The President of the United States Is Not Well


Good night in heaven. You can literally hear the foaming at the mouth.

You think this is displacement of anger at Macron for his successful trashing of Trumpism at the Capitol yesterday?
The fox friends were trying to stop him from hanging himself. Within hours prosecutors in ny were using his statements against him to argue his relationship with cohen isn’t covered by attorney client privilege.
Even my batshit crazy rich old great-uncle whom we visited once a year to pick up our Christmas checks wasn't this batshit crazy. (Nor did he have the codes to the most destructive nuclear weaponry in human history.) But we did back ourselves out of his house every December with the same excuse. ("You must have a million things to do . . .") leaving him to stew in front of the TV on his own.
Near the end Trump says that he's trying to stay out of the Justice department but he might not be able to do so for much longer.
@2, my husband is a former public defender and we've been HOWLING over the way these idiots, Hannity and Trump, keep claiming Cohen isn't actually their lawyer. OK, dudes, have it your way, but you just waived your attorney-client privilege. We're being treated to an epic display of the intersection of criminality and stupidity. I'd be more entertained if the stakes weren't so high.
@4, you mean during the part where the talking heads were trying to get him to hang up because even THEY thought he was demented? That part?
Anyone who calls into a call-in show is 98% more likely to be a giant idiot than the general population. It's just science.

@5: I am not going to defend anyone in this ongoing clusterfuck, but attorney client privilege had basically already been destroyed by that time.
OMG just now digging in to the annotated interview on WaPo. Literally the first subject of conversation is how it's Melania's birthday and this shitheel didn't get her anything. If he thinks being an asshole to his wife on her birthday is gonna win him points in Trumpland . . . (but then again, there's the small sliver of his supporters who are domestic abuse survivors and will excuse him on the grounds that he's so busy, as he said . . . you know, a million things to do, golf courses to tackle).
Dr. Ronny forget the meds.

Well. That's pretty contemptible. 'All right kids! We're going to Uncle Joe's place! I know, we hate him, but he gives us checks!'
Jesus Christ---I knew this long before November 8, 2016.
@5 attitude devant: You nailed it---I'd be more amused, too, if the stakes weren't so high.
This man is truly in a high, lonely tower built of bat shit.

F&F and Twitter seem to be his only rage outlets.

P.S. Steve Douchey seems to have aged twenty years over the course of that call.
his voice sounds like regis philbin whenever regis was on letterman and ALL wound up.
@9 I don't know he sure sounds like he is on some sort of 'meds'.
I only hope that when Trumpzilla finally falls, the GOP gets entirely and irretrievably crushed under its bulk, left powerless forever onward. How fitting that would be for a bunch of neo-Nazis who hate everybody else because they can't get it up without paying, lying, bullying, and cheating.

This isn't snark. It isn't an insult. Any of us can go off the rails. Sometimes so far off that professional help is the only way back.

Life is far too short to live it in a constant, pointless and impotent rage. Get help. For your own good and that of the people who care about you.
@12 I thought for a minute that it could actually be Regis, pretending to be the president in order to make him look insane. But this is Fox News, and not the "fake media" so, yeah.

It is utterly surreal that POTUS could go on TV and spew stuff that is provably bullshit (e.g., the DOJ is led by Hillary conies; the $700k thing), and even the Fox News people should be asking themselves WTF they're enabling.
ITMFA--and that should automatically extend to Pence as well.
@16 thetrumpsplaineriswayoffagain: Tell Trump and its enablers that, not me. If you're not mad as hell about this current whacko administration you're the one who more seriously needs help.
@18, you really should ignore 16. I do, and it saves all sorts of trouble. I mean, we're talking about someone who couldn't even spell his own screen name correctly. KWIM? Res ipsa loquitur.
@18 attitude devant: You're right. I've got to stop feeding trolls, especially illiterate and woefully ignorant ones.
We're hearing a guy validate his ever-lengthening internal litany of reasons why he's not going to get in trouble. He is probably going to lose his shit before the choice of resigning vs impeachment even gets close to the table at this rate.

