The Pee Tape Is Real*


This is so exciting.
But not relevant to anything that will actually make things better.
Trump's kink's are not a platform The Left can win or govern on.
@1) It is inspiring that you are learning how to type and use a computer! Who would have thought it could happen?
Oh, but just to be clear: nobody here is kink shaming, right Dan?

I mean, not generally kink shaming, absolutely not. And not even shaming one particular kink, not even just a little bit, OK?

Dan is indisputably, definitely not making generalizations or judgments about the morality or personalities of people who are into watersports. Full stop.

And if he was, well, pee fetishists would probably be totally into that because what they really want (as any expert can tell you) is to be found out so the world can see what they really are, which is fetishists who are into pee which is gross and dirty.
Germaphobes do not have unprotected sex with porn stars and playboy fuck-bunnies, either. They also do not eat low-grade fast-food prepared by dirty employees. They also don't shake hands with anyone and certainly would not seek out crowds of dirty people, say at like a political rally or something.
Is it true that the Obamas stayed in this same room in Moscow? Because I find a scenario where Trump's Russian buddies try to impress his racist ass by pissing on a space where Barack and Michelle slept entirely believable.
This is a huge misunderstanding.
That was not,in fact, micturation being recorded on the tapes, it was copious amounts of female ejaculate.
Apparently the sexual appeal of Donald Trump is so strong that simply in anticipation of intercourse ( and after some focused, earnest foreplay) women involuntarily spew huge amounts which, to the uninitiated, looks like pee.
The current headline is good. The runner-up headline would have made a good opening line to paragraph 1.
The fact of the matter is, very little in the Steele dossier has been corroborated, it was not used as a source for any of the current or expected charges, and many things in it have been proven false:……

I know: poo-poo pee-pee, very funny, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
Trump was photographed at a notorious sex club where watersports (among other acts) occurred.…
I won't matter one bit. Anyone who bought into Trump to begin with will refuse to accept ANY evidence brought against him. They will insist - even to themselves, in their own minds - that the tapes are fake.
Hahaha. Our troll sock puppet contingent is now pivoting from “libruls iz desperate andake up pee tape! NO COLLUSION! DEEP STATE!”

To: “so Trump likes to be pissed on. What red blooded rightwing patriot doesn’t? I know I do!”


No. Oh, you rightwing shit bags are so, so dumb.

This delightfully ironic derail betrays the obvious reality that Trump is getting blackmailed by Putin. That much of the dossier is right. That, as we all know anyway, Trump has been in bed with the Russian Thug State money laundering for years.

Man. The most highly placed stooge of the former communist KGB is a republican President.

That has to sting.
@9) That pipe you are smoking has lead in it, and you didn't even read the articles you linked.
Many items in the Steele dossier have been confirmed, the remaining are simply unconfirmed. Unconfirmed does not mean false.

The politico piece you site is a speculative opinion essay, and the Newsweek article confirms my paragraph above, that some thing just remain unconfirmed.

I must presume you are even dumber than you pretend when you toss out a jackass argument and link to things that actually disprove it.
@9 posted before I could find a bookie to place a bet that he would post exactly what he did, so I can't quit my job yet.
Deep down we long to be known, to be seen for who we really are. But only a few of us lucky enough to have a special prosecutor to make it happen.

That is pure gold, Dan.

Yeah, but he claims he didn't have sex with pornstars, too, doesn't he?
Uh. Sorry. No, dipshit trolls. Much of the Steele Dossier has proven TRUE.

Verified: Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page met with representatives of Russian state-owned oil giant Rosneft.

Verified: The Kremlin targeted educated youth and swing state voters during its cyber attacks in the 2016 campaign.

Verified: Trump maintains ties to rich businessmen from Azerbaijan and others who are part of Putin’s inner circle.

Verified: Trumps campaign manager Paul Manafort was tied to Putin regime money laundering and worked for Putin surrogates.

Verified: Trump/Kushner did questionable real estate deals with Putin thug insiders.

Verified: Trump administration members and transition team members met with Russian diplomatic (intelligence) operatives to discuss lifting sanctions. Sanctions announced in 2017 were never implemented.

On and on...

