Schrodinger's Uber Driver
To elicit sympathy online?

Not the first time she's lied for attention (kidnapping, stage 4 cancer,) this time she's been caught. Her need for attention is pathological and sick.
It's 2018, and NOBODY tells the truth. Ever.
All attention is good attention in the attention-getting biz.
There is no way this actually happened. If Uber was involved in fatal DUI it would be all over the local news!
And who the f wears a seatbelt in an Uber??
@6: The same folks who do it in all horseless carriages.
@6 who doesn’t?
At the risk of pointing out the obvious:

Yeah, no.

Here's the thing: blacking out in a car crash and waking up in a hospital? That's traumatic brain injury. And despite what action movies have taught you, that's actually a huge fucking deal, and you don't just amble on home an hour later with a recommendation to take some advil. You're looking at minimally a day or two of close observation to make sure that you're not about to start bleeding into your skull, not to mention the fun side-effects of a major concussion (vomiting, confusion, vertigo, etc). Also any impact hard enough to cause a multi-hour blackout is going to leave you with some fun parting gifts: broken bones, lacerations, torn ligaments, black eyes and some awe-inspiring bruises from the seat belts and possibly airbags.

Complete and total bullshit.
Someone who lies about this really should end up with stage 4 cancer and then end up in a situation where the doctors can't prescribe any painkilling medication
@9 Half true. I was in a car accident that left me with a memory blank spot. I was in the hospital for several days going in and out of consciousness. I was so sleepy. Thus, I wouldn’t expect Turner to leave the hospital after even a few hours.

However, the only major external injury I had was a stiff neck.
Lots of good questions being asked, and lots of good journalism taking place (regardless of what is true and what occurred). Way to go Stranger! Although it seems unlikely, is it possible that Turner was using another ride sharing company? "Uber" has sort of become shorthand, sort of like Xerox and photocopies years ago.
@ 12 No, all ride sharing companies and taxis are a major topic of conversation in Seattle right now. If any of them were in a fatal DUI it would have caught the attention of local media.
Dude looks like a flea market clown getting a colonoscopy. What is up with that facial expression?
@14) All drag queens contort their faces like they are getting frakked by a firehose. No one an explain why.
@12: "Although it seems unlikely, is it possible that Turner was using another ride sharing company?"

No, none of them had any drivers die. And you're not going to misrepresent the company when you're in the car with a dead man.
@17: Is that how we got Tammie Brown?
No way I can believe that this person is just looking for cheap attention.

Why would anyone think that?
You can always check the jail roster see if somebody was booked for vehicular homicide/DUI. And while you're at it you could check the Seattle Fire Department dispatch log to see if there was a call out for an ambulance and fire truck. And if you want call around to the tow company see if they towed any Ubers cuz hit like that the car is probably not drivable. But yeah it sounds like drag queen looking to be a drama queen.
I suppose all publicity is good publicity....?
@21: Careful punkin. It's when you start indulging your homophobia that your mask starts to slip
There's a reason the expression is "drama queen".

Irrational fear of homosexuals? Not of which I'm aware. Valuing my own privacy who others sleep with is uninteresting to me.

And while a whole day in line at the DMV followed by an IRS audit would be preferable to 10 minutes at a drag show that's true of any 'entertainment' entirely reliant on vulgarity. Adam Sandler movies for example.

But look at the man in that picture and tell me he's well adjusted, with a straight face. This is not a well man mentally.

Finally, I treat you with respect. Spare me the 'punkin.'
oh god it's totally seattleblues again. i suspect it won't take years for him to be banned this time.
@25: Now, now, remember what your pastor told you? You're backsliding even being here, and middle aged gentlemen such as yourself need to watch their blood pressure. We all know how much Teh Gayz boil your bacon my dear, and I'd hate to see you work yourself up into a little stroke.
@26: He can't help himself, Homosexuality is his bete noire.
@26: Just report SeattleBlues' account from… instead of individual posts.
Through the "Please let us know" link.
@29: I'm reluctant to do that, unless he really, really get out of line. I mean if he can show a little impulse control, I'm happy just batting him about in the comments. But, you know, it's probably just because I'm bored and sentimental.

I am middle aged. I do occasionally attend a church that has a pastor, though not enough. Can't say our conversations have exceeded "Good morning, thanks for coming!" mostly. Easy to remember I guess but not sure of the application.

But good morning and thanks for coming? I guess?

My blood pressure is fine, thanks for the concern. Well, it's a bit high at the thought of boiling perfectly good bacon. Not very kind of you to bring it up, really.


I won't waste time stating the obvious. Lissa is taking a girlish (or boyish if she/he prefers) delight in calling me by some other tag. Ok.

