No---wait! I know what to do! Take Trumpzilla, Pencezilla, Jeff Sessions, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Mugsy Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and throw 'em all into Seven North. It will be chock full of committed nutcases at 100% capacity (isn't that the "issue" here---"If you don't use it, you lose it"?). Just make sure to make it a high security facility and have heavy metal dead-bolted, barred doors and windows so that they never escape. Problem solved!
re @1 Please forgive me, Heidi, and everybody. I over-reacted, letting my emotions take over. And to be fair, I posted without even reading your fine article first. My humble apologies. I am a Northwest baby, and any talk about closing much-needed medical facilities, cancelling public services or federal programs has left me depressed. I'm glad to read further that there will be no gaps in services--just possibly a transfer to another facility.
That said, I really do believe that the current Banana RepublikKKan federal administration should be locked up in prison.
Ah, the drunk post.....
A dozen beds is better than nothing but what a sad state of affairs. With all of the wealth and big corporations making billions in profits in or near Seattle, here we are talking about a dozen beds when clearly there are mentally ill people who should be institutionalized walking around the state barely getting their basic needs met.

Washington state is such an bizarre place to live, the disparity between the haves and have nots couldn't be more obvious. Seems to me what's missing is ways to bridge the gap, to re-enable the upward mobility that once allowed people to improve their lives, whether it be making themselves more successful or in getting adequate levels of care based on their needs and/or ailments.

The rich may be richer but what's clear is that the price we're paying for that is being paid for by those who aren't wealthy and can't afford the extra burdens.
@3 Denial : I assume you mean the drunken post is yours, especially at 3:54 am? If you meant mine @1 or @2, there would have been a lot more glaring typos had I actually been inebriated while posting.
@4 RickFromTexas: Sadly agreed. Hopefully the midterm elections in 2018 can do much to turn things back around for the better, and that the Trumpzilla / Pencezilla Evil Empire can be overturned soon. A state income tax is what makes a lot of economic sense in alleviating income inequality---but legislatively never gets anywhere past the House. I'm only curious, but is Texas still exempt form a state income tax, like Washington?
@5: I meant "exempt from a state income tax, like Washington".

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