Trial Reveals the Pulse Shooting Wasn't About Homophobia; It Was About U.S. Foreign Policy


I like how we can now read the minds of dead people.
Someone get Dave S. to tighten this one up. Grinder?
This surprises even me. But it's a good lesson: Stop assuming that the obvious explanation is the correct one.
@3 -- Bbbut Occam's Razor..?!
Good Lord, why are we only hearing the full story now? That poor woman had to be prosecuted for us to hear what the cops have known all along?
This surprised me and “re-wrote” what I had assumed to be the truth. Thank you, Katie!
Yes. This is clearly our own fault (as is all domestic terrorism).

It wasn't about Trump emboldened Homophobia
and Trump emboldened Racism
and Trump emboldened Patriarchy
and Trump emboldened Gun Violence?

It was about Obama and Hillary's toxic murderous clumsy totally ineffectual shitty foreign policy?

We're going to have to sit down,
our whole world has been turned on it's head....
It got a bit murky about a week ago when it came out that Mateen's original plan was to shoot up Disneyworld, but he was spooked off by the presence of police and other armed guards, so he chose a much softer target:…

@4 In this case, Ockham's razor suggests to pay attention to what the perpetrator is saying, not what corporate media choose to say. You also probably know this press will always opt to fantasize about the end game of culture wars rather than willingly acknowledge foreign policy blowback.
The troll @9 is really not hard to identify so I am not sure what is taking so long to close his account again. Can't you put a ban on his IP address or something?
So he was motivated to slaughter innocent people by a violent religion. I thought everyone already knew this.
@4 Occam's Razor says that when given two explanations, the simplest is *likeliest* the correct one. In this case, we weren't given two explanations. It doesn't say "ignore more fanciful answers, or ignore evidence because it would complicate things".
getting the the bi-yearly mention of yemen in thestranger out of the way; way to go.