This gaudy country chonch is pushing out staffers who are trying to prevent him from misusing our tax dollars.
This chonch is pushing out staffers who are trying to prevent him from misusing our tax dollars. Chip Somodevilla / GETTY

Climate change denier, evolution skeptic, and EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt is so corrupt that it takes approximately five hours to read the new New York Times piece detailing his latest slate of offenses. So please allow me to do you the service of skimming it for you.

According to the Times, Pruitt demoted or pushed out five officials for trying to prevent him from using tax payer dollars to fund first class plane tickets, an insanely large 24-hour security team, a sound-proof booth for consulting with oil barons, a bulletproof receptionist's desk, and other expensive furniture. One staffer was transferred after telling Pruitt he couldn't use the little siren in his motorcade to cut through DC traffic en route to a fancy French restaurant. In addition to those five, Pruitt's chief of staff is thinking about resigning, but he hasn't decided to yet. Both the White House and the EPA say they're investigating the secretary's spending.

How much of our money did Pruitt want to waste to pacify his paranoia and pursue his own pleasures?

According to the Times, he wanted to "buy a $100,000-a-month charter aircraft membership that would have allowed Mr. Pruitt to take unlimited private jet trips for official business."

He asked "to spend about $70,000 to replace two desks in Mr. Pruitt’s office suite, including his personal desk and one at a security station outside his office."

He had his staff approve gratuitous private flights weeks after he took them. In one case, "The approval covered a charter flight to tour the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colo., after Mr. Pruitt’s commercial flight to Denver was delayed. This 40-minute flight cost $5,719, the records show."

He ended up spending $168,000 on flights last year.

His round-the-clock security detail costs $832,735.40 per quarter, far more than any of his predecessors.

He spent $43,000 on that fucking sound-proof phone booth.

And he rents a condo on Capitol Hill at below market rates from "an energy lobbyist whose clients won favorable treatment from the E.P.A."

HuffPost lists 23 total ethical issues hounding the EPA's top administrator, if you want to keep playing this game.

Despite all this, and despite the fact that Secretary of Health Tom Price was booted for spending a million dollars on private plane travel, Trump still stands behind his oil man.