Hat tips to Twitter's Adultish Gambino for bringing us this clip of the Queen in action at Beychella. WATCH.

There's a lot to unpack here:

1) With everything that Beyoncé has to remember, she still has the presence of mind to adjust her own fan during her performance? WOW.

2) Does Beyoncé have dedicated fan operators, and if so... WHERE THE FUCK WAS THIS GUY AND WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE DOING?

3) If he was the dedicated fan operator, then he fucked up the ONE JOB HE HAD. If not, was he just a random Good Samaritan/ Yoncé booster that saw a need and then fulfilled it? If so, I love that he had his priorities in order.

4) BUT IF HE WAS a dedicated fan operator, I sincerely don't think firing is a suitable enough punishment. My mind is going to dark places on this. However, I agree to go along with whatever sentence the Beyhive decides to hand down.

5) How do I get a job as Beyoncé's dedicated fan operator? I cannot think of a higher calling. AND I CERTAINLY WOULD NEVER LEAVE MY POST TO EAT A SANDWICH OR WHATEVER THIS IDIOT WAS DOING... because Beyoncé!