property and Good Standing -- with Republicans. Except this is no longer the Tom Sawyer/Pony Express days. Young peeps these days have the Internet -- they're vastly more exposed* to the goings-on on this Planet. And to the weapons manufacturers' insatiable Greed, as well. They're getting sick of dying for War Profiteers and Weapons Manufacturers. (Thanks, NRA!)

It time MORE of them had a say in how this Planet is run. Not fewer.

* 'Cept for the home-schooled, duh. Who may (or may not) f(it's a Choice, dammit!) believe in "science."


We're crushed...
@78: LOL!
You move at the speed of light, you scamp!
@ 68 “As these demonstrations show, kids' major concern is safety. And whether that is provided by their family, school or college, we need to consider the political implications of people [1] who will be voting for security [2] instead of the liberty [3] that they might enjoy later on [4] in life.”

[bracketed numbers all MINE -- for clarification purposes:

1. the Terrified Teenagers

2. they wanna BAN ALL OUR GUNZ!!!!!

3. the Freedom to own a twin-flamethrowered Tank, buy GOD

4. When the next Democratic Prez copies Obama, and takes away all our Guns. again.

3. Oh, and pocket Nukes. Cause who the fuck needs a well-REGULATED Militia

[I tried it with the asterisks* -- a good lesson in Futility]
Lol. I'm starting to picture Bub/Samantha/Kinkaid etc etc as some sort of Borg-like hive mind.

"We are here to comment. We will assimilate Slog. Resistance is futile."

My favorite (i.e. most bizarre/cringeworthy) phase of his was the "danny" period, wherein he was obsessed in particular with Dan Savage. I'm also always curious as to how many email accounts he must have created/abandoned over the years in order to keep this up. Isn't that kind of a pain?

Anyway, here's to another decade of you making a glaring ass of yourself, kinkaid!
@79, he does indeed, but your exclamation made me smile broadly. A scamp is such a generous term for it.
Inspector Holmes @68 “But now it's more common to see these students go to college and effectively trade in their mothers' apron strings for institutional ones. The real world is another four or more years off. And that's the sentiment that most of these students are echoing. And statistics bear them out.”

What statictics ARE indeed bearing out is that fewer and fewer “kids” ARE able to afford college – or, worse yet, be saddled with (easily) $50,000 - $100,000+ in debt. PLUS interest! For a job at fucking MacDonalds. Ever try to buy a house with a debt to income ratio like that?

(WHY are we compelled to Profiteer off the backs of our students – the very fucking FUTURE of America? “Relax,” you might say. “It’s just Capitalism. Deal.”)

We’ve tried Capitalism. And, predictably, the Wealthy have manipulated the Laws to their advantage, and now, having crushed the Unions, the former backbone of America, the Middle Class is soon to be a thing of the distant Past. Why don't, let’s try democracy – and fucking VOTE on this shit. Especially those old enough to go to fucking War and DIE, or Worse, for this Country.

All this talk of War Reminds me of Very Brave, Single-Handed Kadet Bone Spurs, it does.... Did he need to worry about student debt?
Alrighty, 68, last one: "Looking at many of the recent shootings, teenagers with firearms just doesn't seem to be a great idea anymore."

It isn't (necessarily) the age -- it's the Temperment:


A new generation of American kids embraces firearms."…

Background Checks on ALL gun sales/transfers. Please
@80: "they wanna BAN ALL OUR GUNZ!!!!!"

Well, they want to ban THEIR guns. I don't have a problem with that. There are some other things they might want to ban, or unban. Like drinking. Which we, given our greater wisdom, have already decided that they shouldn't do. And if we add a few more things to the list (like driving), then why are we even asking their opinions on these subjects in the voting booth?

I hear them. And I'd be willing to ban the guns, drinking and driving, if that's what they want. But then, why are they still voting on things we won't let them do? Move that up to 21, or 25 or whatever as well.
@85: "Background Checks on ALL gun sales/transfers. Please."

OK. But check what? Criminal record? OK. Mental health adjudication? Fine. Voluntary psychiatric treatment? Now we have a couple of problems. HIPPA laws vs the ban database. And the (valid) argument that the possibility of getting one's name on 'the list' will discourage some from seeking needed help. And here's the big sticking point: Sure, you can order licensed mental health professionals to report. But priests and ministers are granted an exception from licensing regulations so that they may 'counsel' their parishioners. And to many of these people, secular mental health treatment is anathema to their belief system. So no shrink will ever see them. And the privacy of the priest/parishioner relationship is protected by law. So a large chunk of the population (IMO those at higher risk than average) will never be examined. And their names will never go on record.
@87 Yeah, thanks for responding, I sure don't have the answer to that ... but this Melee didn't happen overnight; the carnage probably won't be ending overnight, either. Attrition can still be counted on to work its slow but very thorough wonders.

Until then, we don't just throw our hands up -- we begin REQUIRING background checks on ALL gun purchases and transfers, along with (most likely) liability insurance, safes, locks whatever etc. The Carnage of the Wild West is over.

Well, we'll still have the War Machines manufactures and politicians who LOVE blowing other people and their shit up, but that's another conversation....
@58 Pridge Wessea


We've been going around and around on this for about eight years now and you're too smart to to bring this limp-wristed bullshit to the table. The SLOG has always been a place for smart people to debate with their 'A' game.