No. Looks like your guy is the highest placed traitor in US history. How does that feel? Selling out your country to a former communist KGB agent? Feel good?

the popcorn this morning has been very delicious.
Mueller runs a tight ship. We shouldn't expect to get confirmation of anything truly impactful or salacious until he intends it to be within public view.
Thank you Dr. Zaius. Your comments are delightful. Anyway, what this shows is the hypocrisy that conservatives espouse. They claim to be pro-life but then want to rid of social programs and healthcare. They claim to be morally superior but then support white supramacits, Nazis, pedophiles, and other deplorables. They claim to love this nation but are supporting the dismantling of our democracy and don’t even get me started on the their denial of science and facts. And one more thing. Where do these Right-Wing assholes come from? Seattle and it’s surrounding area is very Left leaning and this is a more local underground newspaper which makes it even more progressive. Plus, this is Dan’s column so I’ve always wondered where these Right-Wing morons come from. I guess they must be trolls from outside the area. Shame, go get a life Right-Wingers.

Wait, is this butter or - something else?

As someone recently pointed out to me, conservatives really only care about three things: Power, privilege, and pussy - so, I guess that would make it pee-pee-pee...
Headline: Per tape is real!

Content: One person (an angry former employee) and the Daily News (really, gonna quote the Enquired next?) said he didn't know if it was or not. Also Mr.Savage is apparently an expert on geemaphobes and is through personal experience one on sexual deviancy, claims germaphobes like being urinated on.

For Mr. Savage to have less integrity was something I thought impossible. Learn something every day, I guess.



I'm going to make up a bunch of stuff about conservatives.

Pussy in what sense? If you're talking about dictating how women are to live their sexual lives, then yes. If you're talking about having sex with women, don't forget that a lot of conservatives are not interested in women because they are closeted men or straight women.
I hope the runner-up headline shows up on a shirt at least.

If the peeing incident wasn’t true the Russians wouldn’t have killed all Russians quoted in the story few days after it came out, and the British dude who wrote it wouldn’t have to keep hiding ever since. One can also assume that the women who participated are long gone.
That said, I think the peeing stuff is only small change when it comes of prez’ misconduct, and suspect there’s much more in terms of financial shenanigans, compromised national security, and probably more.

For his supporters though, Trump was always a very useful platform to promote their agenda. It is even more so nowadays, as he will do anything to appease the “base” in the face of an impeachment.

P.S. Despite being an opinionated, argumentative, often confrontational, person here and beyond I still LOVE being called "a slut” every now and then by those who deserve to refer to me as such.
@14: Pipe?

Anyway, I understand that the Politico article did not use bright graphics or bullet-pointed lists, so it was probably very confusing for you.

It outlined several things that were false in the Steele Dossier, such as meeting having the wrong attendees, lists various players in geographic locations they can be proven to have never been to or not at that time, it erroneously states that numerous leaked sources were a result of bugged phones while we know they were actually hacked emails, and falsely downplayed the scope of Russian hacking in the State Department, among other things.

Furthermore, it outlines how several intelligence officials have remarked on record how these near misses seem more like Russian disinformation campaigns, and Steele looks like a patsy.

I included the Newsweek story because it is easier for dumb people to digest, and it shows that while a couple of the broader claims are verifiable, many of the crucial details remain unverified, or unverifiable.

I am not going to believe politically motivated opposition research that gets so many things wrong, while at the same time offering no evidence of veracity. You are free to be as credulous as you like.

Trump has rather noticeably refrained from denying all of the hot extramarital sex he has allegedly engaged in. It's almost as if he's totally cool with everybody whispering that he's had lots and lots of super hot extramarital sex with totally hot sex bomb type ladies.

Pretty weird!
Anyone who believe @31 didn't just send the first two links from a Google search, I have a copy of the pee tape I'm auctioning. Seriously, Google "is the steele dossier true?". The first link is Wikipedia, then Politico, Politifact, and Newsweek. So, 2nd and 4th links. I was wrong! Mea culpa.

Y'know, if the first three Google® results for a thing just happen to support the argument some guy on the internet is making, it doesn't necessarily mean he's totally stupid and wrong and full of crap.
@31 For you to be calling anyone credulous is like Herr Gropenführer calling someone else a lying piece of conscienceless, immoral shit!
@34 uh, the first three google hits DIDN’T support his assertion. He didn’t even READ them. And neither did you.

