Now that 4/20 is out of the way, we can properly gear up for 4/30, which marks the release of Seattle Cider Company’s seasonal offering, Berry Rosé Hard Cider, the drink formerly known as PNW Berry, which was apparently too PNW for non-PNW consumers.

A rosé by any other name is just as sweet, and in spite of the name change, the small-batch cider/rosé hybrid has continued to hold its place on the seasonal roster.

So just how is the Berry Rosé Hard Cider?

The label lists three berries in the mix—raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries—and unlike other "berry"-flavored alcoholic drinks I've encountered that tasted more like Skittles, Seattle Cider Company gets it right.that have that sloppily infused berry-flavored Skittles flavor, Seattle Cider Company gets it right. The cider/rosé hybrid is berry-forward with a light body, the balance between berry and apple upheld with a tart sweetness that leans dry. It still feels like a cider upon drinking, but tastes more like a rosé.

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If you’re feeling some hang ups about drinking rosé from a can, the cider’s got your back. The rosé takes its time to emerge with its bittersweet aftertaste, which reminds us that, yes, it's made with white wine yeast!

My recommendation? This would make for a great summer spritzer to share with your friends over a nice spread of charcuterie before taking sun-drenched group selfies in the backyard.

Seattle Cider Company’s Berry Rosé Hard Cider will be available at Town & Country, Whole Foods, QFC, Metropolitan Market, and select other locations beginning in May; you can try it on draft at The Woods—SCC's tasting room—beginning April 30 at their release party.