I respect you, but this isn't your best effort. You were the one who led the charge that I was an NRA sock puppet and that I was on the take... eight years ago. If you're going to patronize me, put your back into it, man.

To quote The Princess Bride:
"We are Men Of Action. Lies do not become us."

In the same way that the Mango Mussolini can't lay claim to President Obama's economic record, Clinton didn't do anything to cause a decades-long reversal in gun violence after the first year of his presidency and you know it.

Furthermore, the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1993 didn't do a goddamn thing to reduce gun violence in America, according to a post-mortem study conducted by the U.S. Justice Department.

And, many, many political wonks (including myself) believe the Democratic midterm massacre of 1993, the tipping point was the ridiculous 'Scary-Looking Weapons Ban' of 1993. Tom Foley to this day is the only sitting Speaker of the House to get bounced out of office


Because the NRA doesn't derive it's power from gun manufacturers to terrorize politicians. The NRA's real power is from its five million members who are single-issue voters.

If you think this is bullshit, remember that we got Dubya in 2000 because of 534 votes in Florida... which led to 9/11 ("Bin Laden Determined To Strike In The U.S.), the Iraq war, the Afghanistan War and the cratering of our economy. 20,000 votes in the rust belt fucked Hillary against the worst candidate in American history.

What Big Media and most of other liberal media doesn't get is that, in addition to almost universal Republican opposition to feel-good, ineffective bullshit gun regulations that will have no effect on crime and serve no purpose other than to make the clueless liberal elites feel good about themselves... that it pisses off law abiding liberal gun owners like myself who believe that I have a fundamental human right to be able to defend myself and my children against a violent attacker with equal force.

When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

You might be just too blind too see how many liberal gun owners there really are. We are a quieted and ignored freedom-loving western constituency who are also singe-issue voters aligned with Republicans probably on this issue alone. Yet the liberal establishment refuses to acknowledge that we exist.

Pro-gun Democrats like myself cherish all the amendments in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution, not just the ones we agree with. And we vote with the Republicans against symbolic bullshit Democratic gun legislation that will have no effect upon the behavior a single criminal. These stupid laws only affect law abiding citizens.

And that is why proposing feel-good bullshit laws so that you can tell crying teenagers that you're 'doing something' will continue to get your asses kicked at the ballot box.

What we still haven't debated yet is how your "Gun Control" would actually be effective.

It looks good on paper in the Utopian Liberal Mind, but how about when the rubber meets the road?
If you ban AR-15's tomorrow, not a single criminal will turn in their weapon.

Not one.

So you think the police, who are fundamentally right-wing gun guys, are going to go door-to-door seizing people's guns? Seriously?

You're essentially advocating a civil-war bloodbath of gun violence... in the name of reducing gun violence.
If The Left wants to reduce the number of guns in the country they should work to keep a Republican in the White House and Republicans in control of Congress.
Those are the times when gun purchases are lowest.

When the Democrats are making noise about restricting gun freedoms gun purchases surge.

Recent depression in the gun market reflects this;
manufactures cranked up production and retailers stocked up leading up to the 2016 election, anticipating Hillary would win.
When Trump won the expected rise in gun sales did not happen and the industry is still trying to work thru excess inventory.
Remington going into bankruptcy is a reflection of that (but more so the fact that they carry a Billion dollars in debt...)

So come on, Lefties; let's elect Republicans and cut those gun sales!
Here's hoping that plenty of U.S. citizens turning 18 register to vote and cast their ballots this November's midterm election for positive change for the better against the current evil regime.
@59 Pridge Wessea: Am I no longer a treasure? Wave, positrons, hugs, and VW beeps anyway.
@60 kristofarian: As a child of the sixties, too, I can corroborate. Spot on and well said. Peace, brother!
@64 & @65 Adam Kadmon: And it was Mitt Romney who warned Republicans about Trumpzllla's winning the 2016 Republican nomination. It's too bad the extreme-right neo-fascists, hate mongers, and their dupes didn't listen.
@89: Have you never heard of the word 'confiscation'? The proposed gun bans are to take firearms away from dangerous people who just plain shouldn't have access to firearms, period: small children who don't know better (REALLY, Sarah Palin? A 12-gauge for your 3 year old grandson for Christmas?!), mass murderers, sociopaths, mentally unstable individuals, criminals, and terrorists (i.e.: current White Trash House occupants, et al.).
@90 Unless you're being sarcastic, did you just fall and hit your head on a rock?
There is no WAY I will ever vote RepubliKKKan.
Adam Kadmon @64 nailed it: "I'd love to see someone move the GOP back towards the center, and away from the crazy Hate Machine it's become." Only then can we stop this bipartisan obstructionist bullshit and get both sides to start talking, working, and resolving again across the aisles.

I have heard of the word, 'CONFISCATION.'

Did you read the last two paragraphs of my post? Who do you suppose is going to do the 'confiscating' in the name of your gun-free Utopian vision?

The Police?


My Liberal friends always love to think of a gun-free world where only the police have guns... until they bitch about the power the police have and how they abuse it. (Black Lives Matter, anyone?)

At least embrace your hypocrisy.

I embrace mine. I don't believe my own bullshit and I suggest you try it sometime.