Oh, I can't wait for the resident conservative trolls to discover this post.

Hear hear, Dan.
The golden rule applies here, and since they are Christian (predominantly), they should not be surprised that their chickens have come home to roost.
@2: Indeed! This is exactly the kind of post that centetisseattleblues wil have a very hard time resisting.
Well, there is ONE group they DO like: obscenely wealthy, straight, white people (mostly men, but there are a few ladies as well, Fundamentalist Protestant Christians preferred, but not required) who give them lots and lots of money.

With friends like those - why do they even worry about making enemies?
@5) Good point, but your hypothesis needs an adjustment: it is not the GROUP of mega-wealthy people they like - it is the MONEY in that group of mega-wealthy people, that they like. Take the money away and they do not like that group at all.
I suggest that when you calm yourself down you dwell a bit on this line:"...most of the attacks were directed at queers. Or that's how it felt in the 1980s, anyway, when I was a young queer."

I imagine that is how you did feel. But perhaps it just seemed that way because you were in that cohort. Ask a black person if gays were being attacked the most back then during the crack and heroin epidemic, and the rise of inner city drug crime. They may disagree with your perception.

After all, perception is all this is.
Also, remember how UNFAIR everyone is to conservatives. They have it so UNFAIR. Especially their president has it so UNFAIR. The whole nation is so UNFAIR to the rich white people.
To clarify, "UNFAIR" is defined as "interfering with my wealthy white privileges".
The essence of conservatism is to replace your sense of resentment and entitlement with gratitude. That's why you crazy libs will never understand us real conservatives.

Stop pouting, start living.
I qualify as conservative on this comment board. Even though I believe in drug legalization, gun control, abortion/family planning access...

“Some say the average conservative feels bombarded with disrespect”

“Some say the average progressive liberal is the equivalent of a one legged, mentally handicapped capped, antelope, trying to sing Weekend songs with a pair of noise cancelling headphones on in the Serengeti next to a pack of lion/hyena/crocodile hybrids... that is to say, the perfect victim”.

What the fuck does that bullshit empty platitude even mean?
@11) I think muff there is drafting his English 101 final exam essay.
Just a friendly reminder: There's never a time that sociopathic Republinazis aren't fantasizing about brutally murdering you and your family, especially if you're black, Latinx, gay, female, and/or have an IQ greater than double digits.

And probably grumbling to themselves about how UNFAIR it is they even need to get a GED...
@10 - And conversely some liberals support the 2nd amendment, charter schools, lower taxes, etc.

Americans need to shed the comfort of their political silos and recapture the healthy center again if our republic is to survive.

#9- So the key for us "crazy libs" to understanding conservatives is your sense of gratitude?
Did I read that right?
Because on the face of it that seems absurd.
But then perhaps to really understand conservatives is to face the fact that under Trump they have fully embraced absurdity.
A world where words have no fixed meaning.
Conservatives have abandoned any principled coherent ideology and fully embraced modern existentialism. Curious.
This post and the NPR story will actually reinforce the conservatives mindset . Remember, their whole shtick has to do with their feelings of victimization. In their minds, they are constantly being victimized by a wide range of people - the deep state, liberal media, liberal elites, immigrants and minorities. This feeling of victimization is reinforced over and and over by the right-wing media media noise machine. It is an effective way to keep them in denial about their deeply embedded bigotry and the corruption of the Trump administration.


Nah. I realize Mr. Savages job is to provide clickbait, not content. Just as well, given his intellectual limitations.

Actual meaningful discussion of how similar Americans are on any given issue- our shared values and goals, the things that make us a nation- doesn't generate page views. It's what's needed. We really do have far far more in common than not, if the rabble rousing extremes would shut the hell up and let the rest figure that out. But as long as outrage merchants like Mr. Savage on the far left and his brethren on the far right make good money selling hate this is what we get.


Yep. Any minute my neighbors and I will be descending on Seattle with our 'assault rifles.' Driving F250's. The churches in my area are banding together with the homeowners associations to organize the pogrom. The offices of Republican representatives providing logistical support and secular organization. But I can't tell you when. I'd be kicked out of the straight white xtianist men club. I enjoy the bowling league there too much to risk it.