You're the one making death threats. If Trump supporters I knew acted half as deranged as you I'd tell them the same thing I did you. For the same reasons.

Insults from a stranger don"r much worry me. Particularly laughably unfounded ones like 'illiterate.'

You really are going to make yourself ill with the mental state your unhinged comments say you're in. And for nothing. If the president is impeached it will be due to Congress, not a bunch of far left whackos with a stupidly vulgar slogan decent people would never say. And Mike Pence will he the president. Either way your insane rage will make not one slightest difference except to harm you.

Being angry at the direction of the country isn't a good description for you. Foaming, gibbering incoherent and ultimately futile rage is.

Trump is so obviously coming apart at the seams over the Mueller investigation that the imbeciles on FOX & Friends can pick up on it. The hosts have pained, gracious expressions on their face, as if to say, "Careful, man. This is live, and it's being broadcast. Don't say anything... incriminating..."

Yeah. I studied Latin too, though it's been a while. Difference is I'm not an insufferable ass who throws it around where most people are likely not to understand.
Rounding up, he has 1000 days to go. Think he'll make it?
WTF did I just watch? Even the morons on the sofa were desperate to get him off the phone!
@24 etc

It’s bizarre the way you drop in here with fists swinging and then act like you’re somehow not part of the problem you keep clutching your pearls over. If you want more civilized discussion then be the change you wish to see. Otherwise you’re just another insufferable ass who just wants to fight with strangers on the internet because they have different political views.
He could shit himself and smear the feces on his own face on live TV - but as long as he keeps voicing the racist fears of the mouth breathers and giving tax cuts to billionaires the rotten-to-the core GOP will simple squeal how marvelously maverick-y he is to rub his own shit on himself.
I take it SeattleBlues must be in here being typically idiotic again. Poor, sad little bitch.

Not to pile on or anything, but you really should consider abandoning that profile and creating a new one. I think you've pretty sufficiently proven now that the content of your posts can serve as the focal point for your embarrassment and you'd actually benefit from not having a glaring and distracting grammatical error associated with your every tired musing.

The centet is right, indeed, dude.
Jesus... he's seriously unhinged.

Reminds me of this great scene in Harrison Bergeron:
prez is supported by insecured fading majority, unethical businesses, conservative religious groups, and the like. They know it could be their last chance to avert inevitable changes, hence the loyalty to the chief (which they always viewed as a tool to advance their agenda anyway.)
@6: Yes, that part. Here's a good read on that from the Maddow blog.
@9: I didn’t say we hated my great-uncle. You made that up. He was a crazy old coot though. He yelled a lot at odd things. I guess we could have never visited him at all. Is that what you would have done?
Yet presumably Obama was quite well in 2011 when he committed the US military to the war crime of "regime change" in Libya -- a country that did not attack or threaten the US -- resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people and creating a refugee crisis for Europe of monumental proportions.

Because Dan Savage had nothing to say about the wellness of the author of that atrocity. But Savage's blind partisanship is no surprise to readers of The Stranger.
@36: Whatabout that time that someone else did a thing? Or whatabout that other unrelated event occurred? Or whatabout...

I thought for sure that would happen back in 2008 when they completely destroyed the economy and created an epic shitstorm in the Middle East. But here we are.
Mein Trumpfy's gotta be the stablest Genius I ever did see.
No one can tell a good story like he can.
Trumpf U, we gotta get you back!
I give him two months.
(I hope we make it thru this guy.
He's got just an awful lot of True Believers.
Well-armed, and looking for a little Justice, lots of 'em.)
A call in President. Got to be a first. Wounded by Macron for sure, and isn't this a sad spectacle. And waiting in the wings is Pence.
Is libya even the worst thing obama did in his 8 years? I feel like there were other things that sent conservatives into hysterics, like that time he wore a tan suit.
Funfact: Right-wingers were for invading Libya... before they were against it.

And the ultimate irony of that particular whatabouism rabbit hole is the rightwing in this country is responsible for the worst strategic blunder in US history: The idiotic $4 trillion dollar invasion and decade long occupation of Iraq which cost over a hundred thousand innocent lives.

