So How's That Arming Teachers Thing Going?


If you're at the beach, with your Glock . . . I mean--waistband?
Just because the homeless man did not attend his gun training classes is no reason to start blaming guns.
I have seen too many of my redneck hometown friends accidentally discharge a gun* to trust ANY nitwit who is packing.

*Whoah, I mean the safety was on?
One such was a sometime "guide" for an Alaska camping tourism company... he accidentally discharged his double-barrel shotgun while leading customers from the boat to the camp. This is someone who knows what he is doing, so zu sagen.
Riiiight, next thing you'll say is that starting trade wars is a bad idea.

/chessmate, libtards
Visualize the mind of your typical gun loon processing this new information. And how it won't change their opinion in any way, at all. It's just fun to think about a mind that works like that.
To carry gun nut 'logic' to its extreme conclusion, the late, great Chicago columnist Mike Royko created a campaign that aimed to stop airplane hijackings. He called it "put a pistol in the paw of every passenger," and concluded that if a would-be skyjacker thought that 99 passengers might start blazing away at him, he would think twice. Rokyo also advocated for legalizing machine guns, bazookas & land mines, saying that when Russians or leftists climb in your bedroom window, a mere pistol won't be enough to stop them ...but if you could just mount a bazooka at the foot of your bed, then *boom* no more terrorists! Also, it makes sense to put a land mine under the welcome mat to thwart intruders. Sure, a few neighborhood children & deliverymen would be sacrificed, but that is the price we pay for our freedom.
From a Peter King column:

Mike Tanier, former high-school math teacher in south Jersey: “I spent 17 years teaching in public high schools in New Jersey, through Columbine, 9/11 and a bunch of now long-forgotten crises. My wife is the Teacher of the Year in her district. I have worked with a few teachers who wish to be armed and many more who would resign if our colleagues were armed. I have worked with brilliant, dedicated educators, as well as substance abusers, overt racists, insecure guys with anger management issues and scatterbrains who left their car keys on cafeteria tables. Parents and administrators rarely identified correctly which was which. I taught with, at most, a half-dozen military or police veterans scattered across three districts, none of whom left their old careers so they could carry a sidearm through hallways overcrowded with children. The teachers who do fantasize that they can sneak around like John Wick picking off school shooters aren’t ex-military. More often, they are the same ones who get into red-faced screaming matches with black kids over dress-code violations. Teachers share the building with children classified as emotionally disturbed, oppositional-defiant, socially maladjusted, bipolar and with many other conditions that cause sudden, unpredictable behavior. There are kids who see guns and want to escalate a conflict, and kids who see them and become too scared to function. And remember (because so many have forgotten): the goal is to educate and nurture the kids so they can flourish, not just to warehouse them for the workday. Arming teachers will create either: a) glorified penitentiaries; b) Arkham Asylums; or c) a whole new set of reasons for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem. I am frightened of the segment of society that sees any of these as good solutions.”
Obviously, the solution is that we need to arm teachers with two guns so that they have a backup piece to take out the bad guy who has gotten hold of their first gun somehow.
There are 26,407 public high schools in the US. There are around 90,000 public elementary schools. There are 33,619 private schools. I supposed we could included colleges, too.

So. About 150,000 - 153,000 schools. About a quarter already have supposedly trained armed guards. So we're going add what? 250,000 armed teachers into the mix?

We already have the highest incidents of firearms incidents in schools in the western democratic world. So let's multiple the number of firearms in public schools by an order of magnitude. But the subtleties of statistical probability elude the rightwing dipshitosphere.
It's obvious that the people we pay to educate our children are too stupid and irresponsible to trust with firearms.
All of them.
In fact, we should amend the second amendment to forbid teachers from even handling guns.
Or even saying 'gun'.
@11: reduction ad absurdum fail.
@9 is one of the best comments I've heard all year. Bravo you magnificent bastard!
@9's not bad, but think of the children --
and arm THEM too
Derringers for all!
Go, NRA!
Of course, regulating them'd be
out of the question....
Basically, anyone who actually wants a gun for anything beyond subsistence hunting should probably not be allowed to have one.

But I would be okay with requiring every 21 year old to have gun safety training.
What about the overly armed police force touring, scouting or whatever in poor neighborhoods that have a number of people of color?

I'm honored. Thank you.
@17: I don’t know, Ivy. Why don’t you tell us how often a police officer lets a homeless guy have a weapon?
A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Chemistry teacher who "forgot" his glock at the beach?! Are you sure Mr. Simpson's first name isn't really Homer?
I am a teacher and whenever I see a spider or other bugs indoors I capture them and release them outside instead of smashing them. How does the president believe that I am capable of killing another human being even in self-defense. Giving me a gun is the same as giving the shooter another weapon to use.

So what you need'd be a net.
Simply toss it over the shooter and knock him over with a globe or the Dictionary or something, whatever's handiest.

Or, we could just have nets that drop out of ceilings, take away the teacher element; or (gently) shoot him with those sticky ballony things that swell up and immobilize the perp -- like on The Incredibles.

Or we could label the NRA a Terrorist-inspiring Organization.