Is Dino Rossi Afraid of These Suburban Teens?


Hopefully before these precocious tykes get around to voting, 10-15 years from now (longer if they are pot smokers...) they will have acquired some common sense and judgement to go with their exuberance.
The Parkland shooting was a watershed in the nation's gun discussion.
For example, it prompted us to join the NRA for the first time in our long life
( 5 year membership; got our camo duffle bag gift in the mail yesterday...)
As The Left gets loonier it become incumbent on all responsible Americans to triple down on our efforts to protect our vital freedoms.
backlash, backlash, blah, blah, blah

Some people are so fixated on poetic justice they forget all the other kinds.
These kids are great. Can't wait for them to start voting.
Dino Rossi is running for the 8th Congressional District seat that is being vacated by retiring Rep. Dave Reichert.
@1 & @2 I was an NRA member back when Bill Clinton was going to take away everyone's guns. I let the membership lapse after a few years of seeing how little the organization spent in this state. Also, my pocketknife fell apart after three months: made in China.

I am sure Wayne LaPierre will appreciate your contributions: he makes a little over $5 million a year from the NRA in compensation, bonuses, and retirement benefits, which comes directly from your contributions.

Anyway, enjoy the gifts!
I love how modern Christian conservatism is all about propaganda causes completely in opposite to what Jesus taught.

Makes sense that they'd love the gun fetish death cult too.
Bothell High student Tyler Parris says, "I'm from the suburbs, it's not necessarily in our blood to go out and be engaged civically. But that's changing. The young people, my generation, are fed up with gun violence and with organizations like the NRA that lobby for gun companies. We're making this a place that you come and protest."

Way to Go, Tyler! THIS is how shit gets done.

I believe I'm gonna LOVE this Generation....
This is awesome.
@Uno " ... these precocious tykes ... will have acquired some common sense and judgement to go with their [youthful!] exuberance.

What do THEY know?
Well, terrorism is what they know. They don't seem to Enjoy it all that much.
Like when the KKK used to Rule the South. Not everyone had a great time.
White folks' Majority may have been a thing of Beauty (not to everyone, admittedly), for a while, but even its days, like American Global Empire, are numbered.

@2: Doofus in Shoreline: Just STFU, already, you nauseating corporate coddling, NRA apologist stooge.
@7 Pridge Wessea: I just wish if ultra wrong wing NRA gun nuts loved their military assault weapons and ammo SO much, they'd kill each other, wipe out their evil cult of hatred and lies, and we'd finally be done with them.
@8 kristofarian: Agreed, and I second the Way to Go! to Tyler.
Excellent article, Rich, and WA-HOOO, Tyler!! You and fellow students GO, and keep on rocking the house! I LOVE this generation, too
What this author implies is so false and misleading. That is, the implication that people have little value and Rossi supports violence. When these twisted profiling haters make the horrendously false statements --- they wonder why any candidate will not talk to them. Shameful.
It's time to play spot the sock puppet! @12 is definitely from Dino's campaign. Pro tip, you have to comment on a couple Savage Love articles to give yourself street cred. When you only comment on Dino Rossi stories you make yourself obvious.
Wow, sorry about your knife.
When we saw these uninformed self-righteous smug little pricks unloading on the NRA we had all the motivation we needed; and judging from the way The Left squeals about them LaPierre is doing just fine in our book.

They don't know shit about 'terrorism'.
They have been terrified by The Left and jump at their shadows.
Perhaps they could also demand a law against meteorites hitting them on the head while they are demanding a ban on "assault" weapons.
The risk from either is about the same;
and a law passed banning either will have about the same effect to protect them.
Like we said, luckily they have a while to wise up.
"They [students, massacred en masse -- who's next ?!] don't know shit about 'terrorism'."

Nope, Of course not. They're merely collateral damage in the NRA's push to arm every single person in America;

You get a lot of active (GO, NRA!) shooters at your place of work, do you?

Let's regulate the "well-regulated" militias out there. Obviously it's gonna take time, but, so far, the Far-alt-Right's only response is, "There's NOTHING we can DO!"

Bull fucking shit.