What those links stated is there are a few things yet to be proven. But more things proven true about the Dossier. The rest was cherry picking irrelevant details that could have other reasons for the supposed inconsistencies.

Christ almighty. We’re talking a population of mouth breathing shit bags who were more than willing to instantly believe Hillary Clinton ran a pedophile ring in the non-existent basement of a pizza parlor or had the ninja skills to murder some people for nefarious reasons and get away with it.

But Trump, who so far has lied more casually and publicly than any single president in record, and who was in the Casino business in fucking New Jersey, and already has FIVE members of his cabinet and inner circle indicted in less than a year — why it’s just impossible to believe he’s in bed with Russian Thug State money laundering. Even though his fucking campaign manager was just basically indicted for it.

No. THAT cant be true. But Pizzagate, Deep State conspiracy and Crisis Actors? TOTALLY TRUE, MAN!
@31) You are dwelling on the irrelevant minutia of the raw intelligence, where Joe Blow is mis-identified as Jack Frost. The dossier is not a fully formed congressional report, it is a raw intelligence document that swept up the data worth investigating. It is implicit that its items be checked and invalid data, like whose shoes were blue, not red, at the meeting, be filtered. None of the salient major points of the dossier have been filtered, because they have been confirmed. There being errors is not a problem at all, because they get checked in an intelligence document.

And you would NOT know any of this that because this is an INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT.
@31) Seek some schooling. You are clearly dumb as Trump.
@33: I don't see how choosing a less popular or more obscure link would change the information, but you do you.

@35: Ok.

@36: The links outlined many things that were objectively proven false, that if you had read them you would know. Also, why would you assume that "things yet to be proven" are automatically true? Unsure how you going off the rails about conspiracy theories is relevant though.

@37: "Sure things in the dossier are objectively false, but the other unproven things I want to be true are all true." Like I said, you can be as credulous as you want, but facts are facts, even if that makes you mad.

If you want to believe that the wrong people in certain meetings or that key players were in totally different countries when they were allegedly committing crimes in other countries is "minutiae," I can only repeat myself: you are free to live in whatever fantasy world you like. But you can't get angry when other people don't want to play pretend with you.

Several people who actually know something about intelligence gathering (not you) also believe it is essentially fake, as the articles showed. I can't help but notice no one else has posted any evidence for their assertions but me.

Also, was "you're dumb" really worth coming back five minutes later to post? You need a hobby.

I thought Callan's dog strip was going to be the best thing in Slog today. Now, I'm torn.

It was definitely in the context of the former, with of course a large dollop of misogyny...
Urine, of course, is sterile
@39: You're dumb.
Steele’s report contains the preliminary findings of an intelligence sweep, and Steele has cautioned everyone that it is not to be accepted at face value. But the fact that the findings of the FBI and Mueller’s investigations came from sources that predated the dossier is more damning of Trump, et al than if they came from the dossier itself. The tape - if it exists - would only be the gravy on top at this point.

The items that have been proven false are themselves details, but the central thesis that there was a Kremlin-led effort to interfere with the US election has been affirmed by the various indictments and guilty pleas in Mueller’s investigation. We also know - courtesy of Trump Jr’s bizarre decision to release his own damning emails - that members of the Trump campaign were at minimum aware this was happening and chose not to notify authorities.

At this point it’s a matter of whether people in the Trump campaign actively supported the Russian effort to meddle in our election, or whether they were “only” aware of its existence and unwilling to do anything to stop it from happening. The latter may not be a crime but it’s also not exactly becoming of people who have been entrusted with running this country, to put it mildly.
It is amusing that Trump seems to be obsessed with this pee tape business, presumably because he thinks it makes him look ridiculous? Pretty much every single thing he tweets or does makes him look ridiculous. I mean just reading a transcript of his comments from that national security meeting at the WH earlier this week makes peeing prostitutes seem pretty insignificant.
“Several people who actually know something about intelligence gathering (not you) also believe it is essentially fake, as the articles showed”

I guess it depends on what your definition of “essentially” is.