Reported Original Andy or German yet, Ayn? (Clever tag by the way.) Because all they have to offer is abuse. Literally. I have yet to read any content in either persons post at all but alarming hate.

At any rate, if you dislike a respectfully stated opinion that strikes me more as your problem than mine.
@32: You're sweet to call me girlish, and as I said, as long as you can muster up some impulse control and not get all wild eyed and spittle flecked regarding THE GAY AGENDA!!1!! I'm fine with not ban hammering you.
But ya know, I'm kinda thinking that you won't be able to pull it off.

@31 No. This is the problem. Rightwing troll shit bags weaponize good will. I can't see exactly who you're talking about right now but I assume it's that dipshit Seattle Blues latest incarnation.

Look. These trolling sock puppets can game the system and turn every outlet into a cesspool in short order. As they have done to Slog. It's part of the game. It's the result they want. So. There is no debate with Trolls. you either shit on them or ignore them or ban them. Debating them legitimizes their bullshit.

And sockpuppetry itself should be an automatically bannable offense regardless of the content of the sockpupet is posting. It is an immediate violation good intentions right off the bat.

Any web community that actually HAS real, substantive, conversation and debate bans that shit.
Which is why there are so few of those communities anymore. Because that takes some mod effort.

Which The Stranger - desperate for every phony-baloney click they get to justify their obscene ad rates - has no interest in.
@34: I understand what you're saying and I'm guessing that's why most of the old crew hang out in the Savage Love comments and don't much bother commenting on anything else.
@27.."middle aged" that make me laugh. Seattle Blues is really pushing 75 by now living in his rusted mobile home in Kent

Just for laughs list-

Any derogatory comments about homosexuality I've made, Lissa, since you keep oddly accusing me of doing so.
Any comment at all that is disrespectful of another commenter, for which I hadn't apologized immediately.
Any comment disrespectful of those with different ethnic background or skin color.
Any comment disrespectful of other political ideas than my centrist ones.
Any comment disrespectful of others faith or atheism.
Any single post that doesn't address the topic of that article whatever you think of the opinion.

You can't you know.

Zaius can't read this because opinions he doesn't entirely share are automatic trolling. To him. Or out of fear. I don't know his problem and don't care. Well I do. He's an adolescent of whatever age who will only grow up if some terrible personal crisis shattering his overgenerous estimate of himself happens.

But people like him and the vitriolic angry few are the reason reasonable discussion doesn't exist here if in fact it did at some point, not those who have different views. And because it isn't wanted. Knee jerk anger is what people here want, not dialogue. An echo chamber. People going "I know, right!" to everything you write. Ok. Have fun with that, because productive and educational and inspiring are words that will never apply to that kind of behavior.

@36 Nah. Seattle Blues is probably in his late thirties or late forties.

It's like an 85% probability that he's just just some stupid delusional shut-in with a pathetic loser life and crappy internet related job, - or - maybe on disability.

That's the profile of nearly all the trolls who haunt liberal boards. And you know this isn't the only one. They do this shit ALL day every day.

Read "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" and "Kill All Normies." Books that studied years of data on trolling and their psychology. It is, with a few notable exceptions, an almost exclusively right wing phenomena of displaced, depressed, lonely white men.

Under the guise of attention getting "debate" they subconsciously and pathologically get off on being hated and then experience deep self revulsion and shame — which drives them to be hated more. It's a fetish and compulsion.

It's god damned weird.
@37: All the LOLZ!
Punkin your now deleted comment @21 in this very thread for one! And the foam flecked comment regarding Dan Savage that outed your ass in the Party of Family Values thread two days ago!
And like I said, I personally am not all that interested in getting you banned and, you might be so good as to note, that I have actually agreed with you upon occasion as well, so untwist your underpants and settle down.
It's bumming me out that we stopped dishing about compulsive liar Robbie Turner in favor of wank with trolls. :(
@40: I'm sorry, you're right. That drama is more fun. And the hair and eye makeup is better.
If Robbie Turner is dealing with mental health issues and hasn't directly harmed others, isn't at least some compassion in order? I've enjoyed his work, and I hope he's able to find positive avenues to heal whatever might need healing.
@42 compassion for what? terrifying her fans and loved ones? This is fire-in-a-crowded-theater type of thing, IMO. (FYI - I don't necessarily understand the gender nomination for drag performers - they're generally understood to be men performing as women, right? so in-character, it's she, but out of character, these aren't trans people, right?). Turner doesn't need to go to jail but they do need to 'take responsibility'.
What a fucking needy douche bag.

Thats it, Im going back into the closet. It would be a merciful life decision as opposed to be associated with community stereotypes that claim to be vaunted representatives of the gay community. Let me know when we get someone like a Barney Frank or Harvey Milk back into the mainstream again.

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