I honestly feel sorry for you. Living with that entirely unnecessary load of entirely delusional fear is just a waste of the precious time any of us have in this life.
@19: "Living with that entirely unnecessary load of entirely delusional fear is just a waste of the precious time any of us have in this life."

Oh, the Irony.
@19 - You willfully misunderstand Dan here. There IS such a thing as rational, principled conservatism. But modern conservatism - right now, here in America - generally entails an embrace, or at least an acceptance, of the GOP. Which supports Trump, and by extension, homophobia (he's against gay marriage passively, and Pence is actively), racism (or at least xenophobia), an anti-science agenda, anti-intellectualism, and jingoistic patriotism, just for starters.

Trump, coal-rolling Confederate flag wavers, alt-right neo-Nazis, etc. are not synonymous with 'conservatism' per se. But they are increasingly synonymous with this moment in conservative history, as it is reflected in our elected representatives..
@19 LOL, you took the bait. @4 called it! You certainly can type a lot of big words, that must be very satisfying for you.
In the past, Americans held elections, someone won, someone lost, the country and it's people moved on and, by and large, worked together for the good of the nation.

In 2016, however, the losers (in every sense of the word...) refused to play by those grown-up rules.
They didn't accept the elections results and move on; they resisted.
Those spoiled infantile snowflakes (spoon fed only their own narrow view since birth by a Leftist Media) evidently thought they were the first generation ever in the history of the world to lose an election, the first to ever bide their time during 4 or 8 years of a shitty inept amoral president who turned their stomach.
They spew NAZI this and RACIST that and demonize everyone who did not vote like they did.
It is tiring for the adults in the room.
Like being trapped on an airplane with a screaming toddler.
For a couple of years.
You kids really deserve your own country.
Why don't you come up with a proposal and we'll see what we can do.

And, btw, smart money says Dan has no fucking idea how the "average American conservative" spends the day.
Their feelings are hurt?

I think I remember some slogan about that I saw on some t-shirts Trump supporters were wearing back in 2016... let's see what was it again? Oh yeah, here it is:
@ 19,

Thank you for your candor. Honesty is the first step back from the sleazy insanity into which the despicable fascists have plunged this once admirable nation.

The Evilungelical ChrISIStians have rewarded Twitler with their total devotion and glassy-eyed supplication, since he's brought them the closest they've ever been to installing a totalitarian theocracy in this country so blood-thirsty and sadistic that it'll make The Handmaid's Tale look like a kindergarten Christmas pageant.

It's solely due to their own lunacy, incompetence, rapacious greed, and sinister stupidity that they haven't been able to carry it out... yet.

I think I’ll just plagiarize Dans victim list...

women, people of color, gays and lesbians, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, trans people, non-Christians, leftwing Christians, Democrats, progressives, liberals, sex havers, sex workers, people who've had abortions, people who use birth control, single moms, football players, basketball players, late night talk show hosts, teachers, actors, singers, Olympians, "Hollywood," high school students who survived mass school shootings, the poor, the disabled, Gold Star parents, Gold Star widows, environmentalists, news reporters, cable news anchors who don't work for Rupert Murdoch, rappers, college professors, college students, union members, scientists, non-scientists who believe in science, the elderly, "takers" on Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare, people who live in big cities and blue states...

And listen to the soothing sounds of weak minded people weeping about the burdensome privilege of being born in the richest free and democratic society that has ever existed.
I grew up in a very conservative part of the country. I've had a front row seat to this slow evolution toward this kind of hysterical high water mark. Fascinating to watch.

@23: “In the past, Americans held elections, someone won, someone lost, the country and it's people moved on and, by and large, worked together for the good of the nation.”

That would be prior to 1992. Clinton’s opponents, lacking the character to admit they’d lost, spent the next seven years trying to remove him from office by any means other than elections. While the rest of us enjoyed the longest period of peace and prosperity the United States has ever seen, his detractors manufactured conspiracy theories on AM radio, harrassed him with a lawsuit, and even impeached him. The lawsuit was dismissed, no charges were ever filed against anyone named Clinton, yet to this day there are commenters on this very blog who call him a rapist.

You want whiny sore-loserism? The American right wing has wallowed in it for decades.
@28: But I mean...Bill Clinton probably did sexually assault those women.

