Slog AM: Mariners Don't Suck Yet, Silicon Valley Loves Trump, Seattle Judge's Ruling Helps Asylum Seekers


Today also marks the anniversary of the death of Harry Bridges, who is of course best remembered for his labor activism, but his 1958 marriage to Noriko Sawada was an important stepping stone on the road to marriage equality.
Of course CEOs and corporate shareholders love Trump. He's a republican. He's been following the republican's standard operating procedure from day one.

That's the funniest thing about the people who voted for Trump because he was "different" and he'd "shake things up" and it wasn't politics as usual. Those simpletons truly don't understand the world they live in.
And tomorrow is Cesar Chavez day
If Hogg took a year off from school and reapplied next year he'd be accepted anywhere he applied.

If there is an appeals process for reversing rejections at the places he didn't get into, the UC schools would admit him now.
Jon K always behaved like a egotistical prick. I did not care because "Ren & Stimpy" was hilarious. Now we find out he is a pederast who used his position to groom victims, victims who sought his guidance.

I am prepared to forget "Ren & Stimpy" ever existed. You know what? It is not difficult. Neither is refusing to see the new creations by other pederasts and rapists such as Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Nelly, R. Kelly, 69.... There is plenty of worthwhile talent in the world that does not come cuffed to rapist mentality.
@2: Reactions occur orthogonally. CEOs and shareholder enjoy the bounce, but that doesn't necessarily equate to "loving Trump".
why is slog is featuring blog-promo-ads for a chris brown concert? profiting from and promoting him doesn't seem to align with "the stranger's" or its readers ideals.
$50 x 30 days is $1500 a month. I'd like Pruitt to be run out of town on a rail, but that seems reasonable.
@ 2, The $ilicon Valley oligarchs are just celebrating our nation's only two real traditions: sadistic racism and insatiable greed, both of which are enabled and supported by the sinister stupidity of the American public.

And they're gonna get away with it, too.

It's no wonder that our kleptocratic rulers treat us with such cruelty and contempt.
At least Trump is busy playing golf (again) today and not fucking everything up. I can eat my hot cross buns and enjoy that small mercy.
@8: Yeah, that was my thought. This amount may seem astronomically high in the flyover states where cost of living is really low, but compared to an apartment in an expensive city, that's completely reasonable, maybe even cheap.
@4: I wouldn't be so sure, he is an out of state kid white male with mediocre numbers.

@7: That's pretty funny.

Given that DC is one of the most expensive metro areas in the country when it comes to housing costs $1,500 a month (the current average for a 1BR is about $2,100) is literally a steal. Plus, he only paid for the nights he actually stayed there, so it appears he averaged about $1,000 per month for the past six months. You would be extremely hard-pressed to find any other renter in Metro DC getting that kind of a sweetheart deal.
Good point, the only thing conservatives love is themselves. But they're happy with Trump, we'll say.
In other news, evidently the Stranger is cool with taking advertising dollars from America's favorite felonious woman-beater Chris Brown in its "sponsored" section. What the fuck, guys?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the editorial staff of sites do not always control the online ads and placements.

The sites are not completely at the mercy of the ad networks; most agreements do allow the content partner to put some restrictions on what kinds of ads they'll accept, and to reject specific ads (subject to terms-- e.g. reduced payout, limitations on "veto" frequency, etc).

The reason The Stranger is running Chris Brown advertorials is that they're getting paid to run Chris Brown advertorials.

Whatever moral qualms The Editors might have are less important than the revenue they'd lose if they ran a different advertorial, or broke the contract with their paid-content distributor.
@6 I never thought they loved him. I think it just shows that the whole employee-group-hug things post-election was a bullshit business move. It's like letting dogs in the office. Zuckerberg would sell em as sausage if it moved the stock price. But makes dumb employees work 10-hour days.
@17. Yer right of course, but ...

Since time began advertisers have wanted their ads to look like editorial. At first blush this one does. The first few weeks they were doing this I got suckered until I wondered why the same post was on every page every time. Yes, there is a bitty "Paid" notice at the top. I remember when ad sales and weak-ass editors used to say "readers will know it's not an ad because we changed the body font." If they really would know, would advertisers still pay for it?

Which is kind of why those people now call ads "Paid Content."

That said, they have to keep the lights on. They, and readers, have to decide if it's worth it.

"Fun fact for your Friday: A pig was hanged for sacrilege in France in 1394 for eating a communion wafer."
Stupid fucking pig.
I hope they put his remains to good use....
“I 100% agree an apology in an effort just to save your advertisers is not enough. I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight. It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children.”

So. Fucking. WELL. Said, David Hogg! Apparently Parkland, FLA spends some serious Ca$h, teaching its young Citizens how to think, and speak up, and out, for themselves.

(Shall we invest in the minds of our Youth? And bring forth oodles and oodles of handsome returns? Or shall we Fortify their schools?)

(Uh-oh – NOTHING can be more threatening to the repressives currently owning the Republican party, the party of suspicion, fear and loathing. Oh and warmongering. Nothing can be more threatening to them than a Well-Educated Citizenry.)

(Looks like it’s Time for Batty Devos, fabulous in her famous cape cum gilded broomstick/cattle prod/double-12 gauge to schwoop down and defund Public Education, sell it to one certain, very Particular God, and His followers; quick and cheap, before an Epidemic of critically-thinking adults can bust out and steal America, back from the Monopolies, Oligarchies, Duopolies and Kleptocrats we sold our sorry asses down the river to, ever since the Republicans’s horrific losses in the Culture Wars of the Sixties.)
The Stranger used to also take money from "big tobacco"; totally bad for a publication that targets a young and juvenile audience.
Imagine working your ass off for 8-hours--coated inside and out with jet fuel exhaust--and heading home with $93 . . . before deductions and taxes. What sort of 'home' could that buy you?
@2, @9, @20 & @21: Bingo. We can only hope for continued resistance, however, if we want change. At least youth in the Divided Police States have woken up to this unbelieveable level of white collar criminal insanity. I'm for boycotting Silicon Valley and 9999999999.9999999999% of Big Corporations.
'‘Actually, You Can Fix Stupid'’ By Timothy Egan

“And now it’s the young’s turn. Critical thinking has arrived at a critical time. They’re not afraid of trolls; they grew up with snark from a screen. So after Laura Ingraham at Fox taunted a Parkland shooting survivor [David Hogg] for not getting into his college of choice, the student immediately tweeted out a list of her advertisers. When they threatened to bail, she apologized.”

@2 "Those simpletons truly don't understand the world they live in."

You CAN fix ignorance, however, which is far more prevalent than Simpletonitis, among those who voted for (and were conned by) Trumpf in '16. See: @25, above.
@24: If you really live up to that last sentence, we'll probably never hear from you again. sniff sniff
@12 - Laura also seemed to think a 4.1 GPA was mediocre. Nice to know you share her feelings though.
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