Aaaand destabilized the mid-east, fractured Syria with Iraqi refugees, empowered ISIS and Iran, and sparking the failed "Arab spring" in Libya.

Mission accomplished, Whataboutists!

Haha, I'd already nearly forgotten the "stable genius" line, thanks for the reminder. Remember during the campaign when he got into a public feud with the fucking pope? That was some pretty funny shit too.

In all seriousness, he's gotta be among the funniest unintentionally funny people in human history, at least of those people in the public eye.
I mean... If someone were to chronicle events starting with the 2016 campaign and leading up thru today, then travel back in time to, say 2014, and pitch said chronicle as a novel, it'd get blasted as just too ridiculous, even as a piece of satire. Were I to read such a novel, I could see myself getting to the "covfefe" tweet, then setting the book down and refusing to finish it out of a principled stance that such events were just too outlandish to be taken seriously, even as comedy (I recall doing exactly this with a Carl Hiassen novel mom had recommended a few years back. Actually put it down with only a few pages left, so stubborn am I in my silly, self-righteous principles.)

And yet, here we are! In some sick, twisted, and indefensibly horrific and voyeuristic worldview, part of me hopes Donald Trump never stops being President. ITMFA and MAGA forever, muthafuckas.
@28 GermanSausage and @31 mike blob: Thank you both and bless you.
@19 attitude devant: I ignored it.
@41 LavaGirl: I know, right? Oh, gawd--I don't even want to THINK about Pence!

Fists swinging? Right......

If politely but vigorously expressed opinions are "fists swinging" to you, what price the thrown feces that is Germansausage? Don't see you "clutching pearls" over him. How about the demented frothing obsessive rage of Grizelda, actually wishing death on others for political disagreements? Not a peep.

Yet, for you, I need to somehow be more polite and "be the change." Ok. Have a pleasant evening.
"If politely but vigorously expressed opinions..."

An example (or two) of 'politely, yet vigorously-expressed opinions:'

"Either way your insane rage"

"How about the demented frothing obsessive rage"

"Life is far too short to live it in a constant, pointless and impotent rage."

"Difference is I'm not an insufferable ass who throws it around"

"You really are going to make yourself ill with the mental state your unhinged comments say"

"a bunch of far left whackos with a stupidly vulgar slogan decent people would never say."
['decent' folk!]

"isn't a good description for you. Foaming, gibbering incoherent and ultimately futile rage is."

Those are indeed some politely, but vigorously-expressed, opinions .
I'm certain Emily fucking Post'd give each and every one of 'em her Seal of Approval™
@36: What you're bringing up is an actual policy issue: something open for debate, was it good for America, was it bad, etc. The sort of normal politics that our nation has been doing for centuries.

That's not the issue here. The issue is that our president is fucking looney-tunes batshit crazy incompetent and criminal. There is a huge crisis in America right now, where there are people in power and normal Americans who refuse to see this, or see it perfectly fine and not only are okay with it, actively encourage it. We are far, far beyond discussions about policy. This is a deep crisis, where powerful people want to dismantle this nation, and a third of our fellow Americans are happy with that.
@48, They are liberal commenters at a liberal blog responding to conservative jackasses like you who come here spoiling for a fight and then crying like a fucking baby when people are mean to you.

If you want people to congratulate you for your terrible opinions go to stormfront. If you want people to call you an asshole then congratulations, you’re in the right place, but don't act like it isn't what you signed up for. And while you're at it, fuck off.
@49 kristofarian and @51 blip: Thank you and bless you both.
Why, I do believe punkin is rabid--he's actually foaming. Or is that just drool?
Or....could he be frothing? LOL
@52: Ohhhhhhh----NOW I get it! Punkin's among the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the side effect of anal sex.....

japanese proverb on passage of time is all I think of every day this egomaniac lunatic holds office of potus: "If you sit on a rock three years it's bound to warm up" will pass, no more energy for this imbecile