From one article:

“major parts of the dossier have been verified by subsequent investigations into Russian election meddling, while others still remain a mystery.”

The conclusion of the other:

“Even if the Steele dossier were a poisoned fruit, rather than the kind of routine oppo research that Republicans themselves had pushed to the FBI to support investigations, Mueller has planted an entirely new tree blooming with incriminating details.”

So, uh, essentially, one article enumerated things that have been confirmed and some that have not, while the other argues that the dossier might not be verbatim truth but it doesn’t matter because Mueller’s investigation has turned up evidence of criminal activity that happens to parallel the dossier, if not perfectly align with it.

Rumor has it that the kompromat tape that the Russians have on Trump isn't a pee tape, but of him raping underaged trafficked victims. That's why they've been focusing so much on the (adult) Stormy Daniels and the other one, can't remember her name, to make the pedophilia seem improbable when it does come out (and it will). Trump was connected with the same mafia types connected with the backpages investigation.
Chris Steele when asked about his own Dossier:

"The contents of the December memorandum did not represent (and did not purport to represent) verified facts, but were raw intelligence which had identified a range of allegations that warranted investigation given their potential national security implications."

So the dossier's own author claims that the contents were never meant to be factual, but to identify a range of possible allegations that should be looked into in order to prove their possible truth. Some of which was broadly true (such as certain meetings and phone calls occurred), some of it is provable false (who was in those meetings, the location of certain key players). and he rest is unverified (pee-pee on the bed).

The dossier itself was a bought and paid for piece of opposition research in an extremely partisan election, and contains proven falsehoods as well as some truths. James Comey called much of it "salacious and unverified." Despite GOP claims, the current charges against Flynn, Manafort, Podesta, and Papadopoulos are not being derived from this dossier, but from actual investigation.

Doesn't that strike anyone as something that should be independently verified before it is just credulously swallowed whole?
I certainly believe that Trump is capable of all kinds of depravity, cruelty, stupidity, what-have-you. But in this moment when everything we do is instantly available online and so many powerful people want to see Trump crumble, I do have to wonder why we haven't seen the pee tape yet?
@47: I am talking about actual quotes in the articles from intelligence experts, not whatever conclusion the author came to. They are not the same thing.

You know, I am not saying that Trump is innocent or that the dossier contains nothing that resembles truth. I am saying that the only reason to believe much of it (especially the part everyone likes), is that you want it to be true. So don't get your hopes up about that Trump pee-pee fantasy. That's all.
"Doesn't that strike anyone as something that should be independently verified before it is just credulously swallowed whole?"

But... that's exactly what most people in this thread are arguing. Except for that one guy who has already deemed the whole thing "essentially fake."
@52: "No one is saying the dossier is completely real, or does not need verified." Headline of the article "The Pee Tape is Real."

Once again, the people who said that the dossier looked faked (or at least was a product of counterintelligence) were intelligence experts interviewed for an article. They are a different entity from me. A completely separate being.

Your misrepresentation of an argument is not an argument.

It doesn't even know how entirely self referential this comment was. But I guess whoever programmed it wasn't after a credible sounding "person." More the comment equivalent of a whoopee cushion, really.
@39 Are you sitting by a large electro magnet? Because that's the only explanation why the alignment of your few scant neurons can so reverse themselves and allow you to spew such contradictory posts in one thread.

Also, why would you assume that "things yet to be proven" are automatically true?

Do assume they are automatically false? That's why we're having the investigation in the first place, dumbfuck. To find out what IS true. You cretinous fucksticks didn't want there to BE an investigation.

Nobody said everything in the Dossier was a complete unvarnished fact. That why you have hearings. That why there is a special prosecutor. That's why there have been indictments.

You just entered this thread boldly stating that "The fact of the matter is, very little in the Steele dossier has been corroborated." Which was contradicted by your OWN god damned links.

More and more items in that Dossier have been proven. Your own links listed what has proven true. You posted them without reading them and you know it. Only when you realized how stupid you were you went back and skimmed them.

There is that AND the investigation is slowly proving more and more items to be true every week.