The women have never waivered in their stories, and Bill has been caught lying about sexual improprieties in the past. Of course, his lying under oath about his sexual adventures was actually why he was impeached, not the actual deeds.
So, basically, when a bunch of proudly ignorant Broflakes finally gain all the halls of power through exploiting fear and rage — gee, golly, it turns out they don't know how to fix any problems. Excepting for the one that doesn't need fixing: "allow billionaires to loot the public coffers." And everyone hates them for it and they are mad-sad?

Quell surprise.

Let's not forget the Obama years.
Conservatives compared Obama to Hitler from day one.
They claimed he was a Muslim, both before and after attacking him for attending a black church with a black Pastor that spoke about racism.
They said he wasn't an American citizen.
Hell, Donald Trump is president today because he led the so-called "birther" movement.
They claimed Obama was unqualified, but then they elected Trump, who is the first president in US history to never hold elected office or serve in the military.
They complained about everything from the clothes he wore to the mustard he put on his sandwich.

Let's not forget the tea party and their "resistance".

Republicans were nothing but disrespectful obstructionist throughout the entirety of the last two Democratic President's terms.
Conservatives complaining about how they are treated, or how Trump is treated, are nothing but hypocrites.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.
None of Trump's accusers have wavered in their stories, and Trump has been caught lying about his sexual improprieties in the past.

If Trump is ever questioned under oath, he's bound to lie.
I'm sure you'll be first in line calling for his impeachment.
@28 You are right. And but also, @28 is right that the motivation to impeach was him to remove him from office and regain control of the government by any means possible, not actually because he lied under oath, and CERTAINLY not actually because he mistreated women, they cared about that not at all.
From the NPR article: "Kurt Schlichter, a columnist for the conservative, recently wrote a column speculating about whether there could be another civil war. He concluded there could be one and predicted how the left would lose a violent conflict if it came to it.

"We want to be treated with respect, and we will not tolerate anything less which is just unacceptable for this to continue. I'm tired of Hollywood spitting on us. I am tired of academia spitting on us. I'm tired of the news media spitting on us," he said."

So the best way the conservatives can "gain respect" is by beating up the rest of us until we give them respect? How twisted is this? They are admitting they want a world where everyone is subservient to their doctrine. Where we don't dare criticize them so they will feel better about themselves and feel that their world view is right and just. Now where did I hear of this before? Oh, yeah, Nazi Germany.
"He did it!"
"No, HE did it first!!"

It's Friday afternoon and we aren't going to listen to this shit all weekend.
Both of you go to your rooms....
Um. @28. Are you fucking serious? If you doubt Juanita Broderick, then you need to provide me the criteria on which you'd believe _any_ rape allegation. I agree that Clinton's enemies were determined and contemptible and would have relentlessly pursued him regardless. But that man raped Juanita Broderick.
Can you even imagine how many abortions Twitler has paid for?

It'll be a major plot twist when that comes out and all the Evilungelical ChrISIStians pause from screaming their "heil Tdumbps" long enough to demand that he push The Button and give the human species a retroactive, nuclear abortion.

"Puh-rayz Jayzus--we're ah-comin' hoooome!!!"
If you think their reasoning is bad;
Or if you think they deserve to feel sad;
They're still people, who actually feel that way, and they vote.

These "look at these stupid idiots who are sad because I think they're worthless" articles aren't helping anyone, they're just stroke jobs.
@35 .
Your level of hypocrisy is shocking, even for you.
...tragic beyond comprehension...
Anyone ever read the history about the Spanish Civil War? It was about two ideologies going at each other, one that leaned towards the far left, one that leaned towards the far right. I wish in this country those that leaned far right and those that leaned far left would duke it out among themselves in some Utah dessert and leave the rest of us out of it. From my point of view each side has valid points but neither will admit it. I can admit it and that makes me a centrist. I'm a centrist, because that's how shit gets done in a country of 300 million.

I don't think irony means what you think it does.
@40 Seek help! Start by quitting the incels pits and getting out of your mom's basement. Take a nice walk and repeat to yourself: "Women do NOT have to have sex with me! One day I might get a date if I can stop being creepy!"
"Study: every time conservatives hear somebody saying "fuck those guys!" they dig in their heels and double down on whatever awful thing they're doing to make everybody else's life worse."
"Progressives: "Fuck those guys!"
You know how these incel guys think women owe them sex? Some conservatives are like that, thinking they are owed respect without having done anything to earn it.

