Trump Reportedly Hates Amazon


Dear Slog,

I'm so sorry to hear that you agree with Trump on things. Both this, and probably your goofy ideas that housing prices are high because of international conspiracies and not just because we have a housing shortage. That sounds like something he would be into.

I'll probably keep reading you despite this, but it doesn't feel great doing so.
The reasons he gives for disliking Amazon are irrelevant, the only reason Trump dislikes them is because they (i.e., Bezos) hurt his feelings.

Trump is, and always has been, nothing more than a petty, spiteful little child throwing a temper tantrum.

There's nothing to see here.
@1 Matt the Engineer, @2 GermanSausage, and @3 Urgutha Forka: Thank you and bless you all for beating me to it. I have nothing further to add. You've already got it well covered, and largely why I avoid Twitter altogether.
thank Christ for the deep state.
Maybe Trump just has to wait a few years and then he can have his Russian hacker friends hack Bezos's robot dog security force and have them turn on him. I'm not sure they have any weapons, but they probably will or they could just dance on him for about 10 minutes- that should do it.
I remember when Nordstrom went out of business after angering the cic by not continuing to carry his daughter's brand.
Did he buy stock in the damn place after the price fell?
Wouldn't surprise me. Once a grifter, always a grifter.
So he hates Amazon. Hey, he needs to get in line.
@7: Huh? Nordstrom is still in business. Ivanka's ruffled feathers didn't sink the ship in that little dust up.
I think that was sarcasm @7
Is everyone a little disappointed that you have to love and defend Amazon/Jeff Bezos now?
Let's see, the worlds richest and most successful man versus Trump, a paper billionaire with a track record of business failures and stiffing the little guy, especially those who work for him. Trump said he'd bring the best people when in fact he brought the best revolving door, he can't even find any decent law firms to defend him against the Russia investigation.

I'd bet on Bezos to beat Trump every day of the week. People have been betting against Jeff Bezos since he got started and look at Amazon now. I've had issues with the way Amazon treats their workers in the past but Bezos is way smarter and way more talented than Donald Trump and his entire business/family empire will ever be.