No eruption! Baby quakes just saying what up?
No eruption! Baby quakes just saying "what up?" SPACES IMAGES/GETTY

Mini Mount Rainier quakes test earthquake warning system: Don’t worry, an eruption isn’t imminent. The good news is that ShakeAlert, the earthquake warning system for the West Coast, went off when the largest of a cluster of earthquakes — clocking in at 3.0 magnitutde — hit around Mount Rainier last night. The system isn’t available to the public yet, but it will be soon, especially because it seems to be working well. When it’s up and running, ShakeAlert will alert users about earthquakes and tell them how much time they have until the shaking starts.

Executive order takes aim at Amazon: Trump signed an order last night to review the U.S. Postal Service’s finances. One facet of the order is to look specifically at the expansion and pricing of the package delivery market. This is clearly the next step in his war waged with Amazon. Trump has continuously cited that the postal service undercharges Amazon and that it’s getting ripped off by the Seattle-based behemoth.

Russian sanctions could hurt Boeing: The new U.S. sanctions against Russia aren’t going over well in the Motherland. Russia announced a number of retaliatory measures including a ban on titanium sales to Boeing.

Hart family’s former foster child speaks out: Before Jen and Sarah Hart adopted their six children in the pacific northwest, they were foster parents to a teenage girl in South Dakota. Lee, as she told the Seattle Times to refer to her as, now a woman in her late 20s, recounted her time with the Harts. There was friction, but nothing to indicate the abuse they inflicted on their kids or that they had the potential to kill their own family. The worst part, recounts Lee, was when they adopted the first kids and passed Lee off to another foster family without saying goodbye.

Family of slain Native American sue Lakewood police: You may recall that the Lakewood police were recently sued by the family of Leonard Thomas for aggressive police tactics. The suit resulted in a $15.3 million verdict against the police. Now, Daniel Covarrubias’ family is suing on the same grounds. Covarrubias, 37, was shot in the head by Lakewood police when he was suffering a mental health crisis. He was holding a cellphone police later said he pointed like a gun.

Hell of a year for Washington’s snowpack: The Department of Ecology found that Washington’s snowpack is 119 percent of normal this year. That’s a “big wow” (their words) for water users.

There’s a March for Science this weekend: If you love “robustly funded and publicly communicated science and evidence-based policy” (and who doesn't??) then this is the event for you. Strap on your lab coat, make a snappy sign about climate change, and head out to Cal Anderson Park at 10:00 a.m. Saturday for the start of the rally. The march starts at 11:30 a.m.

Comey says the pee tape could be real: History books will have a hard time with this chapter. Apparently, the ex FBI director believes it is possible that the current president of the United States was with Russian prostitutes peeing on each other. There also may be footage of it. Comey isn’t sure. How could he be when Trump defended himself so solidly. According to Comey, Trump once asked him, “Do I look like a guy who needs prostitutes?” More importantly, how did Comey finesse that answer?

Another edition of presidential MadLibs: I think Trump has angry tweet templates he fills out every morning.

This MadLibs was titled “I Am A Very Honest Man.” It’s a foolproof tactic for proving innocence. Comey’s new book is worrying him, it seems.

Trinidad and Tobago are decriminalizing homosexuality: The Caribbean countries have colonial-era laws that ban gay sex. A court ruling Thursday said these laws are unconstitutional. More than 70 countries worldwide still criminalize homosexuality.

2018 continues to be weird and disturbing: File this under “fucked-up-but-honestly-that-could-be-practical inventions.”

Naturalization of 62 new U.S. citizens in Seattle: The ceremony will take place at the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library today. The naturalization candidates come from 23 countries. Mayor Durkan will read a keynote speech.

Has the FBI bought iPhone-cracking tech? Reports from Motherboard show that “police forces and federal agencies across the country have purchased relatively cheap tools” to bypass iPhone encryption. The FBI refused to say whether they had bought the tech, something called GrayKey which can unlock the most up-to-date iPhone in a matter of two hours.

Seafood trafficking is a thing: Several men have been caught in a crime that’s so Washington state it hurts. The men, including the former Natural Resources Director for the Tulalip Tribes, were caught stealing “at least a thousand pounds of Dungeness crab and shrimp, selling the shellfish over several months in 2015,” according to KING5. They have been charged with trafficking of fish or wildlife in the first degree.

Fun fact for your Friday: Dogs have 13 different blood types.

Your best Seattle entertainment options for the weekend include: The Breeders live, the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Emergence, and the Orcas Island Lit Festival.