Look, I can respect somebody with whom I disagree, but not someone who's going around spewing venom hither and yon. Don't engage in cruel, toxic rhetoric and then act like you deserve respect just for existing.
In Hugh Trevor-Roper's book on Hitler's last days, he quotes a post-war 'de-Nazifying' interrogator who said that he could always tell when the subject was a high-up Nazi: It was they way they whined that was the giveaway.

Self pity seem permanently attached to violent, indignant, self-righteousness.
@38 TLDR version: “If only you liberals would tolerate a boot on your faces forever everything would get better.”
@43: His sense of irony is well and appropriately developed. Both because of @4, and also: have you a link to NPR’s piece wherein we Seattle liberals are even slightly worried about what you might do? Or was your rant @19 just entirely delusional?

@40: good to know you've planned the genocide out. I figured as much.

@43: oh, I'm pretty sure it does. it's not a tough definition to remember.

thank you, tensor.
@48 Are you really that dull and banal? If you want more of the same, continue doing what you're doing. It's worked out great so far, hasn't it?

And I don't think someone who misspelled 25% of the words in their screen name is really qualified to be offering advice on grammar or vocabulary.
@19 & 43: Oh punkin, I never doubted for a moment that you'd show up here snapping at the bait like a big mouthed bass.
You can't help yourself and you never could.
From the NPR article:
"We want to be treated with respect, and we will not tolerate anything less which is just unacceptable for this to continue. I'm tired of Hollywood spitting on us. I am tired of academia spitting on us. I'm tired of the news media spitting on us," he said.

Then you might want to adopt better opinions and behaviors that deserve respect, guy. Your problem is that you feel entitled to deferential treatment because our society has historically privileged people like you, and because you've internalized an authoritarian worldview where power and deference are a function of inherent characteristics rather than social consequences of your behavior. But you're not actually owed respect (and you won't ever get it from people who aren't Right-wing authoritarian followers), you have to earn it by being respectable in the eyes of people whose respect you want. Entitled whining isn't a good way to do that.
The bigger the truck & gun, the tinier the dick.

I think you'd do better forming a fascination with someone a) not an internet stranger and b) at least a little bit likely to return the fascination. Punkin.


It's interesting how angry people get at a comment that we're a Americans, that we should maybe try to get along and that heated rhetoric isn't actually helping anyone politically.

I was driving once near Tacoma. Someone took exception to my going the speed limit on a two lane highway and whizzed by in the breakdown lane. His face was contorted with rage, his middle finger out the window, spitting obscenities feverishly. I waved at him, smiled and shrugged. He went entirely insane with anger and tried to force me off the road.

You folks remind me of that guy.

Have a nice weekend. If you can.
Great to see such a strong political debate going on. Not. Don't feed these trolls you guys. You give them what they want, what their sad little lives lack, attention.
@56, This is the final paragraph of the very first comment you made here *ahem* under your current screen name:

But the thing that cracks me up? You swagger and threaten that if I personally don't do some unspecified thing to stop unspecified gun owners behaving badly you're a'comin fer my gun. Which is pure bluster, either on a personal or governmental level. For one thing, I don't own one. For another you'd ignite a civil war against the folks that actually have weapons. Not particularly smart even if it were constitutional by any stretch of anyone's imagination. Honestly? The image that comes to mind whenever you say this is the last scene in Blazing Saddles. And you ain't one of the cowboys.

Again, this was your first comment here. This was how you chose to engage with someone who wasn’t even talking to you.

You are not hear to "try to get along." You're here to insult and berate people and then cry like a baby because people are mean to you.

No one owes you a respect. You earn it, fuckface.
anyway thanks for the visual aid to accompany the article about how conservatives feel perpetually victimized without the slightest clue why everyone else hates them

The next comment, as you know, was an apology for the Blazing Saddles reference, which is about the only thing potentially objectionable in your quote. The rest is merely factual. Forceful removal of guns from private hands by the government, as threatened by the person you didn't quote, is a non starter by any standard. Inconvenient to your narrative?

