Chimurenga Renaissances Underground is a mellow revelation.
Chimurenga Renaissance's "Underground" is a mellow revelation.

Chimurenga Renaissance just dropped a new track, "Underground," in advance of two albums they say are coming out this year on local label Brick Lane Records and Chris Eckman's Glitterbeat. With this song, the Seattle hiphop group (percussionist/MC Tendai Maraire (Shabazz Palaces) and Congolese-American musician Hussein Kalonji) signal a new direction (or is it just a one-off?). Instead of the super-amped, highly percussive approach of past CR releases, "Underground" traverses much mellower ground (the bpm has to be under 60), laying down a foundation of unsettling chants that recall latter-era Coil and meditative guitar spangles in the vein of Tal Farlow/Wes Montgomery/Barney Kessel, over which Maraire waxes boastful, but in a community-unifying manner. Vocalist Falon Sierra's dulcet melisma further augments the track's dreaminess. Listen below.

Chimurenga Renaissance play Thursday, April 26 at Kremwerk with Awesome Tapes from Africa and Darek Mazzone. It should be a sweaty, mind-broadening experience.