It's you the media and dipshits on the alt-right that latched on the most salacious outlandish item about Trump and pissing prostitutes so you could discredit the dossier and any investigation into Trump. You conveniently ignore everything else in the dossier.

As for conspiracies? HAHAHA. And it's YOUR unhinged rightwing conspiracy theories about "deep state" that have been leveraged to discredit the investigation. You argue in implicit support of these unhinged conspiracy theories every single day with your sad defense of all things Trump and attacks on Mueller's investigation.

"You know, I am not saying that Trump is innocent or that the dossier contains nothing that resembles truth. I am saying that the only reason to believe much of it (especially the part everyone likes), is that you want it to be true. So don't get your hopes up about that Trump pee-pee fantasy. That's all."

Oh for fuck sake. "That's all?" That' some back peddling for you.

Hey, guys. Even though he consistently argues the same talking points as every rabid alt-righter - he just want's to make sure we don't get our hopes up.

We're LAUGHING about the pee tape, dipshit. It's funny.

We don't CARE if it's true. It's just that everything else in the dossier is!

The irony is that the pee tape is looking like it MIGHT be true. That irony is the genesis for this thread.

Because when suddenly all these out lands things start being proven true — like a president who paid off a pornstar and is in business with Russian money launders - even more outlandish things start seeming, you know, less outlandish.

Swing-and-a-miss on the alternative headline, Dan: "The POTUS doth protest too much, peethinks," matches the iambic pentameter of the original.
That's a great article! My favorite line: "But only a few of us are lucky enough to have a special prosecutor to make it happen." Well penned, Dan Savage.
Not to worry, far-alt-right tighty-whiteys -- Mein Trumpfy's gonna pard-on ALL his widdle sycophants -- the Loyal ones, leastways.

The rest'll all join the Commies -- make that Libs -- and trade unionists, the off-Whites, and anyone else foolish enough to speak above his position. Including all whacko left- or center-leaning journalists, whisked off to black-sited Gulags scattered far and wide across patriotic America.

They say, the Dick Cheney's taken a special interest in running that particular Program, it is right up his alley. (And, for a price, you can do a little free-lance "interrogatin'" yourself. See if YOU can get ''the Truth'' out of 'em. [You'll know exactly what it takes] Should be fun!) They're gonna Televise it too on Trumpfy TeeVee -- it's still not too late to sign up!
Correction: Mein Trumpfy PeeTeeVee.

So....for you and article whose headline is at best deeply misleading (but to be honest we have a better word in English-lie) and spends a lot of time showing how dishonest that headline was is a great article?

Ok. I wouldn't offer this sweet deal to anyone but someone like you, but. I have some investment ideas involving bridges for sale.
Kristofarian, I'd offer you the same deal but my guess is you don't have the right to sign legally binding documents in the asylum.
In my previous post @ 30 I indicated that I’m “an opinionated, argumentative, often confrontational person,” and yet I’ve been excluded from all the arguments still raging in this thread.
Does that mean you all agree with me?

Fuck off, slut.
Begone Orange Menace! No one wants to see you teeny tiny pee-pee. So please resign b4 that happens. Oh, and please let us know why you paint your face the color of a baboon's ass!
@CMD I can't argue with your post because I don't know much about that. Russia kills and imprisons reporters fairly regularly, but I only know of two killed in the last year though I'm sure there's more, and I don't know of their association with this scandal. Officials are murdered there pretty frequently too- it's basically a mafia state. So if someone is supposed to argue with you, I guess you'll have to first be the one to provide the info. Which murders are you talking about and how can anyone prove it's associated with the pee tape?

My own opinion is that it's probably got a kernel of truth like everything else but is overblown. It's not that I don't believe they couldn't have something like this on Trump, but rather that it seems weird to assume that Trump would go to such great lengths to cover up a tape of him doing anything sexual with any woman. It's not like most of his supporters would care, and it would be easy to deny anyway- they'd believe anything.

I think Trump is correct that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and his supporters would still love him. I think that liberals who believe that his firing Mueller or his fucking prostitutes or his golden showers sex play will bring him down are delusional. The only thing that might bring him down would be actually criminal activities that implicate him, not his handlers or people in his campaign/family or his lawyer, etc. But some real evidence that he actually laundered money or something- if that turns up, then it's possible that it could bring him down. But I can't see anyone other than a small group of people in a media echo chamber giving the slightest fuck if Trump enjoyed piss play with a prostitute.

