Vanilla Milkshake Face-Off: Searching for the Best Shake in Seattle


"something about the sweet cream just didn’t satisfy. It was missing any sort of recognizable flavor outside the thickened frozen cream"

If the only thing wrong with the sweet cream shake was that it was a sweet cream shake, that makes me think they'll do a good vanilla when they have vanilla.
If you do a chocolate milkshake face-off, Parfait in ballard has the best.
Mora. Bainbridge. That is all.
Or: buy a little tub* of your fave, pop it inta the microwave for 20 secs, spoon inta large mug, microwave a smidgen more, till perfect viscosity is achieved, and Enjoy. I spose you could add other stuff, but why would you?

.* At $2.98 for 1.5L for Umpqua's vanilla bean, @ Winco, last time I checked, you really can't afford NOT to try it.
Personally, I think Luna Park in West Seattle has the best milkshakes (though I'll give you Hot Cakes has damn fine ones, too).
The Dick’s near my home sometimes premakes the milkshakes all at once then puts dozens of them in cups in a freezer. Customers order a shake then clerk grabs them a cup from the freezer chest instead of mixing a fresh shake each time. It so does not taste the same.
You take back that crack about Dick's fries! You take it back right this instant! They are everything fries should be - fresh, hot, salty and served to you for $1.90. If you're not putting them on a Dick's cheesebuger - you're wrong.
And if you don't want to have a stent fitted afterwards, the 8oz shake at Great State Burger might be your doctor's recommended choice. Perfect portion, perfect thickness and great taste.