Amanda Palmer Wants To Party with You This Sunday After Her Show


snooze. hella boring
exploring radical vulnerability and social justice in songs
Well isn't that nice.

Maybe if she didn't ask musicians to play for free after making a million fucking dollars from a crowd funding campaign and doing a fucking insufferable TED talk about how she learned to accept help and money for her art, and maybe if she didn't exploit the Boston marathon bombing by writing self-indulgent seventh grade poetry about it - maybe then I'd actually respect her as an artist.

I still wouldn't listen to her music though, because IMO it uniformly sucks. Her main talent is marketing herself.
party on
"Strength Through Music". I suppose she also has songs called "Winds of Change" and "Love is a good thing."
How does pretentious shit like this continue to exist? Tori Amos Part II, with a dash of morissett as ipecac.
What #2 said.
I for one thought it was an awesome show. As I knew it would be. Thank you for the article, I’ll surely be signing up for her patronus soon! She’s a hearfelt artist, I don’t love everything she’s done, but you guys are ridiculous.