It would be amusing for him to be embarrassed, but I bet he'd just deny it's really him or else some equally as weird conspiracy theory will arise to explain it away- as this seems to be the way shit runs these days. Someone says something that is so crazy that you think to yourself, THIS TIME people must realize how absurd that is, but no, someone else always tops it. That is what will happen here.
EL- I was referring to the left-right skirmishes on this thread. And I agree that the Russian form of government, the one they had for centuries under different ideologies and titles, can be summed up as “mafiocracy.”

Mike blob @ 64
As stated, I’m a proud slut indeed. If that’s all you have to say I assume you also agree to everything else mentioned in my previous post.
I'm sure the legal experts here can answer it possible for the FBI to refer crimes to a state jurisdiction for prosecution? I'm wondering if any of Cohen's charges can be brought in state court. eliminates the Trump pardon escape clause. that's the only way to justice, barring some blatant revelation of felonious conduct in Cohen's records.

@66 i know you're correct about the hard-core followers of trumpism, but the millionaire and billionaire class have to worry slightly that an unhinged Trump could do some damage to their comfy lifestyle. they have the tax cuts and their crippled epa. what else do they want?

and for Trumpers out there - why do you care if the pee-pee tape is true or not? if it's true, that just means he's an even bigger baller than before. is it any worse than anything else he's done? it would be a badge of honor, wouldnt it? i really want to know what they would think if it is true?
@68 They are getting everything they want. Why would they care that he did pee play with a prostitute? If they were worried about him being unhinged, they'd either have withdrawn support for him after any of the many other unhinged things he's said/done or they'd have figured out a way to humor and flatter him, contain him as best possible, and use his base and the return of the GOP to power to enact the domestic and foreign policy agenda that the ruling class has been working towards for years while allowing his unhinged behavior to keep the media busy. Palace intrigue is a strategy as old as, well, palaces.

BTW I do think that when he first came to power with a cabinet of actual outsiders, some of whom had ideologies that were inconsistent with the ruling class status quo, that there was concern among some of establishment. But those people have all been gone for a long time now.

As for your legal question, I have no idea, but I don't think Trump will pardon Cohen, at least not until the end of his presidency if even then. His insider circle works kind of like the mafia or a character cult- when you are out of favor, it doesn't matter how much you've done in the past, he cuts you off. I think Trump doesn't have any respect for the people who do him big favors- it's a macho power thing- and so he probably doesn't gaf if Cohen goes down for him, otherwise he wouldn't have allowed him to be the one putting his finances and ass on the line in the first place.
#25, I love reading comments typed in such an unreflective vitriolic rage they're full of misspellings and amount to nothing more than a keyboarded "Says you!" You may also want to clean the spittle off your screen right about now. #10, that's the headline for tomorrow's story. Well done.

Sorry to disappoint. Big fingers on a small keyboard coupled with autocorrect create the spelling problems.

Mr. Savage inspires mild revulsiom, not rage. Sorry to disappoint. But I have good news for you. He is a great source of vitriolic rage if that's your thing. As are Germansausage, Doc Zaius if you want a surface pretence of intelligence, and many others here.

Bit of I'm wrong I want to know how and fix it. So, where in Mr. Savages tediously long article did any single person of credibility say pee tapes were real?
I'm bummed nobody's done any "trickle down" jokes yet.
I like Marcy Wheeler's writing (she's the one who wrote the Politico piece) and I think that she's taking a page out of Glenn Greenwald's playbook in being minutely literal about everything to counter allllll the B-S we all suffered in the run up to the Iraq War (remember that?). Things said and printed without you need in a court of law. But I listen to Rachel every day on my ipod (don't laugh, it still works!) because she's excellent at laying out the evidence that exists and arguments about whether or not it might mean something else.

Also, this article reminds us of the many products glommed on to by the Trump name...I picture the Trump logo humping each item. The most relevant product in terms of Dan's pee pee conjucture? Urine testing. Trump urine testing. To better customize vitamins, as the marketing says, while there's no science to back it up.
"Science." Who needs stupid science, when you can have the Faith.