By the way, I wasn't even talking to you. Is there some law which means you can't reply to my comments? Or is that only for people you dislike? The hypocritical way you apply all your critiques?

"It's worked out great so far, hasn't it?"

Yes. It has.

We eradicated the scourge of militant German Naziism by killing them or putting them on trial and shaming their ideology and driving the remaining sympathizers back into the shadows.

And as time has progressed women have gotten MORE rights. Gays have gotten more rights. The world is less violent than ever before.

And dipshit appeasers like you get roundly disregarded for your straw men, whataboutsims and stupid false equivalencies.
@56: Awwww, c'mon call me Skippy like ya used to. :)
Fact remains I said you wouldn't be able to resist this post and lo! You did exactly as I predicted.
As I said, you can't help yourself, and you never could. Xoxo
It's interesting how angry people get at a comment that we're a Americans, that we should maybe try to get along and that heated rhetoric isn't actually helping anyone politically.

No one has expressed anger about that part of your comment. We all referred to the latter portion, in which you eagerly revealed how little you yourself believed your wonderfully inclusive words. We're still waiting for any proof that anyone here in Seattle is in any way worried about the possibility of your directing violence against us. Unless you deliver said proof, yours was just another entirely delusional, embittered, right-wing rant against people you do not know and do not understand. (Just like Dan said.)

Speaking of your not understanding us:

I think you'd do better forming a fascination with someone a) not an internet stranger and b) at least a little bit likely to return the fascination.

Lissa didn't "form a fascination" with you @4 and @53; she utterly and totally punked you. Have fun licking your wounds this weekend.

Conservatives are the biggest whiners, the biggest snowflakes, and the biggest hypocrites on the planet. That's why they levy those same accusations at others 24/7. Everyone knows this, even them. Shrug. Most of them will have aged out within fifteen years and the world will be a better place for it.
@58 & 63: I <3 you both.
@60, You can reply to anyone you want to. But when you elbow your way into a conversation by attacking someone and then whine like a brat because people respond in kind, it’s self-evident you’re full of shit when you claim you’re “trying to get along.” You’re only here to argue and whine, shitfuck.

@65, ;)


Please re-read @14. The post to which I was responding. When I headed that portion @14. As the content clearly indicated. That person is the only one to whom a bit of Friday silliness was directed. Not all Seattle liberals and not the NPR thing. Clear enough?

Just as I don't actually believe Lissa formed some odd fascination. It was a joke. Maybe not a great one. But a joke. Good god you folks are a humorless lot.


Skippy? Part of your ongoing delusion about this Seattle blues?

As you like. Punkin.
@29: Thanks for helping me to make my point.

The women have never waivered in their stories,

Broaddrick stated under oath her story could not possibly have been true:

"Starr also confronted vexing problems with Broaddrick's charge that Clinton had assaulted her in a hotel room in 1978. Before the independent counsel brought her in, she had sworn an affidavit in the Paula Jones case denying any sexual contact with Clinton, and then repeated that denial in a deposition under oath."

@36: Thank you for helping me to make my point.

If you doubt Juanita Broderick, then you need to provide me the criteria on which you'd believe _any_ rape allegation.

Sure. How about the sole witness not denying the allegation under oath? Is that too stringent for you?

Now, your turn. Under what conditions does the presumption of innocence prevail? With this allegation, we have:

(1) No physical evidence;
(2) No one has reported seeing the victim and accuser go anywhere together;
(3) The sole witness has stated under oath the assault could not have happened.

That's not enough for you? What is? (That's a serious question, and no, I don't expect an answer.)
So, as they savage everything I hold dear and believe in, turning this country into a mockery of what it once was, these people are telling me that I have to LIKE them and RESPECT them on top of it?

Oh, go fuck off already.
Man. For the people constantly bragging about how tough they are so-called “conservatives” sure are some whiny little bitchez.
@69: Who's the 'they'? Trumpsters? I agree with you. Conservatives? Not.

Don't confuse the two.

