Remember Milo Yiannopoulos?


Right-wing provocateur claims oppression and fabricates/exaggerates difficulties they encounter in life as a result of their life choices? What a shock. The victim playbook has been working since at least Sarah Palin, so I don't see why he wouldn't do the same.
What's he got against free speech? Fucking snowflake.
Remember when one of his supporters attempted to shoot and murder a leftist in the middle of UW's campus? That was really something.
Milo has a husband?

There really is a lid for every pot I guess. What a torchured soul.
@4 - That's the part that I kept getting hung up on too.
I'm not really in favor of harassing people when they're "off the clock" so to speak, but Milo IS an attention whore and no laws were broken so tough shit I guess. He reaped the wind and now he's sowing the whirlwind, can't say I'm surprised.
@4 @5 Half Jewish with a black husband, shilling for the alt right and Nazis! I don't get it at all. Is he stuck in teenage purgatory? His husband must be like Ted Cruz' black best friend, a masochist. Imagine spending all that time with Milo and Ted, cursed to listen to them talk!
If your day job is stirring up hatred for women and making deals with white supremacists to give them a national media & political platform, then you don't get to clock out. The rest of us, who have to face the political and cultural repercussions, can't clock out.…
No, I know... I definitely don't have any sympathy for the guy. My response is really more of a shrug and a "you got what you asked for, dumbass." kind of feeling.
Iseult, I think he's a nihilist and a narcissist. It's that simple. He doesn't actually believe in any damn thing other than himself. He says/does whatever for shock value and attention. It doesn't really matter what he believes really and truly deep down in his heart/psyche. Giving white supremacists political and media platforms because it advances your career is just as bad as doing it because you personally believe they are right. If we have to analyze Milo's empty soul, I'd guess there's a lot of self-hatred there. He flew on my radar during gamer gate so I've been watching this loser for a while, but not nearly so long as some Brits who had to put up with him before he came to the US. If you look into his past, you'll see a pattern. He's a loser with no skills and few brains who desperately wants fame in any way. He first published a book of poems as a young man- horrible stuff that he now says is satire- also plenty of it was plagiarized even back then. Since then, he's had a career of setting up fundraisers or making deals and then not following through or mismanaging the money. As shitty as his journalism was, it's also mostly shadow-written- he doesn't have the work ethic even to be a good charlatan. The only thing he has going for him is that he will say supposedly shocking things, and right wingers like this because they care most in the world about owning the libs.

Good on the little group of socialists that teased him until he left. I wish this is what every moment of his life was like.
According to wiki, he's British by birth and is in the USA on an O-1 visa, you know, the ones for people "who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and has been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements". Any rightwing asshat seems to be able to get one of those visas, but brown people who serve in our armed forces get deported as soon as their tour is done.
The only thing worse for him than being chased out of a bar would be no one knowing or caring that he was there. You can tell by how quickly he ran to social media to let everyone know. This wasn’t a let-down for him; this is what he signed up for. He’s on a steady downward trajectory with no hope for redemption, but it’s probably better than a real job when you have expensive taste and no conceivable talent besides the inability to feel shame.
Deport that disgusting POS.
Vivid persecution fantasies are part of White Privilege.
What really needs to be emphasized is that this wasn't just a group of DSA people grabbing beers after the meeting, this was the publicly advertised meeting. Milo knew exactly what would happen when he went there, which is why he did.The attention whore knew the response he could get. He stagged his own pitty party.

This is the schtick of that pile of shit. He does this when ever his "victim of the left" brand lags attention. And the mouth breathers on cesspools like Alt Right sub-Reddits just eat this it up. In between screaming "f*ggot!" and "n*gger!" every other word.
It's possible that this was planned, but the person from whom the Tweet originated (if you trace it back on Dan's link) said that the group was meeting somewhere nearby, and after that meeting was over, they randomly went to this bar together and were there for some time before M walked in. These people did not plan to be at this bar. It was a spur of the moment "hey let's go nearby and grab a drink" after a planned public meeting. It's possible someone could've called M and told him they were there and he came over intentionally to stage this, but I don't know if that theory holds water as the DSA chapter in NYC is everywhere all the time and M hasn't shown up at anything before or at least if he has it hasn't been caught on tape. Maybe he's planning this, but it seems weird also that he'd figure out they were there, attend, and expect them to sing him out- how would he know they would respond this way? If he wanted a provocation, then surely a street incident would be better? Seems like loads of things would've had to fall into place rather quickly and exactly like this for it to work out if it were planned. More likely it's random- the DSA is active in NYC, he's there, they all know what he looks like, etc. Does he live there? If so, it was bound to happen eventually.
@15 - Vivid persecution fantasies are part of White Privilege.

That's the only thing really keeping them together, the imaginary sense of "persecution". That fear essentially defines their identity. It also motivates a violent "defense" response.

Powerful psychological in-group / out-group stuff going on there: the formation of group boundaries & definitions. But that fear of erasure, of being attacked, is really the only way they can stay together. They likely don't have much else in the ways of daily social norms or regular community, especially not across the whole nation -- as exemplified in their current state of disarray.

I'm not sure you can really build a viable community or society on fear alone.
This attention whore is going to milk way more than his 15 minutes on social media. Doesn’t help that this semi-legitimate alt-weekly media outlet is giving him more airtime. Just stop.

Oh, so he is like Mrs. Trump.
This is perfect: the left can claim moral superiority by attacking someone as dangerous as Hitler and Milo can claim to be a victim of left wing hate. All in all everyone is a winner! YIPPEE!!!
Lucky Mr Savage, that one of his main competitors for influence over the Young has self-imploded. Mr Rubin, the current threat, has somewhat less charm.