A Sinclair Boycott is Complicated, Not Impossible


This is really fascinating.
Katie evidently doesn't realize that she and the organization she works for are the Left Wing side of the same coin that Sinclair is on.
Pot, meet Kettle.
@1 The Stranger is a.) not using tax-payer funded public airwaves rent-free, and b.) transparent about our bias. We put out a voter guide, for fuck's sake. There's no pretense of being non-partisan.
@1 "Apples and oranges are both two kinds of round fruit! That means they're the same thing!"
Again...Why aren’t we rallying around government re-regulation?
The Stranger and Sinclair are both pushing biased propaganda and calling it "news".
You are just pissed because their bias is different from yours,
and they have been more effective at pushing it.

If you have a complaint about how they use the airwaves file a complaint with the FCC.
(The "Fairness Doctrine" is no longer a thing, they'll tell you)

The owners of Sinclair can direct their "news" organizations to operate any fucking way they please.
It's called Freedom of the Press.
You are not the arbiter of what can be reported as news.

If the news readers and spokesmodels at Sinclair don't like what their employers requires of them they can get another job.

You are EXACTLY like them, except that they seem to have the awareness to realize they are being played and you evidently do not.
So, just to be clear, the best possible outcome here is that advertisers will shift from KOMO to Q13, the local Fox affiliate. And that's the plan to combat conservative bias in local medai?
@5 you’re free to complain about someone in the media exercising the freedom of the press to organize people to exercise their freedom of speech but if you frame that as an attack on free speech you look like an idiot who just likes to complain but can’t be bothered to think through you’re idiotic argument
Back when the country still had respected news organizations/newspapers that strove for objectivity they all put out voter recommendations, on their editorial pages; while the news pages were committed to fairness, evenhandedness and accuracy.

Putting out a voter guide is not what makes The Stranger a Biased Propagandist Whore;
it is the shit that gets posted as "news".


you're welcome.
There is a world of difference between the Stranger and Sinclair.

First, The Stranger is completely open and transparent about their political bias. They make no claim to being neutral or unbiased. This follows a long tradition for alternative weeklies. You can agree with them or not, read them or not, but there is no deception in the Stranger's reporting.

Sinclair is completely deceitful. They pretend to be neutral objective local news, while forcing their reporters to spew conservative talking points mandated by their national HQ. If not for that clever mashup video, the talking points would give the illusion that they are organically developed locally instead of being mandated from the owner. Even the Seattle Times generally keeps a relatively clear wall between their news staff and their conservative editorials. I would have no objection to KOMO having an open conservative bias if they came by it honestly and didn't pretend to be something they're not. But that's not what's happening. This is being pushed on them by their bosses, and is clearly meant to be deceptive.
What's funny is anyone thinks The Stranger or Sinclair is somehow relevant to anyone. Hilarious!
Rushmore - your mother would like her computer in the basement back now
Wait, NOW the Stranger thinks being involved in pornography makes a person look bad? Make up your mind, Katie Herzog.
@6, Ch. 13 is not Fox News.
Sound Transit, I knew it.
so is anyone going to call that Dr. Sambo number and post the recording or what
Katie, I know you want to hurt Sinclair in the pocket book, but why in the world must you drag third party innocents in who don't have a dog in your pissing match? Advertisers really don't care about the politics of a station's newsroom any more than they care about the artistic vacuum of their shows. Their looking for audience's eyes to keep their businesses in business. They are innocent of Sincair's agenda and don't want you dragging them into it. Advertisers don't want to hear you say "if your not with us, your against us!".

If you want to go after Sinclair then go after SINCLAIR! They got a corporate headquarters, an office footprint in their major markets, and at least a Sinclair representative at every station. Go after them! Leave the people who are innocent of your tirade out of it.