Poll: Americans Support Teachers' Right to Strike


Did the poll ask if people are willing to pay more taxes in order to boost teacher salaries? I’m guessing the percentage of support for that would be quite a bit lower. Hence the problem.
I haven't seen the pole myself, but I did hear the piece on NPR, and they said the majority of Americans would support tax increases to give teachers raises.
I'm beginning to hate speech to text.
The poll asked "public school teachers are paid fairly", people said nope (68% disagree, 26% agree). Whether people want to pay them fairly could be a bit different.

Poll link is here, but to get the data you have to download a godawful PDF. Why do people ever stuff their online data down the PDF shithole unless they hate having it read.


Did the NPR story include other sources perhaps? Here's their online version,

@1 beat us to it.
Talk is cheap;
talk to pollsters is cheap and totally meaningless.
Americans (and Washingtonians, and Seattleites) have demonstrated unequivocally in stark real world terms how they actually feel about paying teachers.
@1 did they ask if people would pay more taxes when congress increased an already grossly bloated war budget? Why not?