Could Engineering Animals to Enjoy Pain End Animal Suffering?


I can't tell if Katie's being real or is merely a banksyesque mouthpiece for the still-living Andy Kauffman
Douglas Adams suggested this in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: their daily special is a sapient cow-like animal that wants to be eaten, and comes out to one's table to talk about how delicious various cuts of meat from its corpse will be. Most of the party has the same reaction as the other attendees of Katie's dad's conference (I shared Zaphod's enthusiastic response).
Or you could just not torture animals. Voila. Problem solved.
It's probably easier and better for the earth to engineer algae (or yeast) that tastes like bacon than to engineer S&M pigs. The algae doesn't have to replace bacon, just replace most bacon. I have no person qualms about killing pigs. Their pain is an evolutionary adaptation that produces more pigs for us to eat after all. But for the planet and it's overburden carrying capacity and slowly toxifying atmosphere bacon-algae would be a huge gain.
#4 is right. #2 We've already heard a thousand variations on that ridiculous excuse. Eating meat is wicked, selfish, evil, gross and stupid. I've been patient, polite and kind to those that pay for animal torture by buying animal products for 40 years but no more. From now on I will display the full wrath of my scorn and contempt for cruelty.
I'm a level 5 vegan. I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.
I had the most amazing veal cutlet this evening for dinner. You could just savor the punishing conditions the young calf lived in before being killed and cut up. YUMMYY!!!
This is disturbing.

Also bacon bits are vegan.
Here's a link to The Stranger's best fried chicken in town...mmmm mmmm good!…

6: Eating meat is wicked, selfish, evil, gross and stupid.

My favorite sandwich is a WSEGSLT.
This sounds so Upton Sinclairian and George Orwellian.
@11 blip: Agreed: this is disturbing.
@13 Roma: Dare I ask, what's a WSEGSLT?
Without sentiency all you have is a non ethical dilemma. Vegans are trying to squirm their way back into the debate because to them it’s about virtue signalling, and outrage, not animals.

You want to see the true colors of a cause, solve this ethical dilemma, and watch the vegan community lose its collective fucking mind about how it’s simply not good enough. And how all of the sudden the goalpost is moved and it’s not about sentiency, it’s now about...”unconscious trauma” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.

Technology is going to solve this ethical dilemma. And who, other than vegans, will be pissed off about this? The non sentient animals certainly won’t be.

14/auntie grizelda, LT is lettuce & tomato. The rest is from #6's sentence.
it's not just the brain that needs editing out but the entire nervous system for a feels-free earth-based corporal sentient. the ethical issue is that an individual relates (and so coordinates) to others (in this case non-human class of animals); absent that there is only taste and other production issues. so it's more efficient and forward-thinking to socially ensure callousness (as seen in the "but plants!" and "here's the best chicken" folks) and work on genetically engineering humans to not care.
@17 Roma: Ah. I see that now, Thanks for the clarification.
I guess my favorite sandwich is a SFOMPGFLT = Sustainably Farmed Organic Minimally Processed Gluten Free Lettuce & Tomato (say that 3 times fast!).
There's an animal that comes over to my house once or twice a month.

She's learning to enjoy pain. And then i eat her.

Meat is delicious!
Never underestimate the ability of humans to come up with complex solutions instead of simple ones.
Great idea. Then we could move on to engineering humans who enjoy being beaten, raped and tortured ... lets satisfy all the sadists out there! Or we could just engineer humans not to enjoy being cruel as we don't seem to be able to master that on our own.