Dude, your very first comment in this(!) thread went after Dan Savage, insulting his intelligence (or rather his "intellectual limitations,", which... Whatever.) You'd previously mentioned not knowing much of Dan, so allow me to elucidate you. Not only is he one of the co-founders of the very newspaper upon whose blog you're currently commenting, he's a pioneer of equal rights, having launched several campaigns that have touched millions of lives both domestically and internationally, best selling author and just generally beloved personality who has travelled the world for his causes. If you're going to insult him in a public forum, you should expect to have those insults redressed. Oh, and speaking of intellectual limitations, he also had the basic common sense to glance at his user name to proof for typos prior to creating a stored and oft-used online profile.

By contrast, who are you? What have you accomplished? Not unlike myself, you're nothing but an anonymous shithead on the internet who has accomplished precious little in his time on the planet. Though I at least have the self-awareness to not be staking some laughably hypocritical claim to the moral high ground. Absolutely noone disagrees with you that we should all 'be the change we wish to see'. You're just not very adept at walking that walk.
@72: He knows perfectly well who Dan Savage is. Dan drives him nuts and has for a very long time. That's how I knew he wouldn't be able to resist this post. ;)
@72: centet will come back and talk about his family, and how his neighbors love him because how helpful he is, and maybe a little about his small business in response to your question as to what he had accomplished. He's a middle aged white guy (oh, he must be 46 going on 47 or so?) with an over developed sense of his own intellect (cliche, I know) and a delightful lack of self awareness.
I don’t respect liberals anymore. You cry. About everything. You’re weak minded. You don’t believe your lives are your own. All the good causes you once had are watered down, soft, and easily disproven in today’s age of instant access to information. You’ve abandoned science for feelings. You’ve replaced logic and argument with outrage and ideology.

You have a prepackaged set of beliefs and attitudes laid out for you and for the life of me I can’t figure out why you think believing what other people tell you is the right thing to believe gives you the high ground morally and intellectually. Your sheep.
@71: A distinction (for you) without a difference (to us liberals). I'm sure it feels good for you to rhetorically distance yourself, but nobody’s buying it except you. Try not to drown in your own self-pitying tears.

@75: Yes! Please, more drunkpostings! Your word-salad @10 and your bitter, whining rant @75 are some of your finest work to date. Only when hopelessly plastered can you deliver gems such as liberals abandoning science. Priceless! Please keep hitting the sauce for us, won’t you?
@74 - Don't forget about his villa in Italy!
Muffy, I guess no one can accuse you of taking the high ground intellectually when you can’t even use proper grammar in your final insult— it’s *YOU’RE* sheep. Signed, a liberal who is younger, hotter, richer, smarter, and yes, morally superior to you.
"You’ve abandoned science for feelings. You’ve replaced logic and argument with outrage and ideology." --75

Well done. You have finally perfected Projectionism, skippy.
Oops -- sorry. muffy.

Oh, and what's this about 'our sheep?'
You lookin' for a little wool?

So you don't respect liberals anymore.
Do you respect conservatives now?

"I qualify as conservative on this comment board. Even though I believe in drug legalization, gun control, abortion/family planning access... "

"You have a prepackaged set of beliefs and attitudes laid out for you..."

Based on those two statements, it seems that you fancy yourself a free thinker.
If you are a free thinker then you must question everything that you read, and if you do then you must realize that Hyperbole and self-righteousness are the currency of the realm on the internet, especially in comments sections.

You have to know that no one here (and by here I mean on the internet in general), conservative or liberal, is interested in trying to change anyone's mind.
People post things on the internet to support their team, and to trash-talk the other team.

You and I have gone after each other many times, and we've both said some really terrible things to each other.
It's a way to lash out against a society that seems broken beyond repair.
It's all part of what makes the internet so addictive.
Whoever you are, and whatever you say, you feel like you're the good guy; and the other guy is all too eager to play your villain, because in his mind he's the hero and you're the villain.
You feed off each other's anger.
When you hit that post comment button you feel a moment of superiority, and for a moment you feel you're in control.
It's all just an Illusion.
It's really just trivia, a way to kill time while you're sitting on the toilet.

Are you out there somewhere on some conservative message board, telling them how stupid they are because they're against birth control?
Are telling them they're fools for believing in drug prohibition?
Do you tell them that they're mindless pawns of the NRA?
Do you call them sheep that believe everything they see on Fox News?

Are you really trying to "do something" or are you just killing time?

@78: Oh, you're one of those whom pounce on typos to artificially elevate themselves. If you type, you make errors. Unless you're a princess perhaps. And then have to gall to enumerate a list of fantasy adjectives of which you think you have the better favor.