If you Believe in Trumpf U, you can Excell at Trumpf U. (for you follow-up PhD, try Screw U.) Seems like these days, with Mien Trumpfy's bigotary name (not his militarily-correct 'Kadet Bone Spurs' nickname, not lightly lightly to our Fearless leader by his appreciative fellow cadets) splashed on the side of a building, rat-infested thou it may be, the (fool's gold?) gigantic 'T' might be a much larger liability than any kind of asset.
As of Friday afternoon yet another item on the Steele Dossier has been proven true:

The raid on Cohen’s office provided evidence that Trump’s lawyer (Cohen) DID secretly go to Prague in 2016. A fact he repeatedly lied about under oath.

Another Dossier allegation proven true: One of Trumps bodyguards, Keith Schiller, in 2013 testified that Trump DID stay at the Moscow Ritz. Trump LIED to Comey and told him he had never been there.

So more and more of Dossier is proving true everyday.
Actually, the "germaphobe" excuse doesn't hold up. Urine is an incredibly sanitary substance, and would, if anything, kill any germs it came into contact with. Some of the people who use alternative healthcare methods drink their own urine, believing that the practice enhances good health.
3/robotslave: Oh, but just to be clear: nobody here is kink shaming, right Dan?

I believe that, among some people, it's perfectly OK to shame others for their kinks if you don't like them/their politics/their beliefs.

#3: It's not "kink-shaming"'s lie-shaming. The point is that Trump said he wasn't in the room with the Pissing Svetlanas(use that for your new band name if you want), and it appears that he was.
76; Some of the people who use alternative healthcare methods drink their own urine,

Well think about it. You can't get more fresh and locally-sourced than that.


I dislike this president. I dislike liars generally, whatever their politics, which is part of my mild revulsion for Mr. Savage or Mr. Mudede. There may come a time when one of the presidents lies or evasions or incomprehensible lapses in judgement does result in impeachment, conviction and removal from office. (But be careful what you wish for. President Pence for me holds no particular concern. A capable person with the values all Americans but a few like you and your friends share might bother you more.)

But here and now the sole thing in this article saying a compromising tape involving Russian prostitutes urinating on Donald Trump us one embittered former employee saying he can't say it didn't happen.

So, can you cite a credible source confirming such a tape?

Having said that anyone we rally arroysef by being urinated on should be ashamed and seek treatment.

Bloody autocorrect. Anyone sexually aroused by bring urinated on etc.
81/82, I find a person's enjoyment of watching someone else pee -- or having someone else pee on them -- to be far less silly than all the people who are into the master/slave/dungeon thing.

By the way, I like rally arroysef. It sounds like a car race in a dry creek bed.

One of the more baffling things about autocorrect to me is that it doesn't recognize some actual words but creates stuff like rally arroysef.

Which does sound like a race down in Baja California.
This is as Not Helpful as going after Dr Bachmann.
EL, c2v
I think the Cohen search order came from a NYC district judge, which may mean this case is under a state jurisdiction as opposed to the federal government.

Billionaires do pay attention to Trump’s state of unhingesness™. While some of them got a very watered down EPA, others are stuck with trade wars, unstable stock market, and tougher immigration laws for potential employees.
Some donors are leaving the RNC, worried about being associated with a potential fallout
And as the Amazon case seems to prove, prez is inspired by the way Putin is handling oligarchs who dare not tow the line, using state institutions to punish them.

Sheiler @ 73
Another well documented book detailing the buildup of lies leading to the Iraq war and beyond is Frank Rich’s The Greatest Story Ever Sold…

The only thing Trump can do that will alienate his base is a guy.

He can fuck all the female hookers he wants, in as many acrobatic and bizarre ways. Nothing will get the biblical crowd to see him as unholy. Even of he shoved rotary beads up a nun';s cruller and spanked her ass with a crucifix, they'd love him anyway.

If he gets a hummer from a guy, he''s done for.

