Seattle Woman Died After Becoming Unresponsive at King County Jail



King County jail doing exactly what its wealthy patrons want it to do: ensnare brown-skinned people on victimless drug charges and then ruin their lives forever. The actual ending of the life is bonus points. Once the penal system gets a even a tiny grip on them (do you have papers?), minorities with few resources will be walked down the inevitable road to death or major institutional incarceration in the free uhmuhrika.

This is also known as trump christianing. #MAGA!

There's a lot of truth to that;
once someone gets into 'the system' it is really really hard to break free.
Although we're pretty sure it was so long before Trump came along.
Oh, so let's just extrapolate and spew conjecture when the toxicology report has not come back and the investigation is incomplete.
Cold turkey is not the way to quit heroin.
More like cold,dead turkey. I know, I helped my daughter quit it.
Drugs are cool kids! Keep shooting that shit up!!