I'm Gay as Hell and I Don't Give a Damn If Joy Ann Reid Was a Raging Homophobe Ten Years Ago


Forgiveness is always appropriate. I would have like to have seen the same reverence to Barbara Bush regarding her insensitive remarks after Hurricane Katrina.
1. Her apology is just fine
2. Her insistence that she was hacked is insultingly stupid
3. So is the "everybody was a homophobe 10 years ago" defense
4. Glenn Greenwald will seize any opportunity to tear apart someone he disagrees with politically under the pretense that it is about some external, non-personal issue when his obsessive behavior makes it clear it is deeply personal
5. Charlie Crist is a total Judy
The purpose, as always, is to find excuses for righteous anger.

literally no one cares about the feelings that may or may not have been hurt.
I fail for life at this, because when I was a kid we called everyone "f@gg0t". I mean everyone. So many times there is no way I can apologize for it all.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both against same-sex marriage for as long as it was politically advantageous to be so; and the second it was politically advantageous to be for homosexual marriage they flipped. Evolved? No. Cynical.
@5: Evolved: yes. Optimistic.

Really, what have you got to loose?
Of course it's no big deal, Katie.
It was no big deal when Bill was a predator and rapist and when Hillary was an enabler.
Haven't you noticed how The Left always accuses others of what they are up to?
Now let's get back to hate mongering homophobic Nazi-connected Joy calling out Trump voters.
Her vision from the Moral High Ground is refreshing and inspiring....
Wow, that's one hell of a contortion, Katie.

Forgive the homophobia, but double down on the evidence-free conspiracy theory, going so far as to endorse it yourself?

That documentary you pasted in ain't the same thing as "documentary evidence," and you're an embarrassment to your profession, if you still profess to be a journalist.
Remember when Joy Ann Reid criticizes Bernie for his “weird early writings” about women (as in the one from the 1970s)? That was back in December. She loves bringing it up.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Glass houses and all that.
The issue is not that she wrote that stuff 10 years ago, it's the ridiculous, clearly false statements that she was "hacked." For this to have happened, she'd have to have been hacked 10 years ago and now it's been discovered, or the hackers would have had to go back in time to hack her. For a journalist to so blatantly lie like this rather than admit she was wrong and her views have changed (like Greenwald did on old blog posts immigration, and Dan Savage did on old posts about the Iraq war) should be damning to their credibility, especially with how much she talks about "fake news" and Russian hacking. It's also pretty incredible how she's doubled down on this and even tried to drag the Wayback machine through the mud.
She could have just owned up to it like an adult but noooooooo she has to play the ALT-RIGHT NAZI RUSSIAN HACKERS 11111! angle.
To the author's olive branch... but isn't the real issue here not her opinions or written comments from the past but her current willingness to lie about those words, fabricating an elaborate conspiracy? I find that to be much more disturbing than her disdain for same sex kissing.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both against same-sex marriage before they had their come-to-gay-jesus moments.

Citing two self-interested people who made calculated political changes in their public positions for personal enrichment and enabled/ordered mass-murder is not a real defense of Reid. She's no worse than imperialist assassins? Hoo-fuckin'-ray.
The cult of victimhood is so tired,, so stupid and so very counter productive. A conservative who hides in the closet needs to be mocked. And being a serial groom doesn’t make you straight
Meh - it's not like she was campaigning to take rights away from 'the gays' because Jesus Hates Buttsex, or caught on tape bragging about how much she likes to get lesbians fired, or whatever. She made a few off-color jokes implying that someone was closeted - 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was still learning that "that's so gay," wasn't an appropriate way to say something sucked. I got better things to be outraged over.
“The lesson here? Never tweet. Still, I, a known homosexual, would like to offer Reid an olive branch, because the thing is, she's right”.. Liberal, feminist hypocrisy at it’s finest. Offer an olive branch to a bigot, but then turn you back on your community if they happen to identify as “conservative” or “Republican”. Show up at a Log Cabin meeting sometime with an olive branch and you actually may garner some respect beyond deluding yourself that everyone “evolves”. If that concept were true then liberals and progressives would “evolve” into not classifying everyone that disagrees with them as a turn-coat, a Nazi, or some other degradation when their logic arguments fall apart.
Ten years ago wasn't some dark age where homophobia was acceptable. It was just as offensive as it is today. She doesn't get a "pass" because it's convenient for her or because shs's politically on your team.
Everyone gets a pass for what they did 10 years ago. That is the new standard.
An anti gay black person. Who ever heard of such a thing?
People seem to be missing the point. It's not about something she said 10 years ago. It's about saying she was hacked, when the evidence increasingly shows that is not the case.

She should have just apologized and the thing would have blown over. Because she made up this hack story, more information is coming out. Including her siding with Trump's fat shaming of Rosie O'Donnell.

Wait, its impossible for a closeted gay man to refuse to come out for fear that his sexual orientation would hurt his political career, right?

I'm asking you Larry Craig. I'd ask James West if he was still around. Or are we operating on the assumption that its not gay to receive?
@21 is correct. People say stupid shit. People evolve. As a cord-cutter, I don't (really) care who's employed by MSNBC - I'm not emotionally invested in any of their employees. But she's a reporter and someone on the Left, however you define that. She's supposed to be an ally. And we're supposed to hold our allies (and journalists generally), as well as our enemies, to the minimal standard of not lying to us - especially when it's over decades-old remarks - especially when that (apparent) lie helps to muddy the waters regarding the Russian hacking of the 2016 election story - especially when that discrediting is coming from someone on the nominal Left.

Remember African Americans were at the forefront of fighting for gay marriage and lgbt rights in general. Oh wait, never mind. Strike that.
I'm gay. The "Miss Charlie" stuff - that's just making fun of Crist (who frankly deserved it). Ten bucks says she picked it up from her hairdresser. The other stuff, she apologized. People have to be allowed to evolve. Otherwise what's the point of trying to eradicate homophobia or racism. If you believe people can never change then it's hopeless.

Stop digging the hole Joy - just apologize and move on. No more "hacking" excuses.
jeffy @24 - actually the instigator of the Stonewall riots and the following resistance against Police brutality against gay people was Marsha P. Johnson - a Trans black woman.