FBI Raids Offices of Our Idiot President's Idiot Lawyer


Apparently Dan hasn't read Sean's post or Thomas Frank's piece in Harpers.....
You're suggesting their piece has anything to do with this event?
Someone wrote a column predicting that Trump will win in 2020 so we should just pay no mind to all the criminality and corruption. Sounds legit.
"Literally everyone surrounding Trump is as crooked as a question mark, but Trump is clean as a whistle! Don't mind those indictments for redlining, or the settlements for fraud or the lawsuits for defamation, or the admission of sexual assault, or the investigation of collusion, or the grift that is the Trump Foundation, or the campaign funds to Stormy, or..." - Trump supporters/trolls, such as @1.

While I'd agree that a Trump re-election is far more likely than a lot of self-segregating liberals might realize, you've got to admit his chances would need to be readjusted somewhat if he were sitting in a prison cell.
@5, that's going to depend entirely on whether we nominate a real candidate, or another incompetent piece of shit.
When his personal lawyer has to lawyer up, even Donaldo might recognize that the Suck Tide is running.
I wish I also had a lawyer friend so eager to pay my bills. I would have never suspected their motivation nor integrity.
As hilaaaaaaaarious as this whole 'Trump Fucked A Pornstar' is, it's completely irrelevant, and sadly not going to lead to his downfall, so let's just ignore it. (Apart from sniggering about it.)

The American electorate appears to be more than willing to vote for an incompetent, so I doubt that's much of a limiting factor.

All that really matters that a candidate give the impression that he or she will give the voter a leg up over whichever groups of other Americans the voter is afraid of. And that impression is a bit harder to give from a cell.

Yeah, but who knows how many skeletons are packed away in Mr. Cohen, Esq.'s office closet. After all, as the NYT article states, the warrant references more than JUST fucking a porn star. The bank fraud charge could be particularly relevant, especially if it ties the current occupant of the White House to little things, like - oh, I dunno - say, money-laundering for the Russian mob and what-not.
We tried to warn Trump's supporters, we really did, but now they have to sit back and watch Trump tighten the noose around his neck day after agonizing day with the rest of us. And let's face it, it's just so much fun, isn't it? Politics really is a spectator sport, especially when there's a republican in charge.
I'm completely confident that democrats will find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in upcoming elections. They rarely fail to disappoint.
Go ahead,. Impeach Trump.
Give it your best shot.
We have a spare,
if you can live with a Pres Pense so can we.....
A court of law isn't going to authorize a search warrant for a lawyer of a sitting president because his client fucked a porn star. There needs to be both serious crimes, and pretty damn solid evidence. Don't be stupid.
@14 "Go ahead and impeach Nixon! We still have Spiro Agnew!"

Yeah, that worked out so well.

Kinda wish you'd told everyone that back when Ken Starr was an independent counsel.

They really can't help but be anything else...
I agree with this D. Trump chap, who is quoted on CNN as saying "this is an attack on our cunt", or something that sounded like that.
This was a no knock raid.

And judges do not just hand out warrants to search lawyers offices like candy. And Mueller let Rod Rosenstein's Justice Department handle this.

So what does that tell us?

First off we have to remember that this investigation, contrary to the moron talking points of the alt-Right and Russian Bot contingent, is moving faster and getting more convictions quicker than any major scandal investigation in history. And the republicans in congress have utterly ignored this fact and have instead gone with the insane propaganda that there is vast Deep State conspiracy against the president.

SO what this raid tells us is that after five indictments to some pretty important people including a national security advisor and campaign manager they are now deep inside the Presidents core team who he just fired and clearly have some important evidence.

Does that mean Trump is going down? Well. Yes. In terms of history. Probably a half dozen more indictments are not he way. Likely a bunch of stooges will take the fall. But he's not getting impeached and he's not leaving office in cuffs. The GOP will not care in the slightest and even if there is a big Blue wave (and I doubt it) the democrats will not seek to further cripple the institutions weakened by Trumps kamikaze administration. It won't serve any purpose but those of Putin who got Trump in there in the first place.

The GOP doesn't care how corrupt or much a traitor Trump is. They got what they wanted. Tax cuts for billionaires and looting the government. They got it. And it will take decades to unravel. Destroying is always easier than building. The GOP knows this. It's what they do.

But it is certain that the scandal kill Trump's energy and sips his bandwidth completely. That's what this raid is. A direct provocation to dare Trump to fire Mueller. Trump KNOWS they know he's money laundering pile of shit. They have the evidence. But in exposing that evidence they will also expose that the GOP knew all about it. So they won't. It's just too much. America is already a second rate power with a bunch of really rich people and nukes. Our time is pretty much over now.

The evidence will likely ruin his chances of running in 2020 (which I doubt he will do, anyway). And the GOP will do everything they can to find somebody to run against him. They'l keep most of the evidence directly against tTrump suppressed until after 2020 and by then most people will be too exhausted to care. Like with the criminal invasion of Iraq. People just stopped caring and wanted Bush to go away.

However, after he leaves office there will likely be criminal charges awaiting him down the line - he just made to many enemies in LEO - so his legacy will be crushed without impeding the GOP's goal of further gutting the government.
@10 The problem is he's not just incompetent. He's an amoral, unethical psychopath with no conscience and no empathy. Did you read how he lobbied against putting sprinklers into his Deathtrap Tower? And after this fire that killed that poor man and injured several firefighters, he was crowing about how little damage to his building there were!! Because death and injuries to others due to lack of safety sprinklers in his buildings are apparently of no importance AT ALL!

Ding Dong, Ditzy Donald is DEAD!!!

I mean, sure, that's all true. But none of it motivates voters.

Voting is all about getting or keeping a leg up over various groups of other people in society, particularly groups that make the voter feel nervous or resentful.

A candidate can do all sorts of weird or awful things personally or professionally without affecting the voter's perception of what the candidate will do for the voter's relative social status.
So Dan, you're saying that in 2016, Hillary Clinton, with her experience, her mountains of cash, and her support from the establishments of both major parties, lost to an idiot? tsk tsk

But I suppose if Putin hadn't prevented Hillary from campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin, the election might have gone her way.

So good to have someone here at the highest levels of government, finance and law to educate me on the ramifications of FBI warrants, money laundering, the inner counsels of the GOP, international law, LEO interactions with politics and God knows what all else.

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Or maybe you're just a guy on the internet making a lot of unsubstantiated assertions about stuff you don't really understand as well as you think you do. Admittedly, being half as clever, wealthy and knowledgeable as you think yourself would be nearly impossible though for most people.

@ 11 - Here's hoping, mate. But I feel the git is made of Teflon, and will get away with all of it.
Trump's lawyer claims that the payments to Stormy were his own decision and he was not representing Trump. Trump claims a warrant to search for documents related to Stormy payments violates attorney-client privileged. Oops. Only one of the two is smart enough to keep his story straight.
@26 Teflon whitewashed presidency. We're sicked of being jerked around. Wear that on your sleeve.

It's been a bad day. Please don't take a picture.

@11 COMTE and @12 RickFromTexas: I'm still dreaming that gun-crazed RepubliKKKans and their apologist dupes will soon start playing Russian Roulette, firing at each other until they're all gone. When the smoke clears, will we have our democracy back, finally? Just look at Mugsy Ryan running away like the true chickenshit he is. The rats are deserting the sinking ship.
When the GOP Klown Kar goes down in flames, I'm bringing the popcorn and my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice.