Tomi Lahren is THE WORST.
Tomi Lahren is THE WORST. Joshua Blanchard / Getty

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Tomi Lahren, reigning goddess of awkward white girl senior photos, took to Facebook yesterday evening to respond to John Legend’s tweet begging people to stop calling the police on black Americans.

Of course, the systematic murder of African American people by the police is not what bothers Tomi. She's too infuriated by her own false equivalence of a black man’s plea for the lives of black people in America with “anti-cop rhetoric.” Because as a Conservative white woman, Tomi obviously knows more about racism and is smarter than a black man who speaks up about it.

Tomi is so concerned about protecting the police from “the war on cops” that she's blind to the scenarios that Legend’s tweet actually addresses. Wouldn’t not calling the cops protect the cops, too? Think about it with me, girl. If the general public refrained from calling the cops every time there is a black person walking around minding his or her own business, your precious officers wouldn’t have to enter “the most dangerous neighborhoods” that you were frothing on about.

Let’s talk a little bit about those “dangerous neighborhoods”—otherwise known as the areas where black people live because of the systematic racism and poverty that put them there, and that keeps them from being able to move anywhere else. Then their communities are purposefully destabilized by money-hungry developers and city councils to the point where they are desperately trying to make ends meet by any means possible. And guess who shows up when they get to that point? The cops. With each arrest, they contribute to the narrative and keep the lovely cycle of perpetual misery going.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, nobody wants you or the cops in our neighborhoods anyway, Tomi.

Tomi doesn’t just respect the police or ally herself with the police, she loves the police. She probably takes “fuck the police” as a challenge on a night out.

For clarification, I am sex-positive.

I would never fuck the police.

Tomi Lahren is in love with the police, and she speaks up for her poor, silenced masses: “I’m so sick of these celebrities spewing their anti-cop rhetoric. I’m not saying any of this to change the mind of John Legend or Kaepernick. I’m saying it because the men and women in BLUE can’t say it but they deserve a voice.”

Good thing Tomi is here to save the day, because the police apparently cannot say what they’re thinking. Except they can and they do, at least to each other, when they think no one's paying attention. Here’s a few examples (warning—explicit racism ahead):

From the texts of former officer Jason Lai, San Francisco Police Department:
“I hate that beaner but I think the nig is worse”
“Indian ppl are disgusting"
“Burn down walgreens and kill the bums”

From Facebook messages sent to a recruit by former assistant police chief Todd Shaw, Prospect, Kentucky:
“‘F— the right thing… if black shoot them… call their parents… if mom is hot then f— her… if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—… unless daddy is black… Then shoot him.’”

From text messages sent between former officers Matthew Snyder and William Wetherell, Daytona Beach, Florida:
One exchange: Snyder sent a meme, commenting "this just in, no work boots were stolen in the looting," to which Wetherell replied, "because black people don't steal things for work." Snyder added, "that's how you starve them, [by putting] their paycheck under their work boots."

Another exchange: Snyder complains he was forced to sell a rifle because there was nothing “big enough” where he lived "to shoot with it other than blacks." An unidentified cop apparently thought Snyder was talking about black bears… before Wetherell remarked, "Ur right. Can’t forget about the n***ers."

From a probe on former Police Lieutenant Alex Cerulo, Miami Beach, Florida:

The probe ultimately turned up 138 emails containing inappropriate content sent by Carulo, including 12 that were blatantly racist. Among them was a meme of "Black Monopoly" in which every square had an instruction to "go to jail," and a photo of a black child in a KFC bucket with the caption "Rare photo of Obama in his bassinet."

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All of these guys are currently without jobs, so looks like you can’t say racist things even if you are a cop. Of course, all of these men would probably have still gotten paid leave if they murdered a black person, and probably would have kept their jobs, too, based on all the rulings in favor of cops that have happened the past few years.

Tomi, out of all the racist, xenophobic, Trump-loving, stupid shit you comment on (like when you believed that the Tide pod challenge spelled the end of the American family, or when you equated BLM with the KKK, or the time you tweeted, “Is it just me or does Joe Kennedy III look a helluva lot like pre-Caitlyn Bruce Jenner? I’m not wrong,” which you immediately deleted, of course), this takes the cake in your shitty, albeit consistent, career of bad takes.

What else is there to say about a flagrantly racist white woman who makes money off ridiculing black trauma and death, and whose brain is obviously only held together by bleach and the hair product she uses to cover that five-head, other than: fuck you, Tomi Lahren.

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