I Made French Fries So You Won’t Drive High on 4/20. SDOT and Lyft Were Involved.


The trick to good home made fries is to soak them in ice water for at least thirty minutes prior to cooking (just make sure they are dry before tossing them in the oil), and then you blanche them once in cooler oil (about 250 degrees) for about five minutes, remove them, dry them, and then return to 375-380 degree oil to finish.

Removes all the excess starch and ensures they get nice and crispy.
"What the fuck?, I wondered. Where did this other food come from?"

It's kinda like White Privilege.
Or being Wealthy --
always knowing where the Other ingredients are found.
" 'Stacked deck'? WHAT stacked deck?!"
Oh, and those black spots, usually on the end, of your french fries (potato chips, too)?
I don't eat 'em -- they're the rotten spots the potato-prepping machine missed on your potato, deep-fried. --former potato chip factory worker.
"The judges, which included Saul Spady, the grandson of the guy who founded Dick’s Drive-In, said the fries were cooked perfectly and the dips were great."

Omg -- Sam Spady: that's DICK'S talkin' -- and they know a thing or two about French Fries. Given 'The Rules,' and initial list of ingredients, you WON.
(I'm pretty surprised your competitors didn't hand that trophy right back to you.
Is Tom Douglas aware of this cheatring scandal?
His cooking show on KIRO radio's pretty good -- or, so I used to think...)
Sorry -- I'll call him Saul Sady, not Sam.
I think they're 2nd cousins.
Spady. (damn)