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MoveHub, a shipping and moving company with an emphasis on #content marketing, released their annual Global Hipster Index this week, and Seattle came in fourth. Congrats?

The ranking was based on five data points, including the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo shops, vintage stores, and record stores.

While I have no comment on the No. 1 spot (Brighton and Hove, in the UK), the rest of the top-10 list included Salt Lake City, which is only hip if you like your microbrews under 3 percent alcohol and your underpants below the knee; Portland, Oregon, which was hip 15 years ago but is now a giant Dave & Busters; three cities in Florida (including Orlando); and, in 10th place... Spokane. And if Spokane is the 10th hippest city in the world, the word "hip," in this context, must refer to hip replacements.