Scott Pruitt Is A Giddy, Wasteful Goon


there's no comments. there's really nothing to say anymore.
Off with his head.
"Please allow me to skim for you." Nah. Being neither a far left nor a far right crazy I prefer doing my own reading and drawing my own conclusions.

But hey, thanks for the offer to accept propaganda instead!
(Slightly) Shorter @4: "I'm too stupid/lazy to click the link to the actual article, so I'll just blindly criticize your summary of it instead, because clearly it can't be accurate, even though it's based on an actual reading of the article I didn't bother to read myself."
He'll be out by the end of the month if not the end of the day. Only the best!

Riiight. Because I should trust implicitly a summation of what already was a political hit piece. Though at least the original author did his job, researched things and wrote a slanted but substantially correct article. This bit of fluff, written by a guy with an MFA in navel gazing titled "Scott Pruit is a Giddy Wasteful Goon" I should fawn over?

Sure pal. My bad.

Know what, Count? Scott Pruit will have or not have that job tomorrow and nothing a snarky hipster kid like Smith or his fanboys have to say about it will make one iota of difference.

You don't like this president? Neither do I. But he is the lawfully elected president of these United States and gets to have the Cabinet he wants, just as former president Obama did.
@ 7,

Actually, Prezinazi AntiChrist lost the election by 3 million ballots and was installed against the will of the people by the slavery-justified (s)Electoral College after running a despicable campaign based on racial and ethnic cleansing.

The non-stop studity, corruption, insanity, and incompetence of everyone involved in this evil regime is directly tied to their treasonous illegitimacy, and their attacks against our people. There is nothing lawful about this kleptocratic regime.
@6 I wish you were right but I'll bet that Trump won't care. As long as Pruitt keeps deregulating access to natural resources and enable environmental destruction, he is getting his job done.
@9 true, but Trump WILL care if Pruitt gets more attention than his highness. (see Bannon). and at this rate, Pruitt got about 6 breaking stories yesterday. Trump might stand by him now, but probably not for long if things keep going at this rate.

Ranting lunacy, and childish unclever name calling aside:

The president was lawfully elected well within the rules by which we govern our elections. Dislike aspects of the Constitution? I have great news for you! There's a mechanism built into it for changing it. Get an amendment passed abolishing the Electoral College if you can. It won't change the past. Donald Trump won. Hilary Clinton lost. Spittle all over your computer as you rage while typing won't alter that.

Also, meds dude. Lots of 'em. You're seriously deranged.

@9 If the recent past is any indication Pruitt will be fired and then replaced by someone who is as bad or worse, probably poached from fox news. OR he will decide the EPA doesn't need a secretary.

What I was thinking. Whenever SCROTUS tweets about how he "fully supports" one of his cabinet appointees, how they're doing a "great job", and how he is most definitely NOT considering canning them, it's usually followed by a tweet doing exactly that days or weeks later.