A very bad person about to steal sound equipment at Timbre Room.
A very bad person about to steal sound equipment at Timbre Room.

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At around 4 am on April 3, three to four people broke into the music venue Timbre Room (located at 1809 Minor Avenue)—which is part of electronic-music haven Kremwerk—and stole several items of audio gear and a point of sale system, all of which is estimated to be worth $10,000. The assailants also tried to break into Kremwerk and the restaurant Little Maria's Pizza, all adjoining businesses owned by Nicole Stone, but failed. The security cameras also revealed that an attempt to get into the restaurant next to the Kremwerk complex, Phở Bắc, did not succeed.

"They seemed like they were organized and professional," Kremwerk owner Nicole Stone says in a phone interview. "There were three or four people, all dressed in black and wearing ski masks. You can see by those pictures that they were prepared and ready to do damage. They broke in through one of the doors. Coincidentally, one of our [Little Maria's Pizza] staff didn’t set the alarm that night. That person is no longer working for us. They came off of the alley and jumped over some walls and then smashed a door handle and sawed their way through one of the locks. If that person had set the alarm, that’s when the cops would have come." Stone says that the "massive security locks" helped thwart the suspects from breaking into Little Maria's and Kremwerk.

Another asshole fixing to steal audio gear at Timbre Room.
Another asshole fixing to steal audio gear at Timbre Room.

So far, none of Timbre Room's gear has turned up. Stone filed a police report and says the companies' POS has a tracking device on it and it's indicating that it's now in Vancouver, Washington "That’s very specific gear and that’s one of the reasons we put the shout out [on social media]," Stone says. "The city’s turning into a little crime mecca now. But the music will still go on. We were open for business last night. We’re doubling and tripling our security. And we’re offering a reward for anyone who can help us recover the gear."

Below is a list of the items swiped from Timbre Room, with serial numbers included where known. Please be on the lookout for them and e-mail info@kremwerk.com or call (206) 682-2935 if you spot anything from this list.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS, Serial #: OIMP0165058LW
Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS, Serial #: NKMP015747CC
Mackie Onyx-1640, Serial #: (21)JS16871

additional items: Pioneer DJM-900 NXS, Technic Turntables + case, misc