“They claimed Obama was unqualified, but then they elected Trump, who is the first president in US history to never hold elected office or serve in the military.”

Now hold it right there. Are you saying Kadet BoneSpurs never served in the Military?!

Perhaps not. But he went to a damn Academy, for chrissakes! So that’s where his Military bearing comes into being. Had it not been for those damn spurs, keeping him down, that damn war wouldda been so Over one damn week after our Furor parachuted in. He might not of even brought a gun, so determined of a guy is he … grabbing pussies, left and right, no holds barred!, his fantastic sense of Entitlement alone wouldda/couldda/SHOULDDA carried the day!

Had it not been for them damn spurrious bones…. Hell, it’s all he can do to play 18 holes of golf a day, fifteen or twenty times a month, anymore…. He's a walking example of the power of posotive thinking and cheeseburgers. And monogamy!

Say, that reminds me – how’s the Veterans Administration doin’, these days? They able to take damn good care care of their own there? That's the mark of the True Patriot: Someone who'll see that the Veterans are taken care of. First and Foremost. He makes me so damn Proud to be an American! Hurry -- I need a Flag!
@75: You are so crabby all the time! You hate when Nathalie writes about her alley, you think John Legend isn't black enough, you don't like single parents, parents that don't use gendered pronouns, parents who talk about their kids, possibly just parents in general. And for some reason, anyone who cares about anything really, really just boils your bacon.
We get it. You need more fiber.
@77: Now, now it wasn't a villa. Just a modest home he worked on with his own hands made strong and capable from all his bootstrap hauling.
@2 Knat and @4 Lissa: Congratulations for calling it so early on, and giving the usual trolls their just deserts. The ensuing bombardment was priceless, and I nominate you both as winners of this comment thread.
@42 I think you are spot on and that while the majority of the voices given volume come from the extremes, deep down most people in this country are centrist. Disappointing though is how whenever those folks try to speak up, the extremes badger them into silence or publicly insist that they gravitate toward whichever extreme their more vocal friends reside. No one should be surprised at the present day rhetoric when we saw how well the full diaper approach worked from JAN 2009 to NOV 2016 - or maybe alternating every 8 years from 1993 as @28 suggests - and the visual and volume only increases. I love cruising The Stranger comments though! So very entertaining, snarky and most times down right hilarious! I just have a feeling that if all the posters suddenly found themselves in an arena, struck at once by some mighty blast which stripped them of their clothes and screen names, deaf and blurred of vision, all of you would move toward the middle doing everything you could to help the person next to you!
But enough of that dull, syrupy, shitty thinking! Back at each others throats! I demand to be entertained!!!
Whatever. The country is being turned over to the military, but who me worried?
When will this madness cease. There hasn't been a US ambassador in Aust for eighteen months. Some army guy (?) was about to come here and now he's off to South Korea. Now super unhinged drunk on something trump, the guy in charge, firing off loopy over the flamin TV.
You mean suicide.
@88: Aw, you tried to blame it all on us libs @23, reality spanked you @28, and so you jacked off to slaughter porn @40. (I like your idea of trying to hold a freeway overpass within line-of-sight of office towers. That really shows your keen military mind at work.)

Thanks for validating Dan's point!
We need better ways to classify people than conservative or liberal. Not really sure if these say much at all about actual human beings any more.
I taught Poli Sci during the W. years. Whenever I said anything that did not fit neatly into their world view, it was "Boo Hoo! You are oppressing me" (by not agreeing with everything I think.) Discussing religious freedom--real religious freedom that recognizes the rights of let's say Muslims and atheists--was obviously taking away their religious freedom as TRUE CHRISTIANS to discriminate against other people. "You are oppressing me by challenging my right to oppress other people!"

I recently saw someone with a Tea Party flag T-Shirt that said, "My rights do not end where your rights begin." If that is the case, then no one has any rights. My right to express myself clearly ends when it comes up against your right to not be threatened or slandered. So basically, her shirt was saying "My rights are absolute, so any assertion or recognition of your rights is oppressing me! I only have rights if you don't!"

