Activists Urge City Not to Settle Police Officers' Defamation Claim Against Kshama Sawant


A lot of homeless and hungry people could be helped with the hundreds of thousands of dollars Sawant's fat out-of-control mouth is costing the city.
It is money poorly spent.
Holmes disses his lawyers. $300,000 because they can't figure out how to defend a frivolous defamation case and $200,000 to outside lawyers to defend the city counsel's income tax. Any lawyer can write a brief for easily winning issue and a guaranteed losing issue. The civil division of the city attorney's office has fine lawyers.
oh wow, its little nikitta, the one nobody wants to hear from, elect, or wonder "wow, what is nikatta's stance on this?"

eff her and sawant.
just noticed, but holy crap! there may have been upwards of 7 people at this monumental rally in support of comrade sawant!
I'm no Sawant groupie, but politicians need to be able to demand police accountability from the dais. We will be in an even worse place than we are today if every politician has to fear a lawsuit from the cops every time they open their mouths.
It is more than justified for the city to pay the officers their just damages.
All the more embarrassing when you guys fail to unseat Sawant again next election. It's never been about how great Sawant is, but how unimaginative and flatfooted the Seattle establishment is.

The cops are saying if they lose they'll be so offended they'll all quit. I know they always say that but one can dream, right? Do it. Seattle doesn't love its cops. You know its true. Quit. Go be a cop somewhere else.
So the police accountability people are joining forces with the No Caged Youth movement? How ineffectual of them.
@8: Catalina, I think they're actually the exact same people. No "joining forces" needed. Deranged, ineffectual, deluded, screeching harpies - led by the two loudest of the lot.
I support freedom of speech. It is in the best interest of Seattle to defend Kshama against this frivolous lawsuit.
The city budget for dog parks is $100,000 a year. Us dog owners are told over and over we’re greedy for wanting any more money. Maybe CM Sawant can call out people without restoring to rhetoric that costs the city so much money.
@7 I dunno, pro Trump CM Sawant isn’t gonna have an easy time next election (anyone who openly campaigned against clinton in the general was either stupid or pro trump, and CM Sawant isn’t stupid...). The council has swung left, many of which get shit done and done cost the city hundreds of thousands for their rhetoric. CM Sawant has always seemed more interested in promoting herself then actually helping the people of this city.
A lot of dummies in Seattle. Freedom of speech is not consequence free speech and saying what she said about them when they were cleared is defamation according to the law not freedom of speech. She has already cost the city lots of money that would be better used helping inner city communities and crime prevention but no keep letting her open her damn mouth and letting the lies flow out. Not every death of a minority is police brutality, funny how people want to fight against profiling and yet they call all cops thugs but every race that isn't whitey is innocent. Absolutely pathetic SHE and people like her are the problem fanning the flames of unrest with lies and slander.
“We cannot afford for Seattle to cave into the demands of officers’ hurt feelings,” Taylor said. "They weren’t injured. No one physically harmed them. My brother was physically harmed and killed."

And the reason the Police officers weren't injured is: they shot first. Because it was very clear that "Che" was diving for his gun. He knew he was going back for good and wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. He was, after all, a felon committing three additional felonies at the time the Officers attempted to arrest him.

Note to "Gorgeous Dre": Kshama doesn't give a shit about your brother. The only reason she said anything about his shooting was to get her name in the press. That's all she's about.
If the citizens knew how much money the city paid out for hurt feelings in all departments, they'd plotz. I know a lot of people who went to the trough and came back with a few hundred thousand. Because of that, supervisors are not allowed to supervise, and the performance review process is a heavy-handed Kabuki theatre where everyone is equally good (not that it even matters, because you can't reward good employees with anything anyway).

It's ridiculous. If Durkan wants to actually accomplish something, she should clean house in Human Resources.
aww poor liddle murder's feelings