Anybody wanna take one for the team?
Thank you for pure gold, Dan the Man. May the Trumpzillian Evil Empire and the GOP go down in flames and never rise again like the filthy pile of shit they are.
When Mueller et al stick an industrial sized meat fork in Trumpzilla's fat, ugly ass and call it done, I'm bringing popcorn and my favorite beverage.
@87 Wandering Stars: What man of sound mind and body would want to stoop that low?
@87: Oh, D'UH! Obviously not a RepubliKKKan!
@87: Oh, wait--maybe Mugsy "Mr. Bail Out" Ryan would.
Dan, thanks for a truly golden shower.
Yes, Dan is exaggerating when he states for certain that the pee tape is real. We won't know for certain until it comes out (or should I say, gets leaked, hee hee).

But fanboys of the biggest liar ever to occupy the Oval Office don't have much ground to stand on when getting all pissy (oh, there I go again, sorry) about departures from 100% proven facts. Suck it up and deal with it, Trumpist snowflakes.
CMDwannabe @86 - Nice! I'll check it out of the library. For a while I could not read anything related to the run up to the war or even background on the Cheney machinations or even anything W. But now I've built up some immunity in my system and am allowing myself to play catch up. I couldn't even read books by Rick Perlstein, though I gobble up his smaller writings in articles, because it was just too painful. And I love RP.
Bezos has personally insulted Trump, and for that reason, Trump talks smack around him and would no doubt be more punitive if he did have the power of a Putin or a Duterte. But I don't see how anyone could claim he's actually able to harm him when Bezos is the richest man on the planet, when the Pentagon is giving him a 10 billion dollar deal, when the GOP has given him a massive tax break, and when he's making multi-millionaire dollar deals with the KSA government. Despite Trump's unhinged Tweets about Amazon, Bezos has had a VERY good last few months- probably the best in his career. This is how state institutions punish rogue oligarchs? Nah, the ruling class is as united as ever. They know how to handle Trump.
It's OK to lie to stupid people.

EL @ 95
It was reported before and after the election that Bezos is actually welcoming a Trump presidency.
The current “insult” you mentioned is not really personal. Bezos owns the Washington Post, which is doing what it’s supposed to do independently, while prez takes it personally and tries to influence Bezos to intervene and give him more favorable news.

He is doing so by riding a grass roots anti Amazon sentiment based on Amazon inflicting harsh competitions on small businesses, and local governments caving in to new company’s headquarters.
As of last week he is now plotting to use US post, a federal entity, to “audit” the company’s operations.

“GOP has given [Amazon] a massive tax break” is not an accurate statement. Liberal Savageville has done it for years, and now with Amazon searching for new location/s many other municipalities and local governments across the country are willingly offering the sky regardless of who’s in power.
This is also part of the Amazon public image as the company is constantly asking for favors, then bringing in lots of new employees who cause a sharp rise in rental/housing prices.

Just trying to make a funny, perhaps didn't quite land.

As far as the actual discussion here.... I absolutely think the tape at least could be real. Hang on, I'll do some thinking about it, as I think it's been a while since we've seen a thread reach triple digit comments, should do my part to help get us there...
@53 & 61 seem to be taking issue with the headline, citing the veracity of the headline of the "article." I would just point out that this isn't an article, it's a post. To a blog. Written by a sex advice columnist with a colorful history discussing "colorful" (brown! yellow! hahaha) topics for an alt-weekly publication.

Which isn't to dismiss Dan as a journalist! He's internationally known, respected, and looked up to with regard to issues not only related to kinky sex, but also those social and political in nature. And I'll freely admit to agreeing with him nearly across the board and enjoying the hell out of nearly everything he writes. That said, I don't think he'd have written this, at least not with that headline, for the print edition of the paper. Modern journalists, particularly those writing for alt-weeklies, recognize a distinction between their printed papers and their blogs.

Aaaaand, SPIKE!
Speaking of pooping/peeing (and all things toiletary), is it just me, or does that little asterisks thingy look like an arsehole?
I just read this on the Telegraph.UK site:

Trump Network, a vitamin company, reportedly sent customers urine-sample kits branded with a Trump logo.

“Take a snapshot of the most critical metabolic markers in your body’s natural waste fluids,” the website said.
Wow ... page two -- there's a PageTWO!
I've never seen anything like it!
Just me and musicslug.
S'up. Sluggo?!