Oh my God, the W years. Don't remind me! Any attempts at discussion or dissent were met with a chorus of:

"America, love it or leave it!" And/or

"You're either 100 % for invasion, war, and torture or you're riding with Bin Laden!"

Constant Slippery Slope or Either/Or fallacies. Yuck.
They want to be loved?

Isn’t that nice?!

But doing mean shit to, or keeping good shit away from other peeps seldom wins the perps other’s liking, let alone their Love.

For instance: Mein Trumpfy: He’s got his; as does his currently (supposedly) fabulously-well-to-do fambly, and likely will till Doomsday. (And possibly beyond, should the Kochs Bros Korps allow them entry to their vast array of caves, mines and really deep cesspools.) So, they’re set for Life.

As far as Healthcare, for the Trumpfys? Golden-plated, for ever. The good Doctor comes to them. (Whatchya need, Mr. Prez? Bet I gotchya covered, right here in my bag.)

Okay. Here’s where the Love part comes in. Twenty or thirty MILLION of your fellow Citizens currently DO NOT HAVE HEALTHCARE (not counting hospital Emergency services). They could have Healthcare, IF you were to push the right series of buttons. Tens of millions more sorta have Healthcare – they’ll find out how much, when the cancer or heart disease boogeyman knocks -- they live in fear of an illness-related Bankruptcy. But you could change that shit! It’s in your Power. Bully those spineless Republicans. They Like it!

You give US Healthcare for ALL, and we’ll build Statues, all over the Made Great Again USofA, in YOUR likeness! You’ll be memorialized here for EVER! Can you not see yourself, in gleaming white marble (or Alabaster!), perched high on a giant White Clydesdale, an oversize American Flag in one hand (they can size the pole for your teeny fingers – or, they make them really big fingers!), a cheeseburgher or two in the other, your hair, perfect, flowing majestically in the breeze?!

There’s the Love, Mr. President!

(Oh, a few of the more lowlifian, jealous Billionaires will reject you, shit happens, but to heck with them! – you, Sir, are a Maverick!)

You know, the guy (whose name escapes me) who brought Canadians Medicare For All is immortalized, all over Canada.

Why. Not. You?
@75, People consider you a conservative because you come here to mock and belittle liberals for caring about issues that don’t affect you personally. You may not self-identify as a conservative but you’ve internalized their arguments against liberalism and actively seek out the opportunity to rub it in our faces.

Unless you’re spending equal time trolling conservative blogs mocking them for their perceived victimhood you’re not a neutral fence-sitter. You think racism, sexism and homophobia are imaginary problems and find it worth your time and effort to make fun of people for caring about these things. You’re a conservative in denial.
Oh, right, here's his name:
"T.C. Douglas the 'Greatest Canadian'. May 5, 2014. Tommy Douglas. Premier of Saskatchewan. Father of Medicare. And now, the Greatest Canadian... "…

You know, Mr. President, there may even be a little room left over on Mt. Rushmore -- IF we don't hafta include your Enormous hands!
@34 Yes.

"The beatings will continue until morale improves."
@95 kristofarian: ...let alone include Trumpzilla's butt-ugly head and that hideous rug.
Aunty Griz -- I'd swap Single Payer for statues and Trumpfy's likeness (tons of room on the backside) of Rushmore in a dick fucking Cheney heartbeat.

And you could make Pilgrimages there in the wintertime and deface it.
NOT that I'm encouraging it....
And to think all this chaos would have been avoided if Romney had won in 2012.
Oh, and don't worry overly about falling off the mountain -- you're fully covered!
@99: Yeah, it’s the fault of voters for re-electing Obama! That just forced the Republicans to scrape harder for their next candidate. Because they can never do better, just worse.

You’re a real wonder, you are. There is literally no Republican or conservative fiasco you can’t blame on Democrats and liberals.

And in that, you are a living, breathing exemplar of Dan’s point here.
@98 & @100 kristofarian: EEEEK!!'d really prefer an ugly bust of Mein Trumpfy at Mount Rushmore over Single Payer? Oh, my. I am hoping that this would be to serve as a lasting reminder to brainwashed Trump-apologists everywhere that RepubliKKKans are unfit to govern, that that is what globally destructive 21st century neofascism is like, and for nobody to ever vote GOP again.
@101 tensor: Thank you and bless you.

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