"Anal Cleft" Is Actually Easy to Define, City of Everett Argues in Bikini Barista Case


The Man makes women wear clothes because He is trying to smother their body confidence.
It is so unfair to even make these proud women wear pasties, let alone g-strings.
Gawd, will we never shed the shackles of patriarchy and misogyny?
Shedding clothes is a first step.
Uhmm...butt-crack? Is that what we're referring to?
They must be very flush up there in Everett to have seemingly unlimited funds to argue about this complete nonsense in court.
The top end of the anal cleft, I got that. But where's the bottom end of it, so I can define the midpoint? Does it run down to the, ah, inseam point? The top half of that is rather a lot of ass.
LOL !!! W.A.S.P.s . . . .Did you know that some Puritans would bathe with their undies on? ( because they didn't want God to see their 'privates' . . . .)
NEWS FLASH: City of Everett in panic over outbreak of coffee-induced boners; law enforcement powerless to defend against the raging boner terror.
What needs to be done is a public calculation of the tax money spent on this silly kabuki. Maybe folks will realize they are getting their chains pulled?
Another attempt to enact christian prudery into law. The colossal amount of resources wasted on this could be much better directed - say to a woman's shelter?
That dang 1st Amendment -- always getting in the way of good Moralizers....

"... bikinis constructed of the bright pink ‘pussyhats’ ... "

Well, there ya go -- make a little pink hat for it, maybe cover the anal part, as well (with a little brown cap?) (sensing a Major Boom in knitting supplies here), no one wants/needs to see that, and be done with it....

How do you like your Coffee?

So, money is speech, but clothing is not. What, wait! I'm pretty sure clothing is. I have a solution. They should print messages on their bikinis. "ITMFA" would be nice!
@9 Holy shit, didn't even think of "money is speech." That is an excellent point.
Have any unions chimed in on this banning of the anal cleft? Because this could have tragic, unforeseen repercussions on the plumber's union, specifically.
To borrow from the inimitable words of Potter Stewart: I can't define one, but I know it when I see it!
To borrow from the inimitable words of Potter Stewart: I can't define anal cleft, but I know it when I see it!
It’s the body part that immediately surrounds the head of an Everett city council member.
How's this different from a strip club, or Carl's Jr. TV ad? I mean, I think bikini barista is kind of lame and distasteful, but whatever. Let em git it.

Side note: many years back on the reality show big brother (which in addicted to) there was a constant, a beautiful young woman, who was a bikini barista in Oregon. Her intro was "I love coffee, bikinis, and God!". She appeared to genuinely love the bikini barista thing and was not otherwise a prostitute or stripper. Seems impossible I know and maybe it was all an act, but rule 37 implies that there are also people who earnestly and not especially sexually enjoy performing this work. I suppose it's not too different than cheerleading.
I think they mean the gluteal cleft. They can't even anatomy right.
A picture is worth a thousand words. They could issue a sketch to graphically clarify the the boob ant butt coverage requirements.
I bet you the Everett PD will inspect all bikini baristas regularly. Make sure they are up to code. Just like Mike Pence would have personally made sure all bathroom users in Indiana had the "proper" genitalia.