I thought I remember Luis Bunuel causing a riot but couldn't remember the details. I found this though...…
Films have caused protests, which in some cases may have been riotous. Two that come to mind are The Last Temptation of Christ and Basic Instinct.
Kidnap rescue thriller.
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Well, I don't know if a film has ever caused a riot, but The Birth of a Nation caused quite a few lynchings.
Goldy! Haven't seen you here for a long while.

I dunno if it caused riots exactly, but Monty Python's Life of Brian caused lots of protests
Hulk dies.
Last Temptation of Christ and Cruising and Octopussy have had the biggest protests in Seattle during my 53 years here. Riots, Charles? From marvel fans? Naw,,,,
@goldy wrote my first thought already.

Tangential story: Alderwood Mall, 1986. A theater employee told us Thrashin' was no longer playing because "there was a riot opening day." What is most likely the case is that kids at the screening were rowdy, perhaps so rowdy the manager stopped the film and asked them to leave. The reason it wasn't playing 2 weeks later when I wanted to see it is probably that it bombed. The older kids that were there painted a much more Peckinpahesque version of events, but that's how I think it actually went.

I had to wait until it came out on VHS to see it. I don't think I waited long.

To answer your actual question:…
L'Age d'Or


Fifty Shades of Grey

New Jack City

Innocence of Muslims

Titanic (1912)

...and more, I'm sure. It's a big world, and movies have been in it for a long time.
My interest is piqued, Charles!
Maybe doesn't qualify as a riot, but The Warriors and Colors both sparked gang violence.
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Cruising, back in 1980, caused huge protests - I was one of the people protesting it at the Neptune. You could set your watch by the audience behavior - 20 minutes into the film a bunch of them would come storming out.

If we were counting protests in addition to riots, we'd run out of internet space trying to list them all.

People love to protest movies.
People flee ‘Avengers’ movie, lady leaps from theater balcony when man shouts about God…

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